Rhassoul Detox Clay for Washing the Hair, Face and Body

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Pure 100% natural detoxifying rhassoul clay for washing the hair face and body. Replaces soap, shampoo, conditioner & cleanser. The best skin detox. Suits all skin types.

Rhassoul Clay

Rhassoul clay is prized for its outstanding ability to wash, detoxify, nourish and condition the skin and hair. Clays are used by mammals and birds in the wild all over the world, as well as early and contemporary humans. In that respect, human skin, even trouble-prone, sensitive and allergy prone skin is well adapted to using clay.

What is rhassoul clay used for?

  • Shampoo-Conditioner
  • Hair mask
  • Face mask
  • Soap / Shower gel
  • Natural Facial Cleanser
  • Body Scrub
  • Body Wash
  • Facial Care
  • Massage
  • Body Wraps, Partial Body Wraps or PoulticesRhassoul is multi-functional, helping to de-clutter bathrooms and ultimately landfill sites of packaging.

What is rhassoul clay?

100% Montmorillonite (minerals, rare earths and trace elements)
Rhassoul is a 100% natural mineral clay powder formed by natural geothermal processes and volcanic activity. Nothing has been added to it or taken away.
It is soap free and fragrance free and will not foam or lather during use.
Rhassoul clay is one of the most versatile of natural skin care products. Using Rhassoul simplifies the daily washing and detoxifying routine, while preventing pollution of our bodies, home environments and the river systems.

How do you mix rhassoul clay?

Mixing the clay is easy, all you need to do is to add water to the clay powder. It is better not to stir the clay while it is hydrating and often there is no need to stir it all.

These instructions are to hydrate the clay to its optimal form, a colloidal consistency, where the powers of detoxification are at its maximum. Many people use this consistency as shower gel, to wash short hair, face and body washing, bathing, as a make up cleanser, face mask and poultice. It is also easy to thin the clay when it is in this consistency, for example when washing long hair.

Put some rhassoul clay into a stone, clay, glass or wooden bowl. The clay will hydrate more quickly in a shallow bowl. Shake the clay powder level and just cover it in water. Leave the clay alone to hydrate and activate for a few minutes.

If you want to measure by weight, then 100g of rhassoul clay needs 140g of water a ratio by weight of Clay:Water or 1:1.4.

If you want to measure by volume, then 1 container or clay needs 1.2 containers of water, so the ratio by volume of Clay:Water is 1:1.2

However it won’t be long before you are familiar with hydrating the clay and you will able to get it just to you liking automatically.

The clay can be stirred before use to assure a homogeneous consistency. If you do wish to stir the clay, perhaps to add essential oils or other ingredients, do use a wooden spoon. You can also add more water or powder if needed to achieve the right consistency for the intended use. For most uses, a yogurt or mousse like like consistency is ideal. With a little bit of practice you will become an expert at mixing your rhassoul.

For convenience rhassoul mud can be made ahead of time and stored in an airtight container, or a little water can be poured over the clay to prevent evaporation. We generally make up enough for a few days at a time.

How do you use rhassoul clay to wash and condition the hair?

To use rhassoul clay for washing the hair, mix the clay as described above.

Method 1 for Short Hair Wet the hair, then massage the clay-water mix into the scalp for a few minutes. Rinse the hair and allow it to dry naturally.

hydrated rhassoul clay in shell

Method 2 for Long Hair  Make the clay mix thinner than for all other applications, so that it can be poured. The consistency is similar to milkshake. Wet the hair and pour the clay liquid onto the scalp. Spend time rubbing the scalp. Then before rinsing, comb or brush the clay mixture down the length of the hair, or rub the hands across the locks of hair. Rinse the hair thoroughly and allow it to dry.

How do you use rhassoul clay to make a face mask?

For a clay face mask, make up the clay up into a mousse-like consistency. Spread the rhassoul mud over the face, avoiding the eyes. Wash the clay off the face before it dries (about 10 minutes). If you wish to prolong the face mask, cover the mask with a thin damp cloth, or spray with a mister. For help with skin outbreaks, steam the clay mask over a bowl of hot water, using a towel to create a steam chamber.

How do you use rhassoul clay as a facial cleanser and for removing facial make-up or simply for washing the face?

