Argan Oil, virgin, cold pressed and organic

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Hailed for centuries as the ultimate anti-aging skin care oil, almost everybody can appreciate argan oil for the special care of the face, neck, hair, hands and nails. Fast absorbing.


Argan Oil is considered to the most effective anti-aging oil for use on the face, neck, hands, nails and hair. You can use it all over if you like! A truly exceptional oil, it was until recently a little known secret of the nomadic and pastoralist Berber tribes of Morocco. It is revered for its exceptionally high level of anti-oxidants, its ability to be spread thinly and for its rapid penetration of the skin. Only tiny amounts are needed and so as well as giving visible improvements and greater comfort to the skin starting from the moment you use it, the oil is actually very economical.

Where does Argan Oil come from? Protected by UNESCO, the Argan tree, which grows only in southern Morocco is an important species not only for its virtuous oil, but also for helping to prevent encroachment by the Sahara desert.

Only the ripe fruits are knocked off the tree. The fruits are gathered and sun-dried. The pulp is removed then the nut-like inner cases are cracked by Berber women between two stones (a hammer stone and stone anvil) in the time mannered tradition, revealing several kernels. The oil bearing kernel is then cold-pressed. It takes the combined harvest of 6-7 trees to create 1 liter of precious oil. At Natural Spa Supplies to assure that the oil is really fresh, it is pressed in front of our eyes. Argan oil quickly absorbs into the skin, and the natural aroma is very light indeed.

What is Argan Oil used for?

Anti-aging face, neck, hand and nail care
Helps reduce the appearance of stretch marks
Improves the appearance of scar tissue
Highly recommended for reducing the appearance of scaring after chickenpox
A nourishing eye make-up remover (Argan Oil is excellent at removeing mascara from eyelashes)
Use instead of night cream
For dry skin, use instead of moisturiser
Strengthens hair
Rub-in hair conditioner
Scalp treatment

Argan Oil Benifits & is Especially recommended for …

All skins, including
Dry or oily patches
The delicate facial and neck skin
Hair and Nails
An everyday essential for men and women
Minimizing liver spots

How to use Argan Oil

Rub the oil between the palms of the hands and massage into the face, neck, hands and nails once or twice daily.
Place one drop on a tiny piece of cotton wool to delicately remove eye make up.
Brush or rub by hand a drop or two through dry, static or weak hair. It is best to do this while the hair is still slightly damp.
Use as an emollient for acne, eczema and psoriasis troubled skin (after a Rhassoul mask)

INGREDIENTS Argania Spinosa L.
Virgin, cold pressed Argan Oil. Nothing else is added and nothing is taken away.

Properties of Argan Oil

High in essential fatty acids, so important for optimum skin health and for reducing signs of aging the way nature intended. High on free-radical fighting tocopherols and toctreinols. Helps fight skin infections and soothing for troubled skin.

Benefits for of Argan Oil on Hair and Nails

With regular usage expect:
Optimal hair and nail quality.
Increased strength and shine of hair.

Argan Oil can be used as beard Oil too!

Benefits of Argan Oil for Skin and Face

How will Argan Oil help my skin?

With regular usage expect

Instant comfort to dry skin
A better nourished skin with a firmer texture
Silky smooth skin all over
A reduction of oily shine on the surface of the skin
Improvement to acne prone and oily skin
Reduced visibility of scars
Natural protection from stretch marks
A healthy glow or luminosity to the skin

Storing & Keeping your Argan Oil

Store away from light in a glass container at less than 18˚C.
Keep the container tightly closed when not in use
Argan oil has a mild toasted nutty aroma

Sizes available

Buy Argan Oil of Morocco in:

30ml Retail size
50ml Retail size
100ml Retail size

Ethics in using Argan Oil

Argan oil from UCFA is safety assessed, certified organic and fair trade by Ecocert.
Produced from trees protected by the Moroccan law and by UNESCO.  This tree only thrives in Morocco.  It is also IGP (protected Geographical Indication) certified by AMIGHA. This is the authentic argan oil.
The Argan tree helps prevent encroachment from the Sahara desert and helps to consolidate fragile mountain soils.

The Argan oil is manufactured by UCFA, the first union of Berber women cooperative in South Morocco. The UCFA is self governed by women and represents 22 cooperatives, 1200 women who supply fair trade, organic and PGI certified argan oil.

This is the most ethical, purest, richest cosmetic organic argan oil available.

By buying from the Union, you contribute to a wonderful sustainable project with real impact on the environment and on an entire community, empowering women and fighting poverty.

Supports womens’ work cooperatives helping rural women out of poverty.
Supports a traditional production method (sun-drying, extraction of the kernel)
The oil is not pressed by hand in this cooperative – The yield of this precious oil is about 50% greater when pressed by machine, and the oil, rare as it is becomes somewhat more available for the export market. Machine press oil maintains its freshness for much longer and has a lighter aroma.
Transported by ship.
Ethically traded.
Completely natural and safe.


