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Ethical Beauty Products

We couldn’t have won our National Eco Award without our strong ethical stance. Each product has its own ethical considerations but overall we keep the following principles at our core.

  • All products as far as possible are no more and no less than the unprocessed raw resource. This means that the products are largely made with the free energy of nature through natural means such as volcanoes, earth, sunlight and sea. No factories!

  • Chemical and additive free.
  • We use all the product ourselves with no cheating!
  • Humans are much more evolved to wash with clay and water and other resources straight from nature than chemical products. So if you have skin troubles and a tendency to allergies, we really hope that you discover our pure, simple and effective products.
  • All of our consumable products biodegrade quickly after use. It means that whether you live in the city, on a boat, off grid, with a septic tank or even a reed bed, you can be assured they will biodegrade quickly.
  • Every product of ours is fully safety tested. We do not take short cuts.
  • We try to source from Britain when possible – (Hemp Oil for our soap, Manicure Tools, Hand Harvested Seaweed and more British products coming soon).
  • Import from historical sources (Europe, North Africa, etc) only where we have no suitable resources in this country or where there is already a ‘historical demand’ for importing that product – i.e. it has always been sought after because of the properties of that resource. It is especially true of the Alum Crystal where no sources exist here. British privateers (pirates) where sent to capture ships carrying alum on route to other European countries!
  • Supports remote desert, mountain, hill top and island communities and their traditional gathering, farming and mining practices (Alum Stone, Rhassoul, Alum Crystal, Pumice, Argan Oil, Soapnuts, Seaweed).
  • Supports Moroccan female co-operative enterprise and literacy (Argan oil production, Soapnuts).
  • Reviving endangered craft skills (Goat Hair Exfoliating Gloves, Horn Combs, Spoons).
  • Respecting heritage, indigenous knowledge, the oral tradition – including listening closely to customer feedback.
  • Full Traceability – As we buy direct from the producers, we understand our products very well and we maintain full control over the quality of our goods.
  • Recyclable, reusable or biodegradable packaging, well nearly every bit of it!
  • No air miles (transported by ship and overland to the ports).
  • Nearly all products are vegan or vegetarian.
  • Genuinely body friendly products and full product support from experts.
  • We have helped the soapnuts, henna, indigo and cassia producers to gain organic status. Most of our resources meet organic standards even when they are not certified. Certification isn’t a priority for very small producers or for producers with a well established reputation such as our clay and alum producers.
  • Products safe for the whole family.
  • Natural Spa Supplies is completed opposed to animal testing and we don’t test on animals. For your information it is illegal to test cosmetics on animals in Europe.
  • British company and we pay corporation tax, VAT and NI here.
  • We value the simple things in life. We don’t perceive washing the body as a luxury, but as one of the paths of health and well being. Everyone prefers to look clean, have a clean aroma and to have comfortable skin, with the very lowest impact on the environment.

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