To use rhassoul clay for facial care, and as a face wash or facial cleanser, first tie the hair back and use argan oil on a tiny piece of cloth to remove oily eye make up. Then just wet the face and dip the fingers into the hydrated clay and dab onto the face. Spread the clay over the face and neck, keeping the clay moist and using a washing motion with the hands, a flannel, exfoliating glove or a sponge. Allow time for it to clean, exfoliate and detoxify. Rinse off. Most people do need to moisturize the delicate and visible skin on the face, neck hands and nails. Argan oil, famous for its anti aging properties is the best moisturizer to use for the face, neck, hands and nails. Rhassoul clay and argan oil have been used together for thousands of years.

How do you use Rhassoul Clay to replace Shower Gel / Soap / Body Scrub?

Rhassoul clay is great as a natural shower gel, instead of soap. Turn the shower on briefly to wet and warm the body. Turn the shower off. Apply the clay as a shampoo or body wash to the skin. Use an exfoliating or massage glove to spread the clay thinly over the body. Massaging a little more where the body needs extra deodorization. With the shower turned off, the clay has time to clean, deodorize and detox the skin.

Then turn the shower on to rinse the body and hair using the exfoliating glove to remove the clay from the skin. The shower is just used for wetting and rinsing, reducing water and energy consumption. Apply the alum crystal if you need a deodorant and argan oil if you need to moisturize or to protect the exposed skin.

Rhassoul is very kind to skins prone to:

  • Psoriasis
  • Eczema
  • Acne
  • Dry or oily patches
  • Sensitive skins
  • Dandruff
  • All skins
  • Fine hair
  • Thinning hair
  • Everyday use

What are the generic properties of rhassoul clay?

Rhassoul possesses a strong negative charge and high absorption rate —carrying away excess sebum, toxins, heavy metals, chemical residues and impurities. The high detoxifying powder make the use of rhassoul clay ideal for skin treatments, face skin care and washing the hair. At the same time, many essential minerals and trace elements are released from the clay particle into the dermis, encouraging better skin health and reduced signs of aging. Follicle health and hair quality are also improved.

With regular use of rhassoul clay for hair washing expect…

  • A perfectly clean scalp and hair
  • Relief from dry and dandruff-prone scalps
  • A better nourished scalp and healthier follicles
  • Reduced frequency between hair washing
  • An increase in hair volume and body
  • An increase in hold, flexibility, smoothness and shine
  • No build-up
  • Less itchy skin, when itchiness is caused by sensitivity to chemical soap, shampoos and conditioners.
  • Improved deodorization of the skin.

With regular use of rhassoul clay for washing the face and body expect…

  • After a single usage expect your skin to be perfectly clean
  • More translucent
  • Softer
  • Much reduced in flakiness
  • Increased skin elasticity
  • Better nourished skin with a firmer texture
  • Silky smooth skin all over
  • Less reliance on deodorants and moisturizers due to the natural deodorizing and emollient effect of Rhassoul clay
  • A reduction of oily shine on the surface of the skin
  • Cleaning of excess oils from inside and around the comedons (pores) giving improvement to acne prone skin
  • A reduction in the need to moisturize dry skins.

The ethics of using rhassoul clay for washing

  • Highly effective and economical
  • Ecocert Greenlife Certified as 100% of natural origin, and 100% pure.
  • Vegan (100% mineral)
  • Transported by sea (sea transport has the lowest emissions compared to other forms of transport)
  • Ethically traded, helping to sustain a desert economy
  • Supporting traditional lifestyles, helping to prevent rural depopulation
  • Respecting and acknowledging indigenous Berber tribal knowledge
  • Kind to water systems and rivers
  • Clay naturally biodegrades. Safe for septic tanks.
  • Recyclable packing and envelopes
  • Rhassoul clay was made by a volcano, using the ‘free energy of nature’
  • Small scale-production – hand dug, hand washed and sun-dried.
  • Expert product support from Natural Spa Supplies who use Rhassoul Clay everyday.

Note: This clay comes with complete low usage instructions (i.e. from 10g for a shower). This is a result of pioneering new low-use parameters through the ‘Go Prehistoric Clay Challenge’ with journalists. They trialed 100g per week for all of their washing – hair, face and body. The results were very promising. Some clever athlete customers are averaging 6-10g of rhassoul powder for washing their hair, face and body everyday. However dermatologists recommend that people only shower/bath every other day. In between you can strip wash with clay, using very small amounts, making washing with rhassoul clay more economical still.


