Hemp Soap

Hemp Soft Soap is an Amazing Eco Friendly Cleaning Product with Many Other Uses

 Hemp Oil Soft Soap, made just with British grown and produced hemp seed oil and lye water.

Hemp Oil Soft Soap, made just with British grown and produced hemp seed oil and lye water.

At Natural Spa Supplies we make our own traditional Hemp Oil Soap, of which we are especially proud. This soft soap is gentle on the skin, unbelievably tough on grime and deadly to germs.

Traditional Soft Soaps have hundreds of uses –  cleaning, professional shaving, washing, exfoliating, plant care and more. We know of over 1200 uses for soft soap, so we think that everybody will find a pot of it really useful!

Anti-Microbial Testing of the Hemp Oil Soap

I had been curious to find out how well the hemp oil soap killed germs. So I asked my favourite microbiologist to conduct some ‘challenge’ tests on it.  He spent  a week growing his microbial cultures and then added them to the hemp oil soap to see what happened. The results are checked after an hour, after 1 day and after 1 week.

There are normally three possible results:

1/ The bacteria and fungus love it and proliferate – that of course is a very bad result! Sometimes you can end up with more germs in the product because as bacteria are killed, they release more microbes from within themselves. Well that would be a complete fail.

2/ The germs neither multiply nor decrease. Again this soap would be quite useless.

3/ Or the germ colonies are decreased. You would expect most soaps to do this.

4/ We got the very unusual fourth possibility. All of the introduced bacteria were killed in the hemp oil soap within 1 hour. So that was a very speedy demise of  247 million colony forming units of Pseudomonas aeriginosa, 10 million colony forming units of Staphylococcus aureus and over 3 million colony forming units of Candida albicans. Just to be thorough the levels were checked after one day and one week and again – nothing. Next time I will ask my scientist to take a shorter lunch break to assess an even speedier test!

Very well done British Hemp Oil Soap!

Do Your Eco Cleaning with Soapnuts and Hemp Soap

We use hemp oil soap and soapnuts for just about all of our cleaning. Most people can use our plant based soaps without rubber gloves. Freedom!

Use the hemp oil soap neat or diluted as required by the task and even adapt the soft soap if you like. You could add some vinegar, a few drops of grapefruit seed extract, essential oil of lemon, pine, lavender, rosemary, tea tree or whatever you fancy.

Use the soapnuts either contained in one of your odd socks, or make your own soapnut cleaning liquid!

How to Clean Everything with Just Two Biodegradable Plant Based Products

Soapnuts are a dried tree fruit and like any fruit they will biodegrade, our hemp oil soap will also fully biodegrade. Soapnuts are great for shiny surfaces and for clothes washing. Hemp Oil Soap is great for some of the most dreaded cleaning tasks. They make a great team!

How to Eco Clean Everything in the Kitchen
Walls, floors, cupboards, the extractor fan, the hob, the oven, burnt steel pans, the sink and draining board can all be cleaned and made to look like new with Hemp Oil Soap. Don’t try all this in one day!

Eco-Cleaning made Easy in the Lounge / Sitting Room
Carpets, leather or plastic sofas, the hearth.

How to Eco Clean Everything in the Bathroom
Bath, shower tray, sink, tiles, tiles with mildew, taps, floors, walls, the shower screen.

To be written … How to Wash Clothes and Textiles with Traditional Soap.
Wool jumpers love  to be washed in old fashioned oil based soaps, cloths moth egg removal, use on grubby shirt cuffs and collars, stain removal.

Cleaning Up After Pets with Soft Soap
How to bath a cat or dog, traditional udder wash, cleaning a litter tray, cleaning pet cages, pet food bowls, fur balls, urine, excrement, vomit. Pets can be very messy, but we still love them!

Ecological Plant Care with Soft Soap
Either hemp oil soap or soapnut liquid can be used to wash plants.

Shaving with Hemp Oil Soap
These traditional soaps really come into their own for shaving. Get the perfect hassle free shave with these completely natural soaps.

How to Eco Clean Everything Else with Soapnuts
Hand washing of clothes, washing clothes in the washing machine, washing up dishes, using soapnuts in the dishwasher, windows, glass oven doors, electrical goods, computers.

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3 thoughts on “Hemp Soap

  1. Fabulous Natural Product 10/10
    Having had some issues with normal soaps and facial scrubs I thought I would give this a try. My main issue was developing small nicks and cuts while shaving with a razor and those lead into tiny spots. I used a very small amount of the Hemp Oil Soap in my hands added to small amount of warm water and washed my face after a wet shave. My skin has never been better and completely blemish free. Highly recommended product and will order the larger size jar next time.

  2. Please can you give me a list of all the ingredients that go into makung hemp soap, even if those I grefients are 100% natural? Thanks
    I’m finding for example that natural products naturally go off and develop mould within 7 days of opening unless they have a natural, or safe, mould Inhibitor like sodium benzoate which is used throughout the alternative, health, organic industry. I’m badly sensitive to this preservative and it causes permanent damage and scarring. However, finding a shower gel, shampoo, conditioner or moisturiser without a preservative, and sodium benzoate, is impossible.

  3. The ingredients are simply cold pressed hemp seed oil, water and potassium hydroxide. There are no preservatives and this soap doesn’t need them it is very stable and very antimicrobial.
    You can find shampoos, conditioner and moisturizers without preservatives: Rhassoul clay shampoo, Seaweed conditioner and Argan Oil moisturizer. Please do have a good look at the products in the shop as they are all chemical free and great for sensitive (or sensible!) skin.

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