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Exfoliating Massage Glove of Nettle, Cotton and Copper, Naturally Antimicrobial

(5 customer reviews)


naturally anti-bacterial exfoliating glove made of nettle fiber, cotton and copper for the ultimate body exfoliation. This exfoliating wash mitt can be used for wet or dry exfoliation. In use this natural mitt feels so good that you will want to massage the whole body, stimulating the skin and the lymph system and declare a renewed war on cellulite!

A naturally anti-bacterial exfoliating glove made of nettle fibre, cotton and copper. Superbly constructed, with no side seam, these exfoliation mitts are built to last. The fabric has a thick, soft  texture and a comfortable feel on the hand but a mixed exterior texture bought about by loops of textile and copper for the ultimate body exfoliation. This wash mitt can be used for wet or dry exfoliation. In use this natural mitt feels so good that you will want to massage  the whole body and declare a renewed war on cellulite! This glove fits all adult hand sizes as the fabric is stretchy. Due to its natural anti microbial activity, this glove is easy to care for and fully hygienic.

A close up showing the exterior texture of the exfoliating glove and the copper loops.
A close up showing the exterior texture of the exfoliating glove and the copper loops.

The Benefits of the Nettle, Cotton and Copper Exfoliating Glove

  • Remove dry, dead and flaky skin.
  • Stimulate the production of healthy fresh skin cells.
  • Stimulate the flow of lymph fluid improving health and vitality
  • Remove static energy build up from the body
  • Provide healthy negatively charged electrons to the skin
  • Reduce cellulite through enhanced circulation
  • Due to the virtue of the copper strands, this glove is natural anti microbial leaving the skin feeling really fresh and clean.

How to Use the Nettle, Cotton and Copper Exfoliating Glove

Using the Glove on Dry Skin

Rub the glove gently on the skin of the body, lightening the pressure on more sensitive areas of skin. Do not use the glove on very delicate skin such as on the neck and face unless you have a very light touch (use a sea sponge instead!) In a dry exfoliation, you will get all the benefits of the skin tingling massage, the removal of dead skin,  improved lymph flow and cellulite reduction but it is best to wash the skin, shower or bath to fully remove any skin flakes if you need to.

Using the Glove for Wet Exfoliation

A wet exfoliation has additional benefits as the skin is softened with the water and flakes will wash off and so the exfoliated skin has a better finish and appearance. Take the glove in the shower or bath with you. It is best to prepare the skin first with our Naturally Anti-Microbial Hemp Oil Soap, as the soap lifts the dead skin from the living healthy layer and less friction is needed to obtain really smooth and supple skin. Plus the soap deeply cleans the skin too, so you can achieve everything in one go.

How to care for the Natural Exfoliating Glove

It is easy – you can wash it in the washing machine at 50°C. I would advise turning the glove inside out, so that the looped outer texture doesn’t snag on the other washing in the load.

Specifications (approximate)

22cm long
14cm wide
1cm thick

The fabric is stretchy, so it will fit any adult hand.


It is a madder-pink with a cream cuff.

Properties of the Materials Used in the Weaving of these Anti Microbial Exfoliating Gloves

Sting nettles are the ultimate eco fibre! They require little encouragement to grow will happily grow on exposed wet soils where other plants shrink. Nettles are resistant to pests and diseases and they produce a fiber which stronger than linen and even stronger again when wet. Nettle fiber has a good resistance to bacteria and mildew and the fibers are blended with cotton fibers to make it easier to spin.

Copper is among the most hygienic of metals, known for its ability to kill a wide range of moulds, fungi, mildew, viruses and bacteria – rapidly!


One – £18.00, A Pair – £35.00

5 reviews for Exfoliating Massage Glove of Nettle, Cotton and Copper, Naturally Antimicrobial

  1. Gaelle Chassery (verified owner)

    Delighted with this glove, makes showers very quick and effective and does offer perfect exfoliation without irritating the skin. Have had mine for years and still good as new.

  2. julie-8176

    This is the most effective and best washing glove/mitt I’ve ever used. Being naturally antibacterial it doesn’t smell after using, just needs a rinse through. The only thing is that it doesn’t have a loop to hang it up although sewed one on. You can buy these cheaply anyhow if you don’t want to sew one yourself. It has made such a difference to showering. I even use it when I don’t have time for a shower – just wet and rub over the body. I use it with the hemp soap sometimes for a dynamic duo. I’m sure it will last many many years so definitely worth the investment 🙂

  3. Petra Tilling

    Bought this glove a week ago and absolutely love it.

  4. Marj Ashton (verified owner)

    Great glove very substantial and gentle with effective exfoliation

  5. Carol

    Best glove I’ve owned. It is big enough for both my husband & I to use, and is nicely cushioned whilst providing good exfoliation. My husband sewed a little loop on the top so we can simply hang it up to dry. Great purchase!

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