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Natural Beauty Tips

Natural Beauty Tips

Learning to use and adapt rhassoul clay will give you control over the appearance and condition of your skin.

How do you remove make up with natural products?

One drop of Argan Oil on a tiny piece of cloth will remove eye make up. If the argan oil gets in the eyes it doesn’t sting. Check with your opticion first if you wear contact lenses. A little rhassoul clay on the wet skin to remove any other make up, just with the massaging action of the hands.

How do you treat persistently dry lips?

Rose water is quite astonishing to deeply clean the lips and to gently exfoliate them. Use the finger tips for cleaning the lips with rose water, and rub the lips until all the rose water has evapourated. Apply lip balm afterwards if needed. Twice a day, or as needed.

Do not use vaseline or synthetic oil based products. Also avoid lip products which contain fragrances, colours and essential oils or any synthetic ingredient. Although there is some relief immediately on application of vaseline based products, these products have a drying effect on the skin. For that reason we recommend and lip balm made with a cold pressed carrier oil. Our formulation contains three tree products and that’s it: cold pressed virgin argan oil, beeswax and gum acacia. You can get anything simpler than that!

Assess your diet. Do you eat enough seeds, avocados and other oil rich plants? Do you take a flax seed oil or cod liver oil supplement to maintain adequate levels of Omega 3 in your diet? Have you cut out all processed oils? We use cold pressed flax seed oil which we add to porridge, smoothies, yogurt and to salad dressings. For cooking, we use cold pressed olive oil, good quality coconut oil or butter.

How do you manage monthly skin outbreaks?


Massage hemp oil soap on the face, beneath the level of the eyes. Use hot water to keep the soap fluid and to allow the pores to open. Continue the treatment for 5-10 minutes. Do this once a week and follow with an exfoliation and rinse thoroughly. The hemp oil soap can also be used while the face is being steamed. Hemp oil soap can be used for face washing (below the level of the eyes) if this brings more control.

Detoxify the skin

Do one to two rhassoul face masks per week, especially leading up to menstruation. For really trouble-prone skin, apply a rhassoul face and neck mask and try steaming the face for 10 minutes. The skin returns to good condition when rhassoul clay is used as part of your daily washing routine.


Even people with oily skin can benefit from moisturization with argan oil. Argan oil contain natural plant sterols which help to reduce inflammation and it is packed full of anti-oxidants.


Avoid all process foods. Buy and prepare real food. Get your bread from a bakers who makes their bread from scratch on the premises, buy raw unpasterized and unhomogenized milk and dairy (if you can and if you like that sort of thing) from a farm, grass feed meat, fresh fish and make all your own snacks. I even make my own wine and nettle beer. Try to eat a natural diet of fresh locally or home produced foods.

How do you treat pimples and spots?

Use a drop of argan oil as a remedial treatment directly on a pimple as soon as you notice it forming. Continue with several applications a day until the pimple has completely disappeared. For really troublesome infected spots, cover with thick layer rhassoul clay and keep damp for 20 minutes. The clay will draw out the impurities.

Nail and Cuticle Treatment

Soak the finger nails in a mix of argan oil and lemon juice for fifteen minutes. Rinse and push the cuticles back with a horn or wood manicure tool.

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