Scrubbing Pad 100% Cotton Scrubby All Surface Cleaning Cloth

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The colourful Scrubby is made from 100% cotton and is incredible for eco-friendly scrub pad cleaning. Non-scratch and long-lasting, it is the ultimate cleaning cloth for all your cookware, non-stick surfaces, stainless steel, ceramics, hobs, glass, taps and more. Available in two sizes, save by buying more than one. Fully biodegradable.


Scrubby, your 100% natural scrub pad and cleaning cloth

The colourful Scrubby is made from 100% cotton and is incredible for eco-friendly scrub pad cleaning. Non-scratch and long-lasting, it is the ultimate cleaning cloth for all your cookware, non-stick surfaces, stainless steel, ceramics, hobs, glass, taps and more. Available in two sizes, save by buying more than one. Fully biodegradable.

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The natural scrub pad that means business

Scrubby is an eco-friendly scrub pad and cleaning cloth that makes light work of your surface cleaning. Made from 100% cotton and delivered in a card sleeve, it is kind to the environment, and it lasts ten times longer than a conventional synthetic yellow foam and green scourer.

The brightly-coloured scrub pad not only looks nice, it’s a natural wonder with a coarse but non-scratch texture. Use it for all your cookware, non-stick surfaces, stainless steel, ceramics, hob, and glass. You can even use the Scrubby scrub pad to clean your vegetables!

Away from the kitchen, the cleaning cloth, which is available in two sizes, is excellent for animal bowls, sports equipment, shower screens, cleaning outdoor furniture, garden tools, boats, and caravans. Just about anything will look incredibly clean with this eco-friendly cleaning cloth.

Scrubbies have gone through rigorous environmental testing and achieve the world-leading Product Safety Mark, OEKO-TEX Standard 100. The cotton used is pesticide-free and has no allergenic dyes.

Re-usable and fast acting cleaning cloth

You’ll like the feel of Scrubbies – and love how fast they make dull cleaning tasks. They are super-efficient at removing limescale when used with our Soap Nuts. Stand the nuts in warm water to make Soapnut liquid, and off you go.

Best of all, you can use them time and again because they last up to ten times longer than synthetic scrub pads or cleaning cloths.

When the Scrubby gets dirty, simply pop it in the wash at 50 degrees Celsius (don’t wash it with delicate items; we did say it was tough). A faster tip is to handwash your Scrubby with our Hemp Oil Soap for cleaning. If your scrub pad is greasy from cleaning frying pans or pet bowls, then this is the fast and effective way to bring it back to life.

The natural scrub pad’s coarse texture comes from a special water-soluble, environmentally-friendly coating using tree resin.

You will no longer need conventional sponge scourers, which are made of polyurethane (usually yellow) and a green polyester/nylon scourer. Amazingly, these can take up to 200 years to biodegrade.

The Scrubby is very long lasting, but when you finally have to let it go, bury it one foot down in the garden, and it will soon biodegrade naturally.

Scrubby scrub pad sizes and patterns

Scrubbies come in two handy sizes, perfect for all your scrub pad cleaning requirements.

  • Normal Scrubby: Approx 12.5cm x 15cm (5″ x 6″)
  • Large Scrubby: Approx 25cm x 25cm (10″ x 10″)

5 euro scrubbies

Because we know you will love our Scrubby pads, you can use the drop-down menu at the top of the page to order multiple scrub pads at a time. You will love the different colour patterns, so if you order multiple Scrubbies, we’ll make sure you get a dazzling mix of them. That way, you can assign one to different tasks or rooms.

Please note, don’t use Scrubby scrub pad products on your skin because it will damage it. For exfoliation, you will find our naturally anti-microbial Nettle and Copper Exfoliating Gloves are perfect.

We know that you will be an instant Scrubby convert and so we are offering you the chance to buy more than one at once for a discount. They’ll make ‘really useful presents too!

