Activated Charcoal, Natural Organic Teeth Whitening Tooth Powder



Activated charcoal, natural organic teeth whitening tooth powder to whiten the teeth, remove food stains and to freshen the breath. Enjoy a brighter, whiter smile.

Anecdotal evidence suggests that charcoal can clean and whiten the enamel on teeth by removing plaque, adsorbing the colourants in food, drink and stains caused by smoking and vaping. In addition, the ions contained in active charcoal can pass through the porous enamel covering of the tooth to brighten the underlying dentin. [Source 1. pg. 1319] Besides food stains, activated charcoal can remove staining caused by Chlorhexidine mouth washes. Charcoal also freshens the breath and it has antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal properties.

What is activated charcoal?

Activated charcoal is made from coconut husks which are heated to form charcoal. Coconut husks produce a purer product than willow or other woods. The raw charcoal is then ‘activated’ – exposed to super heated steam to remove non-carbon elements.

The activation process purifies the charcoal by creating microscopic empty holes in the surface, making it even more porous. The activation process increases the adsorbency of charcoal by 300%. It means that just 1g of activated charcoal has the surface area of 3000 squared meters. The resulting activated charcoal is black, odourless and tasteless. It has the ability to adsorb 1000 x its own weight in impurities.

Our Organic activated charcoal is 100% pure. Our charcoal meets British Pharmaceutical Codex 1934 standards. We only purchase food grade, organic activated charcoal, made in the UK.

Why is activated charcoal used for oral hygiene?

The surface of activated charcoal has a negative charge which means it can bind to toxins, ions, molecules and free radicals in liquids and gasses. The binding process, where toxins stick to the outside of the charcoal particles rather than being drawn inside, is called adsorption. These toxins are then removed from the mouth after brushing by rinsing. Because of its rare characteristics, activated carbon possesses an exceptional ability to capture water-dissolved contaminants that include taste, odour, colour and toxin promoting species.

What are the benefits of activated charcoal for teeth?

  • Mechanically removes plaque.
  • Changes the pH of the mouth making it more hostile for microbes.
  • Binds to organic compounds and not minerals, so it does not pull calcium from the teeth. [Source 2]
  • Charcoal adsorbs chromophores, the parts of molecules responsible for the colour and this helps to remove staining.
  • Natural and non-toxic
  • Inert and hypoallergenic

How to use charcoal powder for cleaning the teeth

Use dry: Dip a prewetted toothbrush in the powder and brush the teeth. Or put some charcoal in the palm of your hand and dip the wet toothbrush into this. Brush the teeth for 2-3 minutes. Rinse and use the brush again while rinsing to help remove any charcoal residue.

Mix with other powdered tooth cleaning products: Try a mix of 1:1 by weight of charcoal to green clay or 1:1 by weight of charcoal and walnut bark powder.

Add to normal toothpaste: Apply toothpaste to the toothbrush and dip in charcoal powder. Brush as normal.

Use 2-3 times per week.

Use as a slurry as a mouthwash: Mix 1 part of activated charcoal to 8 parts of water. Mix and use as a mouth wash.

Tips: When brushing the teeth, keep the head over the sink to prevent dripping charcoal on clothing and flooring.
Give the sink a quick wipe with a Scrubby after rinsing, to leave the skink spotless.
Be careful when brushing with charcoal to avoid splashing walls, clothing etc. Clear up any splashes straight away.

WARNING It is claimed that charcoal does not stain crowns and veneers, but do test it first before widescale use.
If the teeth become sensitive after using charcoal, cease use.

How to remove charcoal stains from clothes

Shake off or vacuum any excess powder.
Sponge wash the fabric with a sponge and hemp oil soap.


Our charcoal is packed in glass jars. We hope you will find a use for the jars once they are empty. But if not, please recycle the glass jar and lid.

What else is activated charcoal used for?

This type of charcoal is also used by doctors for some cases of food and drug poisoning. It is also used as a skin and hair detoxifying product.


Source 1

Application of Active Charcoal as An Ingredient of A Natural Bleaching Teeth by M Febriani, F Jaya, H Tyas and S. Sasmita. 19.05.2019

Source 2

A Review on Activated Charcoal Toothpaste by P. Agrawal, 2018

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