Can I use clay if I have eczema?
Yes, definitely!  If you have eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, acne, itchy skin, sensitive, allergy prone or trouble prone skin, you will find that clay will be well accepted. Do a patch test first to be sure. In fact once you stop using foaming products, products which contain synthetic ingredients and in general commercial products, and change over to clay, don’t be surprised if the skin becomes easier to manage.

Can the Rhassoul Clay wash really greasy / oily hair?
If you hair is exceptionally oily, then instead of using just water or seaweed extract to hydrate the clay, use some soapnuts extract. The natural soap, made by soaking soapnuts in water, really helps to cut through the grease. On this video, you can see me demonstrating a mixture of rhassoul clay, soapnut liquid and seaweed extract. Not only did it cut through the grease, but thanks to the seaweed, it left the hair in superb condition too.

Does clay block the drains?
No. You are using clay in small quantities for washing the hair, face and body and the clay particles are suspended in moving water. If you have been using thick layers of clay – for example with a face mask or in a body wrap, place the semi-dried clay in the compost bin.

Can you use clay if you have a septic tank, a reed bed or grey water system?
It is even safe for septic tanks, reed beds which function better when natural products are used and for grey / gray water systems.

Is rhassoul clay certified organic?
Rhassoul clay is Ecocert certified as 100% of natural origin and 100% pure and chemical free. (Ecocert Greenlife SAS certificate issued 01.01.2017) Rhassoul Clay has got to be one of the purest clays in the world. It is a primary clay, mined directly from the place where it originally formed in a range of extinct volcanoes. It is washed with fast flowing ‘living’ river water and sun dried in the desert. It is processed in a pristine and pure environment. You can’t get purer than that! Rhassoul clay is Ecocert certified, but I know that the last valid Ecocert certificate expired in 2008. I’ll let you draw your own conclusions!

There is only one Rhassoul clay mine – it is all the same clay. What is important is that the clay is correctly transported, stored and packaged so that it’s purity can be maintained.

Posting abroad?

Order to destinations in Europe and The rest of the World. Try to keep the weight of the order below 2kg to obtain the best postage rates. Email me if you want to place a large order and together we can work out how to reduce the cost of postage before you place the order. Orders weighing more than 2kg will not be accepted without prior arrangement.

If you do have any other questions, just send an e-mail or give us a quick call

Learn More About Clay

Indigenous knowledge use of clay within an African context: Possible Documentation of Entire Clay Properties


100g – £5.00, 250g – £10.00, 500g – £20.00

39 reviews for Rhassoul Detox Clay for Washing the Hair, Face and Body

  1. Sally Mittuch

    Thank you for sharing. The clay is the number one go-to for reactive skin. I am so glad you have found it.

  2. Sylvia Jackson (verified owner)

    Super for 65yr old with occasional psoriasis in scalp, fine greying/white hair that sheds and rosacea. Highly recommend this great product.

  3. Janet B.

    The Rhassoul clay has been an amazing success for washing my hair. I was at the end of my tether trying to find a product that didn’t provoke a nasty reaction. I’m so relieved to have found something at long last.

    Rhassoul clay is the only product I’ve ever used where I can draw a comb throw my hair (very gently) under running shower water and afterwards, while damp. With every other shampoo I’ve ever used my hair would be a mass of tangles no matter which product I used and however gently I used it. Eventually it dawned on me that any type of ‘foaming’ shampoo products were the cause of the problem – harshly stripping my hair that even great dollops of conditioner couldn’t fix. Facial moisturisers etc. were a big problem also. After a series massive reactions to those products, dermatitis took hold throughout my scalp (with a touch of eczema here and there). For me, that was the last straw.

    In the few months I’ve been using rhassoul clay, the dermatitis/eczema has cleared completely. I’ve now established my weekly routine and hair washing is no longer the uncomfortable and unhappy experience of the past. I simply use the clay as directed, gently comb it through (under running water), with a final rinse of cool water. Wrap in a towelling turban for an hour or so, then rub a few drops of argan oil through the ends/mid length and air dry.

  4. Hazel

    Dear Sally,

    I have dermatographia, chronic spontaneous urticaria and rosacea. I have only recently started using your products and can already see changes.
    I have always used organic products as natural as possible, but nothing has helped me.

