Alum Crystals

Alum Crystals

Natural Alum Crystal Deodorant and Alum Shaving Styptic can be purchased in our online store.

The ultimate natural deodorant, Natural Spa Supplies stocks only naturally occurring Alum crystals – synthetically created versions may contain chemical residues which cause allergic reactions.

Other uses for Alum Crystals

Alum stone can also be used as a fantastic natural aftershave, ideal for sensitive skin, which reduces the appearance of shaving burn, and can help stem bleeding from nicks. (Alum styptic have long been used by traditional barbers)

In addition, Alum stone can also be used to relieve insect bites.

Alum Research Summary

We’ve conducted extensive research into the composition and uses of Alum, and collected the main points in this section.

Detailed Alum Research

If you’ve read the Alum Research Summary and still want to know more read this section for our full set of research notes.

Things you probably didn’t know about Alum

Alum has a fascinating history and many different properties and uses, a few of which you can read about in this section.

How can Alum Crystals can help reduce my Aluminium Exposure?

Natural alum acts on the surface of the skin as a deodorant unlike anti-perspirants which enter the pores and may lead to accumulations in the body.

How to deodorize really sensitive skin using Alum Crystal

One of Alum’s mainly uses is as a natural deodorant. We tell you how to deodorise sensitive skin in this handy guide.