We love the different patterns on each cloth and promise to send you ones with different patterns when you order more than one. This way you can assign different Scrubbies for different tasks or rooms.

Get more eco-cleaning inspiration?

If you would like to get the complete eco-cleaning experience for your home, we’re here to help. Our Eco Cleaning Kit gives you everything you need, including:

  • Scrubbies
  • Soap Nuts or Soap Berries, Soap Nut Shells
  • Hemp Oil Soft Soap
  • Walnut Shell Powder

10 reviews for Scrubbing Pad 100% Cotton Scrubby All Surface Cleaning Cloth

  1. Maggie Lloyd

    Dear Sally
    This is just to say thank you for the Scrubbies. I’m so happy.
    I was given one a couple of years ago and I thought it was too pretty to use. And I’d just bought a new pack of those horrible yellow and green sponges. Since Lockdown last March (2020) I’ve used my Scrubbie every day and although now it’s half the thickness, it’s still going strong.
    But I was so pleased to see your ad in the Observer on Sunday. My five beautiful new Scrubbies arrived yesterday and I took one to my Environment Action Group meeting to show everyone. They couldn’t believe it wasn’t made of plastic, until I explained.
    They’re marvellous. Thank you for producing them.

  2. P.C

    I bought a pack of three scrubbies in April and I just want to let you know that they are very good. My test was a pan that had had scrambled egg cooked in it and I’m very pleased to say that I was able to clean it without resorting to my usual Astonish cleaner. This has also worked after I have washed the scrubby.

  3. svbosworth (verified owner)

    I LOVE my 3 scrubbies! Talk about revolutionising the washing up, bath-cleaning, and whatever else needs a wash. And – hooray! – my oven door is finally rid of that build up you get of burnt-on oil film. My scrubbie, a dollop of hemp soap and a bit of elbow grease have cleaned it all off and I can see into my oven again. Nothing else worked. Nothing. I am so impressed. It got my solid electric plate rims squeaky-shiny again, cleaned those plates ready for seasoning with oil, made my glass casserole dishes speck-free and got the bases of my stainless steel saucepans bright and shiny again. And not a single scratch anywhere. Did I mention that I love my scrubbies? 😀

  4. xtinalamb (verified owner)

    A wonderful replacement for plastic scrubbers, strong and effective, but gentle too. I have three of them, use one of them every day and haven’t worn any out yet after 2 years. They look nice too. One of my favourite switches on the journey to zero waste.

  5. Shirley

    I LOVE Sally’s products! I wanted to try to move away from the chemicals that were so overpowering that I knew they must be doing us some harm. So happy. The Soap nuts are amazing. Clean clothes and so simple to use. Used them for cleaning too. The scrubbie is very effective. So much helpful and interesting info on the site too.
    Very pleased. Thank you

  6. heidi_quicksilver

    Best cleaning scrubbing cloth out there, works much better than all the plastic rubbish and looks better too! Doesn’t scratch things either.

  7. julie-8176

    Fabulously effective cloth to clean which makes life easier 🙂 Makes housework more enjoyable and using something natural is such a bonus 🙂

  8. Emma Heap (verified owner)

    Found this non plastic scrubby to be very effective! I even managed to clean my oven in minutes using this with some hemp oil soap; I hate cleaning my oven, such a joy to be able to do it without having to wear rubber gloves, and noxious fumes in the kitchen!

  9. Daisy (verified owner)

    The scrubby is fantastic, and once in my hand I cannot stop cleaning. It is so effective and I shall have to order some larger ones later, and the colours make it all the more ‘fun’ to get things clean! February 2019

  10. Sally Mittuch

    Snap! I knit my own cotton dishcloths in coloured cotton and they are really brilliant. I also agree that the Euro Scrubby is the best kitchen sink and bathroom companion and like you say, it really shifts baked on food.

  11. Sam

    I have one of these! Brilliant I knit my own dishcloths but this is a much needed addition to the sink set up for the hard to shift, baked on messes. Highly recommended. Super tough, but gentle too.

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