Toothbrush, light activated ionic Soladey ion5, Soladey-3 or replacement bristles / heads

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A light activated Soladey toothbrush using light energy and your saliva to eject plaque. Invest in your teeth with this durable solar toothbrush.


Choose from genuine Soladey Ionic light activated Toothbrushes, in 4 different colours. These high tech toothbrushes are battery free and use the inbuilt solar panel to generate a microcharge to clean the teeth with excellent clinical results. A new toothbrush comes with a head atttached and is ready to use straight away. Choose from 4 types of replacement heads to choose from childs/pets, soft, medium and tapered. These heads fit all models of the Soladey toothbrush: the Soladey Eco, the Soladay JX3, The Soladey Ion5 and the Soladey 3 (the current model) and each packet of replacement heads contains 4 replacement heads.

Soladey Toothbrush UK

STOCK update, Soladey 3 all colours available.
Soladey Ion5 – not being manufactured at the moment
Replacement heads – all sizes now available

What is an ionic toothbrush?

The Ionic Toothbrush helps remove plaque and bacteria from otherwise difficult places to reach, by breaking the electrostatic bond of the surface of a tooth.  As a result, this reverses the polarity of the tooth and creates a negatively charged circuit to collect bacteria and plaque.

How does an ionic toothbrush work?

A diagram showing how the Soladey Ion5 works
How it works

There is a light-activated titanium rod (semiconductor) inside the handle. When exposed to any light source (a fluorescent bathroom light, a plain light bulb, or sunlight), the photo-sensitive titanium rod inside Soladey converts light into negatively-charged ions (electrons). The rod releases these ions, which blend with saliva to attract positive (hydrogen) ions from the acid in the dental plaque on your teeth.  Thanks to the ionic reaction, plaque has more difficulty adhering to teeth.

The acid is then neutralized and plaque is disintegrated – a scientific approach to a cleaner and healthier mouth! Toothpaste is not required as water (saliva) is the acting ingredient – oral hygiene now becomes not only natural, but also economical! For those who find it hard to give up toothpaste, use only very small amount!

One of the main causes of tooth decay is the presence of dangerous bacteria in the mouth. Only Soladey toothbrush comes with complete and effective protection and the possibility of brushing your teeth anywhere and anytime. Thanks to the titanium dioxide rod, bacteria are eliminated and you can enjoy healthy teeth.

Moreover, especially with children, a portion of the toothpaste is often swallowed, which may have a negative impact on health from over the long-term. Thus, it is not recommended that children use toothpaste; this is another reason the Soladey-eco toothbrush is the best choice.

With regular use, ionic toothbrushes can result in cleaner, healthier and whiter teeth.

How to use the Soladey ionic toothbrush

After wetting the bristles and semiconductor with water (saliva is sufficient outdoors) brush all surfaces of your tongue without using toothpaste, and especially first thing in the morning after stomach acids have accumulated from sleeping. Brush from the back of tongue (not in the throat!) to the tip of the tongue. You may see discolouration on the bristles (concentrated bacteria and accumulation of acids), and so make sure you rinse bristles with water repeatedly to remove this film. Once you feel the bristles and tongue are adequately clean then you can work on the tooth surfaces as now there will be less concentration of bacteria in your mouth. Bear in mind that the tongue generally carries most of the mouth’s bacteria! Continue to brush your teeth lightly and thoroughly in the same way as with an ordinary toothbrush. Concentrate on contacting the teeth rather than applying force.  Unlike a conventional toothbrush, you do not need to brush with force, and so a medium head will penetrate the spaces in between your teeth more efficiently than a soft head and without splaying. Brushing lightly will also be easier on your gums and help fight gingivitis (gum disease/ receding gums).

Make certain there is an adequate light source (natural or artificial) necessary to activate the semiconductor. If you are brushing the back teeth surfaces the rod will receive limited direct light. If you close your mouth over the rod then the lack of light will not allow the ionic action to occur. Be aware then that when brushing the back teeth that the light should reach the rod. Open your mouth as wide as possible so that the available light may reach your back teeth. The best option is to move close to a direct light source which will illuminate the inside of your mouth! The brighter the source the better the result.  You will notice that your saliva will foam slightly when the toothbrush is working effectively.  If you are using toothpaste use very little as this can foam over the rod and block the light.

An effective brushing technique

The surface of the tongue should be brushed.  This is especially effective for bad breath

For the front teeth, the toothbrush is leaned aslant (45 degrees) and the ridgeline portion of the fascicles of the brush are firmly applied to the boundary line of the tooth and gum.

Following the lines of the gum, while counting to 10, the brush is move to the right and left

For the molars also, follow the same way of applying the toothbrush as for the front teeth moving and polishing the outside and inside surfaces of the teeth (each place is brushed while counting to 10)

The tip of the toothbrush should be applied carefully to the outside of the back teeth

The back side of the front teeth is brush with the heel of the toothbrush

To remove food particles from between the teeth, use the bristle ends of the toothbrush. Brush the upper teeth from the bottom to the top; brush the lower teeth upwards from the bottom to the top

When the alignment of the teeth is uneven, brush the teeth one by one using the hair ends of the toothbrush

Saliva is sufficient for brushing teeth outdoors, but in this case we do not recommend you brush your tongue outdoors without a source of running water available to clean the bristles.

How to replace the brush heads

To keep the toothbrush operating at maximum efficiency, replace the heads regularly.  Recommended replacement every 2 -3 months or when bristles start to curve outwards.

