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Natural Spa Supplies

Eco Cleaning and Personal Care Supplies without the ‘Greenwash’

Discover simple, multipurpose, natural products for you and your home.


Skin, Hands, Nails

Clays, soaps, oils, floral waters, sponges, and more.


Eco Cleaning Supplies

For your whole home, kitchen, bathroom, and laundry.

natural products for body care, as sponge, bath brush and exfoliating glove near a tree

Natural Bodycare

Plastic-free, chemical-free bath and body supplies.

Natural Dental Care 300 toothcare-kit-with-clay-medium designed by Mafost Marketing copy

Natural Dental

Chemical-free, all natural and organic supplies for dental care.

How to use Soapnuts
How to purify water with amphora pots.

Eco Cleaning Products for a Green, Chemical-Free Home

  • Soap Nuts in the UK for Laundry | Natural Spa Supplies

    Soapnuts For Planet Friendly Clothes and Dish Washing, Certified Organic in Eco Bags

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  • Terracotta Water Purification - red and white amphoras at ruins

    Amphora, urn, pot for water purification, detox, conditioning and energizing

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  • eco cleaning kit in woods

    Eco Cleaning Kit – Natural Zero Waste Household Cleaning Products

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  • citic acid powder with two halves of lemon on a ,ossy log

    Citric Acid Powder

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  • cotton dish cloths a set of three on rocks

    Cotton Dish Cloths

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  • Enamel Bucket | White Enamel Steel Bucket to Buy in the UK

    Enamel Steel Buckets

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  • baby care natural sea sponges

    Baby Natural Sea Sponges

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  • wine bottle brush in narrow necked bottle

    Bottle Brush for Wine, Champagne and Beer Bottles.

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About Our Eco-Friendly Products

Our natural products are high-quality, kind to the environment, good for your home, and safe for your skin.


Plastic means trash. Only 9% of what you put in your recycling bin is ever actually recycled

We avoid plastic.


Our products breakdown naturally without harmful side effects to the Rivers and Earth 

We value our planet.

Skin Friendly

Our products are rigorously selected to be kind to sensitive skin and even allergy-prone skin.

We care for your skin.

Quality Assured Eco Cleaning, Skin Care, Total Body Care

Sustainable use of nature’s free energy

In-depth research allows us to stock a range of traditional, sustainable products, made using nature’s free energy. We carefully package them in their raw form – just as nature intended. For your body, skin, hair, nails, teeth, and total house cleaning supplies.

Ethical and natural washing products inspired by knowledge of archaeology and anthropology.

We bring you only the greenest and purest washing, cleaning and eco home products.

Eco and natural products for full body care, skin, hair, nails, and home cleaning.

All of our products are safe for sensitive skin and you are welcome to call if you have particular skin issues.

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All Natural Body and Skin Care

  • bath salts with wooden scoop

    Bath Salts with Organic Essential Oils

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  • british pine tar soap on enamel soap dish with snowflake

    British Pine Tar Soap

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  • Potassium Alum powder

    Alum crystal powder pure cosmetic and craft ingredient

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  • bath and shower natural sea sponges

    Bath & Shower Natural Sea Sponges

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  • exfoliating kit on mossy wall

    Antibacterial Exfoliating Kit for feet and body

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  • hand washing kit

    Hand Washing and Nail Scrubbing Kit, Naturally Antibacterial

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  • argan oil with pipette and oak leaves

    Argan Oil, virgin, cold pressed and organic

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  • three terracotta clay exfoliators from different angles

    Clay Exfoliator, foot scrubber, exfoliating disc of terracotta clay

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Eco-friendly products, not only good for you, but also for the planet.

All Natural Skin Care and Hair Products

All natural skin and hair products are good for you because they don't contain harsh chemicals that can damage your skin or hair.

They also nourish your skin and hair with natural ingredients that have beneficial properties. All natural skin and hair products are better for the environment too, because they don't pollute the water or soil with synthetic substances.

Why Choose Eco Friendly Home Supplies?

Using eco-friendly products in your home can have many benefits for your health and the environment.

Eco-friendly products are made from natural or recycled materials that do not contain harmful chemicals or toxins. These products can help you reduce your exposure to allergens, irritants, and carcinogens that can affect your well-being. Eco-friendly products can also contribute to the preservation of natural resources and biodiversity by minimizing the impact of human activities on the environment.

300+ 5 Star Reviews

Liz H
March 16, 2023

I ABSOLUTELY adore these scrubbies. I use them everyday. I get them for my friends too. So another order today for 5 (you can't get too many) as they are such great gifts. I can't wait for them to arrive so I can admire the new colours and patterns. Simply the best things ever.

March 12, 2023

Love it! Together with the seaweed infusion, it has made my hair soft and luscious, easy to manage. The best product on the market so far. Super happy I found this company. Will buy some more, just so that I don't run out. I still have a lot left of the small packet I bought, after 2 uses. Great value for money!

Sylvia Jackson
December 10, 2022

Excellent all round versatile product although I have yet to convince my dishwasher.

I have yet to try it for hair washing; other than that I use it for laundry and all cleaning tasks. 

Love it.

John Simon

I have rosacea and reactive skin on body and scalp. Have used nothing else since discovering this website.

I wish I had discovered this product in my youth.

More Than A Label, We Care About Eco Living

We don’t merely add a green label onto our products and charm you with eco babble - We’re not into Greenwashing. We’re fully committed to eco living and we are the ‘Eco’ that big companies wish to be.

We are proud to be a driving force in the movement towards a more sustainable future.

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Discover simple, multipurpose, natural products
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