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Product Info

Natural Skin, Hair & Body Product Information

At Natural Spa Supplies we love to share our expertize on our washing and cleaning eco products. Remember we use everything ourselves - with no cheating! We are fully committed to using these natural resources not just for caring for the hair and skin, but also for household cleaning. If you are looking for product instructions, you will find will find them in the shop.

This area depository of extra research which we have compiled to enable you to understand the properties, uses, history and potential of our key products. These uses extend well beyond washing and cleaning. So if you can't find the information you are looking for in the shop or on the links here, the chances are we have the answer, but just haven't written it down yet - just give us a call and ask away!

All of our products are multi-purpose. For example, a commercial deodorant would only deodorize and it could not be used for anything else - our natural volcanically formed alum crystals are used as a shaving styptic and for insect bite relief. Actually there is nothing to stop you from using our alum as a mordant for dyeing textiles, tanning hides, water purification or any of its other historical uses.

Alum Crystals

Natural Alum crystal and stone can be used for range of purposes – such as an effective natural deodorant, and shaving product – capable of reducing shaving burn and stemming bleeding from nicks. The most popular articles are: How to Deodorize Really Sensitive Skin The History of Alum in Britain

Argan Oil

Argan Oil possesses amazing anti aging properties, it is also widely used as an natural Afro-Caribbean haircare product.

Rhassoul Clay

Rhassoul Clay, mined from a Jurrassic lake in Morocco, is used for washing hair, face and body and as a powerful detoxifying agent.

Horn Combs

Our traditional Horn Combs have been made in Morocco by an 84 year old master craftsman. These beautiful and unique hair care tools, individually fashioned from cow horn, have a fascinating heritage and visual appeal.

Hemp Soap

With over 1200 uses, from shaving, washing, cleaning, for natural plant care, we rejoice in our 100% British Hemp Oil Soap.


How to make soapnut liquid for washing up and cleaning. Soapnuts are the perfect companion to our Hemp Oil Soap and between them there isn't much which can't be cleaned.

Professional use

Resources and information for health and beauty professionals using Natural Spa Supplies Ltd products.
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