    Also washing my hair has always been an issue as the soap even from organic shampoos irratated my skin and I always delayed washing my hair as the thought overwhealmed me.Yesterdaay I used the mud on my hair, very easy, I just put it on in the bath, rinsed it off, the mud in the bath caused no irritation then poured some seaweed conditioner on.

    My came out unbelievably soft and it was all so easy and relaxing.

    Today I followed Sally’s face care protocol, again so easy, and the dry skin on my face and nose felt so much better.

    Can’t thank Sally enough for her extrememly helpful advice and fantastic products,


  5. julie-8176

    Another amazing product from this fabulous website 🙂 I have used Rhassoul Clay before and used as a face mask which I quite liked, however, after using the one from Natural Spa Supplies I am finding it so much better and even the texture is nicer. I have used it as a shampoo a few times and it is better than any shampoo or powder for my hair. The curls are more defined, it looks healthier and I can leave it for well over a week and it doesn’t look greasy! I know it has other uses and think everyone should use this. I am always looking for the most natural products being a natural health practitioner and this and many others on this site have far excelled any others I’ve ever come across. Thank you Sally for sourcing these wonderful products. xxx

  6. Stephanie (verified owner)

    I started using Rhassoul because I have very, very sensitive skin on my scalp, I have suffered with bad dandruff for years, as well as hair loss, constantly switching from brand to brand for years on end…I remember using rhassoul as a teenager as a body wash and thoughtI would give it a try on my hair as I was drastically beginning to run out of options searching for something as natural and gentle as possible…my god…I am so relieved I found this again. The first time I used it I didn’t put any conditioner on as they were out of stock of seaweed so my hair came out clean however it was incredibly dry, thick and completely untamable as I have curly hair…so you definately need a conditioner if your hair is curly!
    but my problems have completely gone in two washes so thank you so much!!

  7. Sarah Morgan (verified owner)

    I was already using moroccan clay as a hair wash when I found Natural Spa Supplies, but this is a superior quality product and the results are that much more pleasing! This is the only thing that tames my dry, curly, tangly hair and turns it soft and manageable.

  8. Ann (verified owner)

    I have been using the rhassoul clay as a face mask for a few years now, I have very sensitive skin & always use natural products, with no scent or perfume, I had been looking for a face mask that didn’t make my face go red & inflamed, as other so called natural products have, so I’m delighted with this, I’m 61 & have used many face masks over the years, but this is the only one I have used that has made my face look visibly clean & fresh. I’m very pleased with it.

  9. Alison

    This is the hidden gem of the century! I have been suffering from eczema on my eyelids for over six years. Not only have I been back and forth to the doctors for prescription drugs but also bought numerous different expensive and cheap creams. I feel I have tried all eczema creams on the market. All this resulted in continued sore eyelids. I telephoned Spa Supplies and spoke with Sally. I wondered whether I would find within a few weeks the properties of the clay beneficial to my eczema and we then talked about other products. Within five days of using this product, I noticed a difference with the skin on my eyelids! I was well used to their appearance. Within two weeks no redness, itching or flaking skin. Just Brilliant!! Brilliant to be able to speak to somebody who has a deep knowledge of their subject too – a rare luxury! Thank you.

  10. Emma M Heap (verified owner)

    I started using Rhassoul clay since meeting Sally and her husband at a live role play fair in Bristol around about 2009. Her explanation of the benefits of using the clay and Argan oil, and how to use them, were easy to understand, and so I bought both. I have only recently realised that I left feedback for the Argan oil years ago, but never the clay! I have to admit I used both for years, then for some reason stopped using the clay. However, after dry skin and psoriasis recently on my scalp, I decided to try again, after some very detailed advice via email from Sally herself. I have to admit that although it helped calm my scalp using the clay as a shampoo (I normally use a loo-poo shampoo, free from sulphates and silicones), my hair felt slightly dry after, even with using seaweed water and a conditioner; my hair is naturally very curly, and is extremely porous! But the clay wasn’t wasted! I use it for a facial wash and body wash, and in combination with the Argan oil, my skin has never been softer or more healthy looking! I’ve never been a fan of foundation, but can honestly say after using these items, I don’t need it! My normally very dry legs now look less like sandpaper (!) and are much smoother. I have to admit it does feel strange using “mud” to wash yourself, and I was worried it might not get rid of body odours, but it does! I am 45, and most people I know think I am way younger than that due to my skin. The fact that Sally herself is on hand to offer advice (very quickly!) is great, and shows how much she understands and believes in her product. I would never buy from anywhere else!

