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Natural Spa Supplies is the Official Sponsor for Hog House Hedgehog Home, our local hedgehog charity.

Without everyone’s help, British hedgehogs could go extinct:

We are proud to be official sponsors of Hog House Hedgehog Home, a small privately funded rescue centre, ‘hedgehog charity’ just near our work unit in Long Stratton, Norfolk.

The home takes in injured and poorly hedgehogs and does everything in its capacity to help the hogs to get better and to get in prime condition for release back into the wild. 

We help by supplying natural products, such as our naturally antimicrobial Hemp Oil Soap for human hand hygiene and washing wounds and deodorising cages, Rhassoul Clay as a no-tears shampoo for the hogs, Scrubbies for cage cleaning…
You can imagine, nearly everything we stock, from the Amphoras which make tap water taste more natural, to wonky sponges, can be put to use in this environment, especially where health and hygiene are so important. Together our aims are to:

- Revolutionise hedgehog care using the most natural of resources.
- Make general cleaning, easier, faster and safer, with no plastic waste.
- Use natural hygiene measures to keep the carers safe from zoonotic diseases (diseases which pass from animals to humans).
- Save space with multipurpose products.
- Cut costs with great value products.
- Help the hedgehogs to get better faster so they can be released to live their natural lives in the wild and start their own families – so they don’t go extinct.

    How We Help

    As well as giving our natural products for use by the sanctuary, we give training on their usage and we will be donating a percentage of our Christmas sales to update the sanctuary’s equipment and increase their provision.

    To assist further, we will increase public education among our customer network to help hedgehogs to thrive in gardens, so that everybody will have the opportunity to help hedgehogs on their own patch.

    What to do if you find an injured of sick hedgehog


    One of the most vulnerable times of the year for hedgehogs is in  April when hedgehogs are emerging from hibernation. Please check you garden twice a day for hungry hedgehogs. Many of them wake up emaciated with barely enough energy to forage, so please do put food and water out for them, they really do need it.

    If you see a hedgehog out and about during the day, or simply laying on the lawn, it does need immediate help. Put it in a box, offer it cat food and water, if it feels cold give place a covered hot water bottle in the box, with room so it can move away from the hot water bottle if it gets too hot. Get in touch with your local rescue centre without delay.

    There are many small hedgehog rescue centres dotted all around the country. Many are too small to have charitable status and don't have the budget to run their own website. Most will however have a Facebook page where you can contact them.

    Rather than calling us, it is best to ring your local rescue centre without delay. When rescuing a hedgehog, time really matters as they can deteriorate very quickly, particularly if they are cold. If you can't identify a local hedgehog rescue centre, please call the British Hedgehog Preservation Society on 01584 890 801 and ask them to help find a rescue centre near you. 

    Please support our eco business to support the hedgehogs!