Nut allergy sufferers are advised to consult their doctor before using Argan Oil.
As with any new product, users should conduct a patch test before starting wide scale usage.


This Virgin Argan Oil is provided in glass bottles. Although it means that the postage costs are higher, oils maintain their optimal quality in glass. Not enough research has been conducted on how oils react when stored in plastic, but there is no doubt that the oil degrades  in plastic and may become contaminated as the plastic degrades. Even an amber bottle allows some light penetration, so unless you intend to use up the oil quickly, then please store your bottle in a dark cupboard where there is a stable room temperature. Saying all of this, Argan Oil is know for its ability to be stored for a long time.

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22 reviews for Argan Oil, virgin, cold pressed and organic

  1. heidi_quicksilver

    I really liked this product for helping the condition of my hair. It definately improved it, was easy to use and smelled nice!

  2. Stephanie (verified owner)

    I have never tried this product before as I just thought ‘Oil is oil right?’ – wrong…I have seen a noticeable difference in the skin on my face and neck whilst using this, my face looks much more hydrated so I don’t look as if I have as many lines under my eyes, i only use the smallest amount because it goes pretty far. I will no longer be buying moisturiser ever again. big thumbs up from me!

  3. Sarah Morgan (verified owner)

    Love this high quality argan oil – great for nourishing dry skin- face and hands

  4. Emma

    I have been using Argan Oil and Rhassoul clay since meeting Sally at a fair over 12 years ago. Since then i have also ordered seaweed for conditioning, hemp oil soap to help with my (adult) spot prone skin (it really works!) and alum crystals for deodorant, which I love, especially with the link to aluminium in retail antiperspirants and alzheimer\’s (which my mother suffers with). I recently tried the soap nuts and indigo powder, and have to say how impressed I am with them! There is no end to the uses for soap nuts! I use them to wash my clothes, clean my windows (no streaks!), clean my work surfaces, bathroom and kitchen cupboard doors ( I steep 4-5 soap nuts in warm water overnight, then use the liquid with a spray bottle) , and the combination of hemp oil soap, soap oil nut liquid and a scrubby meant I could clean my oven (a job I hate, and put off as long as I can!) in hardly any time. I have also used soap nuts to safely clean my cat\’s water fountain; a great degreaser without the worry of any residual elements making my babies ill. Can\’t recommend Natural Spa Supplies enough! Not only are the products ethically sourced, and reasonably priced, Sally and her team are there to answer any questions you may have! I love that items are sent in recycled materials, and I always save the string used to tie up packages; it is great for use in the garden!

  5. Suzie (verified owner)

    So happy with this product and I love that it’s natural and plastic free 🙂
    My skin feels lovely and soft and I also use it on the ends of my hair after I’ve washed it.

  6. darren bullman

    Being in the Andulucian sun and the chlorine pools (yuk) i use this during the day to help protect it and for adding to a bath or applying direct to skin if a little dry

  7. Aida Raisa Bogatu

    Absolutely amazing 100% pure organic argan oil. I am so, so happy I found you. My skin feels amazing and I will be contining to order and recommend this to all my friends.

  8. Sally

    Ah thank you for that information. In addition to the pure argan oil, I often use the argan lip balm on my nails too. I am glad that you are making good use of it!

  9. Richard

    I have suffered from fungal nail infections in both big toe nails since an accident many years ago, despite the use of a number of treatments, some quite expensive, the problem remained. About six months ago I started to apply Argon Oil to the nails after showering once a day. On my last visit to the chiropodist a week ago she remarked on the big improvement in the condition which, despite her best efforts she had been unable to cure .

  10. Dave Molz (verified owner)

    Thanks so much for supplying consistently high quality Argan Oil.
    I have to admit that ive tried many different sources for this – not only online but as i live in Brighton there are many shops that also sell it.
    Without doubt yours is the finest and truest i have ever found so now ive finished my search and always come here
    It is also great that you carry on the natural supplies ethic all the way to your compostable packaging and personal customer care
    While im here i should also mention other products i have had from you – rhassoul clay, horn comb and exfoliating glove were also genuine and great products.

  11. Tim (verified owner)

    Incredible quality, i have mainly been using this on my hands and beard but plan to use also as a full body lotion after exfoliating with clay to maximise the benefits. Can’t wait to try the lip balm next.

  12. Yvonne (verified owner)

    Fantastic quality Argan Oil compared to another organic brand I have. This is thicker and a lovely scent. Not been using that long but already feel the difference. Won’t be purchasing my Argan oil from anywhere else in future.

  13. J (verified owner)

    Since meeting Sally at a Mind Body Spirit Fair a couple of years ago I tried Argan oil & it’s now my only regular face care product. After washing in the morning I spread a couple of drops over my face & neck – I don’t need anything else at night, my problem skin is no longer a problem, my once frequent cold sores are very, very rare & now I feel far more confident in going out without makeup!

  14. Catherine

    Loved this product from the very first use. I bought it essentially for my hair after going ‘no-poo’ Very easily absorbed, made my skin feel wonderful and gave an amazing shine to my hair.
    Will definitely buy it again.

