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Simple and Green Skincare Routine

Natural help with my skin care routine

Be familiar with your skin through regular self examination

Examine your skin in its entirety by looking and feeling. Use a mirror or a helper if needed. Familiarize yourself with your skin. Make a note of the features on your skin, such moles, freckles, liver spots. Observe the texture – does the skin have dry or oily patches, do certain areas itch? Is the skin sticky, dry or silky? Observe the skin tone, is it clear, dull, congested, pale, mis-coloured or healthy? Are your cuticles and nails healthy? If you notice any changes, you should seek a diagnosis from a qualified medical practitioner.

Now for your simple natural washing routine

Once a week

Exfoliate and deep cleanse the body with a sachet of Savon Noir or Hemp Oil Soap using an exfoliating glove or loofah and use a pumice for the feet.

Oil the scalp once or twice a week to help preserve the natural hair colour, to keep the follicles clean and the scalp in good condition. We use argan oil for this.

Trim and file the nails.

Daily or as often as needed

1/ Wash the body, scalp and hair with Rhassoul Clay. The clay is a powerful detoxifying agent, has a deodorising effect, completely removing body odour and helps the nourish the skin and scalp with minerals and trace elements. Clay also has certain anti-bacterial anti-viral and anti-fungal properties. Moroccan men joke that if rhassoul clay is used as a shampoo-condition they don’t end up going bald!

2/ Apply Argan oil to any areas of dry skin, particularly the face, neck, hands and nails. Argan oil softens, protects, nourishes and reduces the signs of aging. It has some anti-microbial features.

3/ Deodorize the arm pits and if necessary the feet and between the toes with Alum Crystal deodorant stone. Alum also has some anti-fungal features and it was used as and home remedy for athletes foot.

4/Clean under the free edge of the nail and take care of the cuticles. Manicure Tool

5/ Comb the hair whether it seems to need it or not and massage the scalp with a horn comb!

6/ Use lip balm if needed to keep the lips comfortable.

This routine will leave you feeling fresh, looking clean and you will have your natural scent.

7/ If you feel the need to add a fragrance, then only consider a 100% natural fragrance. Many conventional cosmetics and fragrances contain artificial ‘musks’ which mask the more truthful pheromones released by the skin and cause confusion in relationships. In addition many conventional fragrances contain neurotoxins and chemicals which affect the nervous system and alter our hormone balance. The fragrance may degrade through the day and become quite unpleasant. Many people are allergic to artificial fragrances – even some people who use them are allergic to them! 100% natural fragrances are more subtle and in my opinion have better stability.

Twice a day

1/Floss and brush the teeth, gums, tongue and palette. Floss, Solar Powered Ionic Toothbrush

It’s that easy!

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