Toothbrush, light activated ionic Soladey ion5, Soladey-3 or replacement bristles / heads

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A light activated toothbrush which uses light energy and your saliva to eject plaque off the teeth. Get cleaner teeth and healthier gums without scrubbing with toothpaste.


Sorry, there has been a rush on replacement toothbrush heads and they have virtually sold out. Please do place your backorder with confidence. Our new stocks are expected at the beginning of July.

Please also have the answer to the most common question we are asked – do the replacement heads fit all the models, even models which are 10-15 years old? Yes.

5 reviews for Toothbrush, light activated ionic Soladey ion5, Soladey-3 or replacement bristles / heads

  1. Julie

    Hi, Further to our chat this morning I thought you might like to know that my oral hygeniest, who is really excellent at her job, is amazed that my teeth and gums are in such good condition as I “only” always use an ionic toothbrush with no toothpaste! You can put this in as recommendation if you like! Enjoy the long weekend, Julie

  2. Christine

    I bought a Soladey toothbrush in the summer and have been using it ever since. I\’ve since paid two visits to the dental hygienist (at a private practice so the standard is extremely high) and the lady can not believe how incredibly clean my teeth are. I showed her the brush (which I use without any tooth paste/powder) and she said she\’ll recommend it to all the staff at the practice! I even use it for my dog – with a different brush head, of course! I highly recommend the Soladey toothbrush. So glad I discovered it.

  3. sarah

    I have bought replacement heads from you, having used a Soladay toothbrush for about 10 years. My teeth always feel and are beautifully clean. I have not been to a hygienist for years, no plaque. Unfortunately my dentist just thinks its my teeth and when I tried to explain he wasn’t much interested. Their training doesn’t encourage them to think that there might be any other way..

  4. Jo

    I have been so very pleased with the results gained through using my Ionic Soladay toothbrush, and so too my dentist! It is much gentler on the gum line than an electric or sonic toothbrush, but I would say definately more effective in cleaning, while keeping enamel intact and away from any apparent need for frantic scrubbing! Inflammation has disappeared, to the point where I had to explain to the dentist what I had been using, later sending him photocopies by post, showing information on how the light activation works. No need for toothpaste either… brushing my teeth has become a simplified joy!
    Josephine from Lancashire

  5. Sally

    I am absolutely delighted with the toothbrush and it has exceeded my expectations. I have been troubled by inflamed gums around my back molars despite brushing scrupulously with an electric toothbrush, interdental brushes and using mouthwash. This has been a recurrent problem on and off for the last two years. Within three days of using my new ionic brush all the inflammation has gone. Eileen, London

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