  15. Samantha (verified owner)

    I absolutely love this Argan oil. It’s deeply moisturising without being greasy and it’s lovely to rub the excess into my hands. My nails seem much less brittle now. I’ve tried quite a few products from Natural Spa Supplies and they are all wonderful.

    I also like the fact that the containers and packaging can be recycled or re-used, right down to the pieces of string which I use to tie up plants on my allotment and the corrugated cardboard makes great kindling.

    The handwritten notes included with every order is a lovely personal touch so when my parcel arrives, it feels more like a present than a purchase!

    Many thanks Sally, for all your efforts in sourcing such wonderful, ethical products which feel luxurious yet are so simple and kind to the skin.

  16. Niki (verified owner)

    I came across Argan Oil in Morocco a few years ago and have been pretty much reliant on it ever since. I have sensitive skin so have to be careful what I use on it and this just works like a charm. My mum is now also a convert and I only buy it for us from Natural Spa Supplies as the quality is just so high.

  17. MariaGiulia88 (verified owner)

    This is an amazing product, and a great quality one too. I am using it every night before bed on my face, and it has made a great difference. It makes my combination skin (with dry patches) very soft and the effect lasts long on the next morning too. It has also somewhat balanced it and I have a calmer skin too thanks to it. Plus, the beauty of relying on one product only instead that trying millions more or less successfully. Thank you so much Sally for this wonderful product!!

  18. Beatrice

    Well, where do I start? The product? The supplier?
    I came across Natural Spa Supplies quite by accident while looking through endless lists of so-called genuine Argan Oil suppliers, and after almost giving up on my search! And was I glad I actually decided to gamble and choose this particular one, the only one, I must add, that came across as truly honest and genuine!
    I found Sally, not only a delight to chat with, but also a very knowlegdeable, efficient and competent business woman. The service is reliable, rapid and faultless.
    As for the products, well I am now a thorough convert to and almost addict of the Argan Oil sold by Natural Spa Supplies!
    I am raving, to whoever wants to hear, about the results I have observed of daily use of this wonder oil on my own skin, particularly on my face!
    I have been blessed by Nature with a rather good skin and features which have managed to remain pretty youthful despite the advance of age! However, I had started to notice deepening furrows on my forehead, those created by the combined work of passing years and worries! And now, after months of regular daily applications (morning and evening) of Argan Oil I was very surprised to realise, on closer inspection, that those furrows were markedly less prominent and obvious, as if they had been smoothed over, ironed on! Furthermore, the two lines going from the base of the nose to the top lip, another indicator of years carving up one’s features, were also much less noticeable as if smoothed out!
    Were I to miss one application, the pores of my face seem to start a riot and clamour for the nourishing feel of this miracle oil, “feed us, feed us” they silently scream!!!
    If I am so lyrical about this oil, it is because it has proved, for me, a fairly vain woman afraid of the potentially lethal
    damage of middle age on her skin, to have become a powerful and rejuvenating ally!

  19. Emma (verified owner)

    This is a multi-functional oil! Ideal for dry skin and sunburn, but also great for hair. I apply a few drops to dry hair to control frizz (I have naturally curly hair), and 4 drops to my deep conditioner once a week to add extra moisture. Results are soft and shiny hair!!! Have used on sunburn as well, and within 1 day it has settled, stopped hurting, and turned brown. One of the few oils that actually penetrates hair and skin, rather than just sitting on top of it.

  20. Ruth (verified owner)

    I have quite dry thick curly hair and I have found Argan oil to the best thing for keeping it nice and in check! It seems to sink in more over time so that hair continues to look better over several hours! Win!

  21. chakugan

    This oil absorbs into the skin so quickly and yet leaves a slight residue on fingers / hands that can be quickly passed through hair / over back of hands. I like it and it seems to be a really good “all round” product for skin moisture / protection.

  22. Rubina (verified owner)

    I love this product, I came across it almost 1.5 years ago on this site and have been using it since, I actually ran out a few months back and didn’t have enough time to buy online as I was going abroad so bought some from Holland and Barret and I can say that the quality was really poor, this is the best I’ve used and does wonders for my skin. I have really sensitive skin so most moisturisers and I react badly too so this is perfect, I also used to have really bad oily T zone and with this it almost eliminates it, it keeps skin soft, supple and moisturised and best part is that doesn’t overload the skin.

  23. Vicky Lawson (verified owner)

    I have been using Argan oil on my face now for over 3 years – which goes to show how much I love it! I really do think it has improved the softness and quality of my skin. It is also a lovely product to use – absorbs really easily and you don’t need to use much. I have very sensitive skin and can be prone to eczema so Argan oil suits my skin a treat. And in the morning when I have finished using it on my face I smooth my hands over my hair to quieten down any frizzy bits.

    The other thing I love about using Argan oil is buying from Natural Spa Supplies. Sally always provides such superb, fast customer service and is so lovely to deal with that it makes buying a real pleasure. I know that if I run out a new bottle won’t take long to arrive!

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