Pull the head and handle apart along the axis

Insert the head into the handle firmly

DO NOT twist or bend the head and handle during detachment and insertions.

Frequently asked questions

What is the life of the toothbrush? With proper use, almost indefinitely.

Is the semiconductor safe? Titanium dioxide, the metal from which the rod is made, does not dissolve or corrode.

Will teeth become yellow if not using toothpaste? Reflecting the dentin colour, healthy teeth are naturally off white in colour.  Brushing only with water restores the original colour.  If you must use tooth, only a tiny amount is recommended.

Is there any proof of the effectiveness of the Soladey? Clinical literature is available from dental colleges.  According to studies, toothbrushes with semiconductors  have proven to be as effective as plaque removing tools.

Can Soladey be used to clean fillings, crowns or other dental work? Yes, Soladey will be effect as reducing plaque and provide an anti-bacterial effect even on modified teeth.

Can Soladey be used with braces/retainers? The Soladey with help neutralise bacteria for those wearing braces. Brush carefully to avoid damaging the materials of the braces.  Remove retainers prior to brushing and make sure the retainers have been cleaned before replacing.

When will you get more of the Soladey Ion5?
The Ion5 is not being manufactured at the moment, but the Soladey 3 is the same toothbrush with a slightly less bulky metal handle.


Clinical studies show that titanium exposed to a light source has an excellent bacterical capacity against Streptococcus mutans., a micro-organism found in the mouth that is particularly related to dental caries.

(Onada et al. photocatalytic bactericidal effect of powdered TiO2 on Streptococcus mutans bateria., Denki Kagaku, 56, 1108-1109, 1988).

In Japan a clinical report on titanium toothbrushes found that dental plaque removal was significant during the early phase of plaque formation and concluded that the brush was effective in the control of plaque.

(Kusonoki et al. A study on the effect of the solar energy toothbrush on the control of dental plaque. J Osaka Odont. Soc., 49; 550-559, 1986).

Another Japanese study concluded that improvements in gingivitis and oral hygiene can be expected by using a toothbrush equipped with a titanium semiconductor.

(Niwa et al. Clinical study on the control of dental plaque using a photo energy conversion toothbrush equipped with a TiO2 semiconductor. Shigaku Vol. 77 No. 2 August 1989).

A clinical study conducted at a Canadian College of Dentistry indicated that removal of plaque – from buccal surfaces especially – was more apparent using the ionic brush than it was using the control brush without semiconductor.

(Hoover et al. Clinical evaluation of a light energy conversion toothbrush. J. Clin. Periodontol. 19: 434-436 1992).



6 reviews for Toothbrush, light activated ionic Soladey ion5, Soladey-3 or replacement bristles / heads

  1. Sally Mittuch

    Thank you Sarah. It is great to hear that you are still using you Soladey brush, even after 20 years. They are very well made and just carry on working. It is great that you are not being sent to the hygienist as a result of using the Soladey toothbrush. That is exactly the position we would like all of our customers to be in!

  2. Sarah

    Nearly 20 years ago I worked at a ‘natural health centre’ near here and purchased from them a Solardey tooth brush. It was when i needed new brush head that I found Natural spa supplies and I have been purchasing your products ever since.
    I quickly felt that my teeth were super clean and for many years my (NH) dentist didn’t send me to his hygienist. Your 2020-2021 dental charts are so interesting. It would be good if I had been able to do a before and after chart but having never used anything other than a Solardey for so long I know that my teeth are in very good order. ( I am 77.)

  3. Julie

    Hi, Further to our chat this morning I thought you might like to know that my oral hygeniest, who is really excellent at her job, is amazed that my teeth and gums are in such good condition as I “only” always use an ionic toothbrush with no toothpaste! You can put this in as recommendation if you like! Enjoy the long weekend, Julie

  4. Christine

    I bought a Soladey toothbrush in the summer and have been using it ever since. I\’ve since paid two visits to the dental hygienist (at a private practice so the standard is extremely high) and the lady can not believe how incredibly clean my teeth are. I showed her the brush (which I use without any tooth paste/powder) and she said she\’ll recommend it to all the staff at the practice! I even use it for my dog – with a different brush head, of course! I highly recommend the Soladey toothbrush. So glad I discovered it.

  5. sarah

    I have bought replacement heads from you, having used a Soladay toothbrush for about 10 years. My teeth always feel and are beautifully clean. I have not been to a hygienist for years, no plaque. Unfortunately my dentist just thinks its my teeth and when I tried to explain he wasn’t much interested. Their training doesn’t encourage them to think that there might be any other way..

  6. Jo

    I have been so very pleased with the results gained through using my Ionic Soladay toothbrush, and so too my dentist! It is much gentler on the gum line than an electric or sonic toothbrush, but I would say definately more effective in cleaning, while keeping enamel intact and away from any apparent need for frantic scrubbing! Inflammation has disappeared, to the point where I had to explain to the dentist what I had been using, later sending him photocopies by post, showing information on how the light activation works. No need for toothpaste either… brushing my teeth has become a simplified joy!
    Josephine from Lancashire

  7. Sally

    I am absolutely delighted with the toothbrush and it has exceeded my expectations. I have been troubled by inflamed gums around my back molars despite brushing scrupulously with an electric toothbrush, interdental brushes and using mouthwash. This has been a recurrent problem on and off for the last two years. Within three days of using my new ionic brush all the inflammation has gone. Eileen, London

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