  11. Gaelle (verified owner)

    I watched Sally’s video about her face care routine and started doing some of it: morning and evening I use a tiny bit of this clay, and follow that with rose water. This makes a beautiful difference and gives radiance, softness and comfort to the skin. A little goes a very long way! I also use a little bit as a mouthwash, the saliva makes an emulsion and I feel it greatly benefits gums and teeth.

  12. Katie L (verified owner)

    Been using a big tub of this clay for a while now, it has lasted ages and ive given tubs away to others aswell.
    I use it mostly as a body wash (brilliant!) It is great in hair too – my hair is fine and curly – this clay adds volume, texture and actually makes it…curly! (which it dosent like doing most of the time due to super damage) Its true it combs through really smooth like conditioner! Oh and I havent used a baby wipe or anything else for removing makeup since buying the clay – I gently rub all over my face, rinse and ta-da all the makeup is gone! My only tiny downside is I use oil masks on my hair atleast once a week and the clay cant fully get it out (maybe unless I used loads) so I do shampoo the masks out but still run through clay after because my hair feels lovely after using it. I would recomend 100% for anyone and if its for your kids dont hesitate because nobody needs to clean themselfs with chemicals. Thank you all at natural spa supplies with the clay and soapnuts you have made my concience alot lighter and the Earth much happier 🙂

  13. darren bullman

    Im off to spain with my 9 year old daughter and we love the Clay, i havent shampoo’d my hair for 2 years uexcept with this 🙂

  14. Helen Cartlidge (verified owner)

    I am a convert, having recently discovered Natural Spa Supplies. What a godsend, I’ve been waiting my long life for products that truly work, unlaced with deadly chemicals.The Rhassoul clay is a gift to hair, doing away with endless products to try and achieve the promised volume and bounce, invariably disappointing. This product is a miracle worker particularly for ladies of a certain age, whose hair has lost its oomph, or for those who always seem to have bad hair days.
    I’m now gradually working my way though Sally’s wonderful range on offer, inspired by her own obvious enthusiasm, which is rapidly becoming addictive.

  15. Liz Baroch

    I have just washed my very thin, lifeless, ageing hair in the rhassoul clay and I am ASTONISHED! What a difference! I’ve only ever used it on my problem skin before and never realised how amazing it is on your hair! It’s a bit messy but worth it tenfold for the results! (The natural sponge is total luxury and the hemp soap is doing wonders for my hands!)

  16. Michelle (verified owner)

    I was introduced to Rhassoul Clay by my LaStone tutor and I have found it really wonderful for daily cleansing, my pores are visibly reduced and my skin feels soft and smooth. I tested washing my hair with it too and was delighted to find it really did clean the hair and left it feeling thicker and cleaner, and my itchy scalp disappeared. Customer service was refreshingly wonderful and had a real personal touch.

  17. Ross (verified owner)

    Just used Rhassoul Clay for the first time today to wash hair scalp and body, and also wearing my clothes recently washed with soup nuts and… it feels great! Couldn’t wait to tell the internet ’bout it!!

  18. seona (verified owner)

    All I can say….”Hurray for clay!” Awesome product.

  19. Niki (verified owner)

    I have been using Rhassoul clay for eighteen months. I had searched for a long time for a truly natural product to wash my hair with. I would never use shampoo again. The first time I used it I was sceptical because I have long hair and I was prepared for a mass of tangles. As I rinsed the clay from my hair that very first time, I knew I had discovered something amazing. My hair felt so soft and silky and clean. As it dried naturally I decided to go for it and use a comb (a wooden one), something I would not have done when I used conventional shampoos and conditioners because my hair would still have too many tangles after using them. The comb glided through my hair. I was so chuffed. The Rhassoul is also gorgeous for my skin. Again, after using it as a mask, exfoliator, and a replacement for soap, my skin feels so soft and smooth and very very clean. As an aside, I love the cardboard tube packaging, the instructions and the handwritten notes accompanying the order. You know that you are ordering products from someone who is clearly passionate about them and wants to share all they know with you.Thank you Sally for sourcing a wonderful product.

  20. Tim (verified owner)

    This has given me the results i desired, especially after going no poo and damaging my hair with baking soda/acv rinse for 3 years.
    Also plan to use this as a full body exfoliator (with some raw honey).
    This with a shower head filter – top notch.

