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window lathered with soapnuts, walnut shell and vinegar

Window Washing: Remove Haze and Cloudy Film from Windows and Stop Streaking without Chemicals 2019

Sometimes when you wash windows, they look worse afterwards than they did before cleaning! Does the window look streaky or is there a cloudy hazy film on the window? Streaking is caused by an insufficiency of cleaning or rinsing and the cloudy haze is caused by a mineral build up - The rains leaches minerals off the building which splash of the building and run onto the window. A concrete-like scale builds on the glass and normal cleaners can't remove it. On window cleaning forums people debate using hard core detergents, strong acids, razor blades and other extreme methods. However these will cause irreparable damage to the surface of the windows and strong chemicals are dangerous to use and store in the house. Both during the manufacture, the use and disposal, these strong chemicals are harmful to the environment. At Natural Spa Supplies, we believe that all of our day to day tasks can be accomplished with natural products and we love finding new ways of using traditional products. So our window cleaning technique might be a bit quirky, but it works and it is safe:

Gather together

Soapnuts: prepare the Soapnut liquid by standing a handful or two in a bowl of water until the liquid takes on colour. Walnuts Shell Powder Vinegar A Copper and Nettle Exfoliating Glove ... Yes you read that correctly - it means you can use the whole hand for the task, and this glove has real cleaning power. But I do now have a new product which I think works even better - and that is the Scrubby. What is that you might ask? - Well it is a cleaning pad designed specifically for dfficult cleaning tasks. The pad is about the same size as normal green scourer but it is made from cotton. The looped textile has been treated with a special environmentally friendly coating which makes those loops as hard as gypsum. I use these to make my washing up twice as fast, the Scrubbies help me also to cleaning stubborn dirt, uneven surfaces and best of all they work better than the exfoliating glove on the shower screen and windows. The Scrubbies last so much longer than any normal scouring pad and the bright colours fill me with that peculiar joy which comes from speady cleaning adventures. So read and view on, but picture on of these colourful Scrubbies in your mind's eye! a selection of scrubbies A Honeycomb Sponge This one is a retired shower and bath sponge A Rubber Squeegee A bowl of water for rinsing, containing a splash of vinegar A soft, clean lint free cloth for polishing away any final inperfections or a damp chamois leather


loading glove with walnut loading glove with walnut
Place the Copper and Nettle Exfoliating Glove on your hand, wet it in the soapnut liquid - I mean the Scrubby! For even extra cleaning power, use our scouring powder made from nut shells. So add a sprinkle of Walnut Shell Powder Add a dash of vinegar for good luck! Open your hand flat in the copper and nettle exfoliating glove (ah hum, the Scrubby) and rub the soapnut liquid, ground shells and vinegar all over the window so the window is covered in a fine white lather. It is best to give the decoction a little time to work - perhaps move onto the next windows ... Then take a second reprise, cleaning the window with the flat of the hand until the film is removed. Once you are certain all the film is gone (the window will squeek!), then use the sponge with fresh water to rinse all the grime and soap off the glass and dry the glass with a squeegee. Be sure to wash, rinse and dry all the window frames and the sill. Use a soft polishing cloth to polish away any remaining imperfections. For completeness, make sure there are no drips on the walls. Wash your Exfoliating Glove thoroughly with anti-microbial Hemp Oil Soap to remove any grime or even give it a wash at 50 decrees Celsius in the washing machine. It will be as good as new. Likewise the Scrubbies are perfectly happy with a machine wash at 50°C and they will be more than ready for their next cleaning task! It took just a few minutes to clean my workshop windows which have been neglected for a few years. Now I have perfected this cleaning task, I will do it more frequently and it will get much easier, especially as the film has gone. Here's our Video on how to Wash Windows with Cloudy, Hazy Films. We hope you'll give it a go! Remember - just think and see Scrubbies! Video Inspiration
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