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Clods of freshly mined clay, ready for transportation to the riverside washing and drying site.

Properties of Rhassoul Clay

Clods of freshly mined clay, ready for transportation to the riverside washing and drying site. Freshly mined clay, ready for transportation to the riverside washing and drying site.
Rhassoul Clay is famous for use as a 'soap-free' shampoo and for washing and detoxing the skin. This clay has many beneficial properties and it is known for its purity and high detoxification power. Rhassoul is collected from the exact place where it originally formed where the subterranean clay layers have remained undisturbed since the Tertiary geological era. Rhassoul Clay is only found in the Atlas Mountains in Morocco. The clay layers are found in the Moroccan desert, receiving very low rainfall, and so the clay remains full of trace elements and minerals, all of which enhance its activity. Treated with almost holy respect and in accordance with its nature, the clay is dug from small underground chambers using a pick ax, then it conditioned by the sun and desert breeze and these are some of our photographs from when we inspected the Rhassoul Clay mine. We have it milled to massively increase its power of absorption and activity. Here are just a few of the properties:

Rhassoul Clay has a Powerful Negative Electromagnetic Charge

It is the powerful negative charge of rhassoul clay which makes it so effective as a detoxifying agent. Toxins such as heavy metals which lay under the skin's surface have a positive charge - the clay draws them through the skin inside the clay particle. During use, the clay can be seen attracting the lymph fluid under the skin layer. Toxins are transported out of the lymph fluid, through the skin layer and they are locked inside the clay particle. This is why rhassoul is so helpful with skin conditions and also why it is used in inch-loss body wraps and in poultices and why people with lymph troubles gain so much from even washing in clay. Clay is particularly effective at absorbing excess sebum - retaining the health of hair follicle and helping to reduce hair loss. It works as well on skins troubled with acne as it does on skins troubled by dry skin conditions.

The Exterior of Clay Particles are Positively Charged

Rhassoul clay attracts chemical residues such as pesticides. These substances attach to the outside of the clay particle and are simply washed away.

Rhassoul Clay has an Amazing Carrying Capacity

Rhassoul is known for its 'swelling' ability as it fill with toxins and having such a fine particle size it has a huge surface area and carrying capacity. These features are best described in the following analogy. According to Robert T. Marin, a study conducted by Lei in 1996, a mineralogist at the Institute of Technology, demonstrated that 1g of this type of clay has the surface area of 800m2! It is hard to find other natural materials which have this high carrying capacity.

Clays are Ionically Active

Rhassoul clay is composed of 100% minerals and trace-elements. The skin will absorb some of these, while giving out toxins in a process called ionic exchange, resulting in an improved skin structure and feel.

Clay is Naturally Antimicrobial

Clay is anti-microbial and is known to kill viruses and helps to protect the skin from attack. At the same time clay does not destroy our individual skin flora.

Clays are the Smallest Naturally Formed Crystals in the World

Clay is of crystalline structure and each tiny particle is like a powerhouse. Crystals are capable of holding and transforming energy. Rhassoul is subject to the natural energies of the earth, air and sun. Perhaps it is the energy of the sun which makes the clay so meaningful people with psoriasis and skin conditions which normally respond well to sunlight. Equally, the energies of the earth are 'grounding' and calming.

Clay Particles are Gently Exfoliating

On the molecular level clay particles are somewhat rough, helping to exfoliate the skin, returning dry and flaky skins or scalps to optimum condition. The outer layers of the skin are designed to be sloughed off, allowing the skin to be free to exchange gases, to release sweat, sebum and toxins. Dead skin also contain many toxins which the body has not eliminated through other channels of elimination.

Clays have anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties

People with inflamed and itchy skins wash in clay to feel more comfortable. Clays have many other amazing properties!
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