  21. Helen Morris (verified owner)

    Love it! The only alternative to shampoo I could find – and I was searching for several years. Works brilliantly.

  22. Tina (verified owner)

    I have been swimming daily for the last 6 or so years and have been on the search for a product to get the dreaded chlorine out of my hair ever since. The chlorine meant my thick, curly hair was constantly dry no matter what I tried. Having discovered that Sally’s fantastic Hemp Soap gets the chlorine off of my skin, I thought I’d try the Rhassoul Clay for my hair. Since the first time I tried it, it has worked incredibly well! I don’t need conditioner either (which is a first) and I have lost the ‘swimmers hair’. My hair no longer resembles a crazy, unmanageable birds nest, it is actually soft and I have received compliments from friends and family. Thank you!

  23. Olivia (verified owner)

    I’ve used Rhassoul clay before but this is my first time buying from here, and I was very very impressed with the service and how quickly the order arrived. The clay is excellent and I use it as a face wash/mask a few times a week when i’m not cleansing with coconut oil. It is also great for my hands and upper arms where I used to have exzema.

  24. Yvonne (verified owner)

    This is truly wonderful stuff. I only use it on my face and my skin feels so clean. I’ve been using this product for about a year now. I cleanse my face in the evening only and just wash with water in the morning as I believe one needs to let the natural oils do their job too and it’s less drying on the face. I use with the Argan oil afterwards and my skin looks dewy. I cannot believe for someone who used to spend a fortune on expensive cleansers this is by a country mile the best cleanser I’ve ever used. I will never go back to using any others. I’m now going to treat myself to the Rose Water to compliment my cleansing regime.

  25. Flick (verified owner)

    Fast delivery, beautifull personalised package and note. This stuff is amazing. I’ve just used it on my face and newly hennaed hair for the first time. Hair silky and gleaming (though that may be partly the henna) and my scalp and skin are tingling. The skin on my face and neck are actually tighter and smoother, and my moisturising mix of cold pressed virgin rosehip seed oil and extra virgin coconut oil has sunk straight into the skin instead of needing time to absorb, as it usually does. The only problem is that I didn’t manage to apply the clay without making a bit of a mess of the wash basin. But the whole process was very satisfying – almost atavistic in fact.

  26. Deana (verified owner)

    Just wanted to drop you a note to say how impressed I am with your rhassoul clay. I absolutely love using it. I have not been using shampoo for about 9 months now and I had tried many different methods, all of which left my hair either dry and brittle or greasy and left residue.

    I had a particularly bad case of build up after using Apple Cider vinegar rinses for about 2 weeks. It was awful. It got to the point where I constantly felt self-conscious and was thinking of giving up and going back to shampoo. I then remembered someone saying that they use rhassoul clay on a forum, so I googled it, found your site, read up about it and decided to purchase it.

    From the very first wash my hair felt the cleaner than it had been in months!! And washing my hair was now a very happy experience. Every time I wash the clay out, it feels amazing. I can’t tell you how happy I am with it. Also, the service was great. I got my package quickly and loved the little note explaining how to mix the clay for washing hair, face wash, deep conditioning treatment etc.

    Thank you Sally!

  27. DJ

    I realised today when re-odering this product with Sally at The Natural Spa Supplies, that I have been using the rhassoul clay for a number of years. I am really happy with how well my fine thin hair does with this clay wash. My hair is in excellent condition, it feels thicker and I never get any flaking or other problems. I started using the clay after talking with Sally at one of the Fairs. I feel that she really researched this product and talked very knowledgeably about it. The 250g of clay has lasted me since February, that is seven nearly eight months…. (I do have short hair). So the cost factor is really good when I compare to the organic products my husband uses. But most importantly it is easy to use, my hair looks and feels great and it is ecological. Thank you Sally and all at Natural Spa Supplies.

  28. Pauline

    I have thick dyed hair , in fact just had end’s bleached ! And washed hair with this product and no conditioner , it was great
    put Argan oil on ends before drying and hair is fine .

