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Soapnuts - just add water

10 Reasons to Try Soapnuts for Cleaning and Washing

What if Every Household Used Soapnuts? If you haven't tried them yet, I'll give you 10 reasons to give them a go!

Soapnuts with Water Just Added
Soapnuts foaming almost as soon as water is added
  1. Soapnuts are very effective and versatile, cutting down on the number of different types of cleaning and washing products we need. Slim your cupboards! You will be able to say goodbye to washing up liquid, surface cleaners, floor cleaners, window cleaners, loo cleaner. Soap nuts have both anti-microbial qualities and anti-static qualities, soapnuts can be used on a dampened cloth to clean televisions, computer screens, printers and more.
  2. Soapnuts are genuinely fully biodegradable and now we pack our soapnuts in compostable packaging, you can make a start on evicting unnecessary plastics from your house!
  3. Soapnuts are economical to use and produce notable household savings. You can do a machine load of laundry from between 3 and 5 pence!
  4. Soapnuts support traditional lifestyles where gathering tree products is practised at the family and community level and they form an important cash crop for rural families. Soapnuts support the 'real' economy.
  5. These soapnuts are organic. They grow just perfectly without chemical sprays. Perhaps one fine day, the demand for organic products will superseded that of chemical grown produce. You will be able to look back and say that you were part of the change!
  6. Soapnuts are a traditional product that have been tried and tested over thousands of years with a great safety record. In Ayervedic medicine soapnuts were used to treat skin conditions so they really are kind to sensitive skin. Be kind to your skin too!
  7. Soapnuts are free of harmful vapours and do not pollute the clothes with chemicals which enter the skin and lungs. Cut out airbourne irritants, have more comfortable skin and breathe more easily!
  8. Soapnuts can be used on grubby pets and dusty plants too. Be sure to keep soap nut liquid out of your pets' eyes and do speak reassuring words to your plants - explain that you are using the saponins from a special tree to wash them. After the wash, they will feel clean, healthy and look beautiful.
  9. Soapnuts are great for cleaning vehicles, easily removing dried insects and brake dust. They will clean almost any part of the car interior too. Use them also instead of that toxic blue windshield screen washer fluid in you washer fluid container.
  10. Soapnuts free you from wearing soggy rubber gloves. That means you can be truly spontaneous with your cleaning!
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