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Floss twisted around the fingers ready to floss.

How to Floss Shredder Teeth: Flossing Made Easy

Do your teeth shred floss? Does your floss snap and fray? Well don't give up on those shredder teeth. Flossing can make a large difference in dental and gum health and there is a way of making it easy.

Why do teeth shred floss?

First find the cause of the shredding: Is the tooth sharp or is there a deposit of calculus or tartar? If you don't know ask your dentist of hygienist and they may be able to help you immediately and give you a fresh start. Assuming it is tartar, how you can you keep these rough deposits at bay or even reduce or eliminate its formation?

Methods to make flossing much easier

A horse in shafts pushing a cart. Actually you can put the cart before the horse, but it is truly difficult to floss when you can't slide the floss between the teeth and when your teeth shred it when you do get it in.
Well regular flossing is the most obvious answer, but for people with those shredder teeth, that's sort of putting the cart before the horse. So let's look at another approach - one with proven efficacy ... Our Soldadey Ion5 toothbrushes have been clinically proven to remove tartar between the teeth. If deposits between the teeth are causing the flossing trouble, the improvements for Soladey Ion5 users for flossers are fast. How do these toothbrushes clean between the teeth and make flossing possible? The ionic toothbrush is very clever ... The Soladey Ion5: Start with The Problem The main strength of plaque, calculus and tartar are they they are strongly bonded to the teeth with electrical forces. The teeth normally have a negative surface charge and the bacteria, biofilm etc has a positive charge. So being of opposite polarity, they are very attracted to each other and they form a very strong electrical bond. It is an unhappy union for our teeth, gums and facial bones. The Light Activated Toothbrush: Analyse the 'Normal' Solution (Not very effective, hard work, damaging) People often scrub too hard while brushing the teeth - damaging the enamel and gums, trying in vain to use mechanical force against these electrical forces. While they deserve a medal for effort, the electrical bonds normally win against mechanical abrasion and despite daily scrubbing, the teeth soon get to the stage when only a clean with the hygienist can help. In the meantime over enthusiastic tooth scrubbers may wear away the protective enamel coating of their teeth and they may damage the gums and precipitate bone loss. The Ionic Toothbrush: a Clever Solution (Effective and easy) If the electrical forces of attraction are holding the plaque, tartar etc onto the teeth - then a tiny electrical charge of the opposite polarity can change this force of attraction into a force of repulsion. So that's what this toothbrush does.
A diagram showing how the Soladey Ion5 works How it works
But you will not need chargers, plugs, cables or batteries. The charge on these toothbrushes is created by the solar panel at the end of the handle from sun light or artificial lighting. This electrical charge travels down a semi conductor rod inside the handle to the bristles and is then carried around the mouth by the saliva. The polarity of the teeth is changed and the electrical union between bacteria, plaque and our body is broken. PHEW! None of this is about scrubbing, with the Soladey Ion5 you can just gently moving the bristles around the mouth and teeth, using the saliva as an electrolite, releasing the charge onto the tooth surfaces. As the saliva is present between the teeth, this ionic toothbrush helps to eliminate these rough build ups in these hard to reach places and hey presto, flossing gets easier and easier. Silk floss in the outer packagingFlossing is shear luxury after eating sweetcorn, mango, meat, celery and even after the seed filled smoothy that a friend made for me the other day! However daily flossing (or as often as you need to) can make a massive difference to your general oral health. Not all flosses are equal. Our silk floss is made of pure silk and spun with candellia tree leaf wax. It is chemical free and biodegradable after use - More on Silk Floss Certainly, the Soladey Ion5 is the light powered ionic toothbrush of the Future (except you can get it now here!) It has a solar panel, no batteries to worry about, a steel handle for durability and all sorts of changeable heads are available. It has excelled in many different types of clinical trials, especially with cleaning between the teeth. Even after using the ionic toothbrush for just one week, I noticed how much easier it was to floss. After 2 weeks I noticed a change again. Now I can easily get the floss between my tightly packed teeth and the floss now slides between my front teeth without a jagged motion. I am in control of my flossing again and I can do it better and faster. Soladey has done tests to show that this is a real effect and not just my wishful thoughts! With a good clean and a fresh start, you can establish new 'gentle' brushing habits with the Soladey Ion5 and the Silk Floss and enjoy the health benefits of having clean teeth, healthy gums a healthy jaw.
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