Rhassoul Clay

Rhassoul Clay

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Sometimes referred to as Rhassoul Mud, Rhassoul clay from Morocco, is famous for washing the hair, face and body.

Kind to Sensitive Skin

Human skin, even trouble-prone, sensitive and allergy prone skin is well adapted to using clay. Rhassoul clay is a great alternative to conventional products for sufferers of many types of skin condition. In addition washing in clay is a great way to go green.

Rhassoul Clay properties

Find out about the properties and composition of Rhassoul Clay here.

Rhassoul Clay extraction and product

The extraction and preparation of Rhassoul Clay has hardly changed in centuries, we visited Morocco to find out how it’s done.

Rhassoul clay powder on a plate.

Rhassoul clay powder is finely milled to massively increase its surface area and detoxifying power.

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