  29. Carly

    As others have said, I used this clay after I started the no-poo hair care method in January. I couldn’t really get along with the alternatives (bicarb and vinegar, or honey) as my hair still seemed really greasy even after a month. I bought some rhassoul clay after reading a blog about it. It’s been fantastic. I have very long, thick hair, which tends to be dry at the ends. On reading the instructions, it was recommended that you wash the roots first, and then comb the hair through before rinsing. I really expected the comb to get stuck half way down, as my hair can get itself in knots in minutes. Well, I was so surprised when the comb glided through my hair with ease, and even felt silky as if covered in conditioner when I rinsed. Really, really impressed.
    I can’t say it has been super shiny, but I do put either a little teeny amount of coconut oil through, or argan oil, which helps with the frizzy bits, or flyaways and makes it look a bit more sleek.
    Please read the instructions through, and remember to use a wooden spoon to mix. I forgot one day, and used a metal spoon. Total disaster and required a second hair wash straight after the first.
    The only reason I have not given 5 stars for this, is the slight mess that’s left after using. I tend to be in rather a rush (two small children) and occasionally, the clay mix gets flicked onto the tiles, or the shower curtain, which needs to be rinsed down after use. No worse than shampoo, but leaves it looking a bit messy if you don’t clean it off right away, which is a bit time consuming.
    Other than that, fantastic stuff. Can’t recommend enough.

  30. Deborah Madden (verified owner)

    After trying almost everything available for my daughter’s acne I came upon an article about Rhassoul clay. We were a little uncertain, but thought for the price it was certainly worth a try.
    At first my daughter wasn’t keen, so I began using it myself. After a few days of hearing me talk about how lovely my skin felt she had to give it a go and now she uses it every day too. We’ve been solidly washing with it now for about two months. The level of break outs she is experiencing has reduced drastically. We are also using argan oil as our main moisturizer, and my husband is a convert too.
    I haven’t tried using the clay instead of shampoo yet, but I think I’ll give that a go next.
    The quality of these products is easily as good as those one might pay 10x more for, and the peace of mind knowing there are no nasty chemicals and that the packaging isn’t adding more rubbish to landfills is a lovely bonus.
    I’ve tried lots of other products on the site now too and so far everything has been wonderful and really effective.

  31. Michelle (verified owner)

    Rhassoul Clay is the BEST FACE WASH I have ever used. I have very sensitive skin. It leaves my face feeling very soft and clean. I especially love to use it as face mask because after leaving it on for a few minutes and then washing it off – my face feels like it just had an expensive facial. I prefer to use it as a face mask in the mornings because I can literally see the difference in my skin all day. I have oily T zones and it tones down the extra oil my skin produces without drying my skin out. Go ahead and try it because it is naturally good.

  32. MariaGiulia88 (verified owner)

    I have recently gone no-poo and I was looking up alternatives to the baking soda routine when I found Natural Spa Supplies. I was already a fan of clay as a beauty product, so when I read about the Rhassoul clay recommended for hair wash I bought it on the spot. It is truly great. I have quite thick hair that gets very quickly oil but that remains very dry on the length of the hair.

    This clay works brilliantly, it cleans the scalp perfectly and it also conditions the hair very effectively (the baking soda + vinegar was really no good for my hair, it left it like straw). I will most certainly keep using this clay forever.

    Plus, buying on Natural Spa Supplies has been a real pleasure. The parcels are swiftly shipped and each of them contains a note from Sally (which is a truly nice touch) and some leaflets of information on the products, which is great and very consistent with the idea of sourcing the best natural products for people who look into what they buy. Thanks so much!

  33. Aflower (verified owner)

    Since switching to clay to try and relieve psoriasis, I now find a few months down the line that there really is no going back to ‘normal’ soap for me. Clay is the only thing I can use to cleanse my skin that doesn’t dry my skin out and cause more spots to appear.

    I really like knowing that there are no ‘nasties’ in it and I believe that my skin has never been in as good condition. I wish I had discovered it years ago. Thanks so much for supplying it and for providing such a personal service too. I really like the notes that you send with each order.

