Natural Silk Dental Floss, by Radius

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Natural handspun silk dental floss – Be 100% delighted from the very first use!


Radius Silk Floss

As soon as I tried this natural silk floss, on the very first tooth, I knew that I had found something really special. The dental floss slid easily between my teeth and went straight to work clearing out debris. It left no chemical residue in my mouth and no stray fibers. I was surprised at how little was needed. I only wound the thread once around each finger and the thread didn’t slip off my fingers as I flossed.

This floss is made from silk, grown in a farm co-op in Caucia, Colombia. The farm employs some 80 people and a considerable number of silk worms! The silk is then spun on small machines. Produced for Radius, a company in Pennsylvania, run by two architects, the silk floss is of the utmost purity and quality and in my opinion it is truly fit for purpose.

Plain floss made from hand spun silk, waxed with candelilla wax

The silk floss is waxed as it is spun with candelilla wax, derived from the leaves of the candelilla shrub in order to bind the fibres and allow the floss to slide easily between the teeth. Cadelilla wax was formerly used as a binder in chewing gum.

Why Floss?

Everyone knows the benefits of regular flossing to help prevent gum disease, to keep the edges of the teeth from accumulating unsightly plaque, tartar and bacterial deposits and to keep the teeth comfortable. When food particles, fibres and plaque are caught between the teeth, no amount of prodding, poking, not even the most agile tongue will remove the foreign body – only a good flossing will bring relief!

Why use pure floss?

Having released that when whenever I used normal floss, especially fluoridated floss, as well as conventional toothpaste, I would develop cracks at the side of my lips (angular chellitis), I had spent several years trying different threads in my attempt to find an acceptable alternative to conventional floss. With further research I found that conventional floss can be impregnated with mercuric chloride which is often contaminated with thallium, also synthetic waxes made from petro-chemicals, SLS, and commonly, fluoride. I didn’t think that these chemicals were promoting my tooth and gum health.

I tried just about every thread type available in sewing shops to try to find an alternative … but they never worked. I couldn’t fit linen between all of my teeth, normal silk sewing threads were too weak, polyprop threads and nylon were out of the question because of the poor biodegradability, plus they weren’t strong enough. Many threads broke after going between the first tooth, leaving fibres behind which made me want to floss more than in the first place! It is great to be able to floss effectively without adding chemicals to my body or strands of nylon into the water system and landfills.

I would recommend buying three packets at once. I keep one in my bathroom, one in my handbag (well huge canvas shopping bag) and one, sort of a spare, in my travel wash kit. That way I always have it when I feel the need to floss. It is best to floss after each meal, or at least daily.

How Thick is Radius Silk Floss?

The Radius floss is fairly fine and even. If you are looking for floss which is thicker, more uneven and with more of a handspun feel, with a tiny natural mint flavour, then have a look at our Dental Lace Floss. The Dental Lace floss is packed in glass vials, comes with a refill, and packs of two refills are also available.

How to Floss

How is the Radius Silk Floss packaged?

Each packet contains 30m of floss in a recyclable polypropylene container within a card outer box. Orders are sent out in recyclable or reusable padded envelopes. Radius is currently redesigning their packaging, so I am hoping that they will go fully eco friendly.

The ethics of using Radius silk floss

  • Silk is totally biodegradable unlike standard nylon floss. Silk floss biodegrades in 60-90 days.
  • Promotes the cultivation and care of trees and the sustainable use of tree products
  • Not tested on animals
  • No artificial sweeteners, preservatives, colour, synthetic waxes, GMO ingredients.
  • No artificial flavours

Other information about natural toothcare and oral hygiene

I brush my teeth with a Soladey ionic toothbrush which transforms daylight, or artificial light in to an electrical current to literally throw the bacteria and plaque off the teeth. Using saliva as the electrolyte, the Soladey ion5 toothbrush even cleans in the places where bristles can’t reach. These toothbrushes are battery free and they are powered by light! Our Ionic Toothbrushes are available here. You can use the ionic brush without toothpaste but I will often use Green Clay paste or Walnut Bark Powder, essential oils and other products that make toothbrushing interesting.

I also use a tree root, a 3-in-1 toothbrush, toothpaste and mouthwash and these have been superb at sorting out my misbehaving gums. Our tree root also know as miswak, peelu, siwak (Salvadora persica) toothbrush sticks are available here. These sticks can also be used to make mouthwash and an interdental cleaning solution which works well with interdental brushes to clean and strengthen between the teeth at the gum level.


Why is it packed in plastic?

Yes, the inner container is plastic. Over the years I have been emailing Radius asking for alternative packaging…and currently Radius is redesigning their packets! We do have another floss made by Dental Lace which is packed in glass and they also provide a vegan floss.

Didn’t the Radius Silk Floss used to be organic?

Yes. Until recently the floss has USDA Organic status, but more recently due to the popularity of the floss, a new area has been cultivated and it will be a while before the all of the land can regain is organic label.

Floss always snaps when I use it. Will this one be strong enough?

OK, so the spaces between your teeth are acting as shredders! It is the formation of calculus and tarter which is giving the edges of these teeth rough edges. When you know floss will help, it is frustrating when you can’t get the floss in and out without breaking it. Don’t worry, there is something you can do … When our Soladey ion5 toothbrush is used regularly, the ionic cleaning action is present wherever their is moisture in the mouth – luckily there is a film of moisture on those shredding edges. Within a few weeks, these troublesome pairs of teeth will become easier to floss, saving breakage. But yes, this floss is strong, if you use the right technique it is unlikely to break.

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2 reviews for Natural Silk Dental Floss, by Radius

  1. Aime Pudney (verified owner)

    I can’t believe I have only just discovered this floss -it is world’s apart from the high street waxed versions! Like the previous reviewer said “it is a joy to use!” It is so effective (especially with my very close together teeth!) that I am on here to buy more so I don’t run out -I carry one in my handbag so I’m never without it and it’s biodegradable which is a big plus! It works very well in combination with my Soladey Ion 5 toothbrush as part of my mission to stay away from toxic chemicals. Thank you Natural Spa supplies!

  2. Tim (verified owner)

    A joy to use, is excellent!

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