  34. beludesigns (verified owner)

    I have been using Rhassoul clay for all my face, body and hair washing for just over 10 months now. It is difficult for me not to sound evangelical about it and I would hate to put any one off trying it by doing so! Most of us drawn to this site care about what we put on our bodies, into them and back into the eco system. This clay is a no brainer on this one. You couldn’t get a purer product for your hair and skin and a paper bag and (in my case) a kilner jar is the only waste. Again most of us who care about these things are prepared to make a small compromise on quality/function to keep to our principles and beliefs. There is NO COMPROMISE WITH THIS CLAY. It is a beautiful skin and hair care product, at least equalling and in most cases surpassing even the most expensive products in its function. In my early 50s my skin has never felt or looked better. I use nothing additional on my hair.
    I use a few drops of Argan oil on my face to moisturise and the only other thing I use on my body is Hemp oil soap (which is also amazing) once a week to exfoliate.
    The first time I washed my hair with the clay I confess to being very apprehensive. I have very fine, quite thin hair which was dry, brittle and prone to breakage. I wasn’t sure that the clay would a) clean my hair and more worryingly b) whether not using conditioner would leave my hair matted and difficult to comb out after washing, causing further breakage etc. I needn’t have worried at all. As soon as I started to apply it to my wet hair and scalp it felt lovely. Having massaged my scalp then combed the clay through the lengths of my hair, I then twisted it and stuck it up out of the way while I washed my body with clay (if you have longer and/or thicker hair you will probably need to use some sort of clip). As soon as I started to rinse the clay from my hair, I knew it was going to be ok. Even the wet hair had that lovely, silky feeling you get from using an expensive conditioner (without the chemicals and plastic bottle!) Over time, my hair has become much stronger, softer and yes, even shines!. The breakage has reduced significantly so my hair appears thicker than it has for years. Sometimes, it becomes quite static after drying but a couple of drops of Argan oil smoothed between hand then over hair solves the problem without weighing the hair down. I am not a habitual review writer. In fact, I very rarely do it. I feel so strongly about the benefits of this clay that even I have been moved to write about it (at length). Enjoy!

  35. Rebecca Preen (verified owner)

    I suffer with a skin condition on the back of my arms, keratosis polaris I think it’s called and this is the only product without exception which has ever treated the condition effectively. My arms feel smooth for the first time since age 4 when the condition started and I can actually wear a sleeveless top – arms usually stay well hidden! Lovely as a face mask, great for washing hair, even used it on sunburn but best by far is the treatment on my arms. Beauty buy I can’t do without.

  36. Danielle Ehren (verified owner)

    Since seeing you that day I have not used any soap or shampoo when showering and the improvement in my eczema, rosacea, dandruff and general skin condition has been amazing. I have suffered with eczema since being a baby and although various remedies have provided short term relief or masked the symptoms, the rhassoul is the first that has not stung, or made me uncomfortable or greasy. I have suggested my sister try the same for my niece as she suffers badly with eczema (she is in Australia so I have found suppliers out there for her).

  37. Cici (verified owner)

    Love it! I could feel an instant effect after using it. My skin was brighter and softer… and i love that you can use it as an exfoliator after using it as a mask…

  38. Sally Mittuch

    Thank you Lisa, Yes, I have tried other clays for hair washing with disappointing results. Rhassoul clay is the only one which works consistently really well.

  39. Lisa Mountain

    I have very fine, silky hair and have been using Rhassoul clay to wash my it for a couple of years now. It makes a huge difference, giving my hair more body so that it has much more bounce and shape. My hairdresser commented recently on how healthy it was.
    My boyfriend also has very fine hair and it was the huge difference it made to his that had encouraged me to try the clay.
    No other clay works as well as proper Rhassoul, so you need to use the real thing.

  40. Marj Ashton (verified owner)

    Strip washing has changed my itchy skin of 8 months. I have rid my home of chemicals and feel a million dollars.

  41. onionmonkey

    six weeks ago I started a no poo movement (not using shampoo on hair) as my hair (long and thin) was falling out every where and i was really worried so i started to wash my hair with bicarbonate of soda and apple cider vinegar six weeks the transition period came and went and my hair was still very greasy, so i looked online and a women on youtube was talking about using clay in the hair, so i searched and rhassoul clay according to many was the best for hair and all round washing the body so i went on this website where a women was reviewing this particular clay and so i took the plunge and im so glad i did!!!.
    results : first of all the quality of the clay is great, its very easy to use i use it for my hair and for my face while im washing my hair ;), i use it for masks the uses of this is clay are amazing !! my hair now is shiner fuller is not falling out im happier to wash with this as i know it hasnt got any nasty chemicals in it my hair also seems it has more texture i used expensive shampoo £40 for a set and may hair was like straw this is a fraction on the price and its great and i tell people i wash my hair with clay “what clay? yes clay and its never been better thanks so much for this clay it saved my hair !!!!

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