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Make Your Soapnut Cleaner in Cold Water

Make Your Soapnut Cleaner in Cold Water

How to Make Zero-Energy Cold Infusion Soapnut Liquid

Mrs Everybody has been busy in her kitchen figuring out ways of going ever greener. She has been making her own cleaning and washing solution with, soap nuts, actually a dried tree fruit using zero-energy by soaking them in cold water. She uses soapnut liquid to wash up, clean windows, her van, surfaces, the toilet bowl, floors - all without rubber gloves. She has even washed her hair in soapnut liquid with great results.

Save even more money, use almost zero energy - Make your own soapnut cleaning and washing liquid in cold water!

5 sucessive infusions of the same 12 soapnuts 5 successive infusions of the same 12 soapnuts

Here’s how …

Place some soapnuts in a bowl Just add water to the soapnuts Soak for a few hours Squeeze the soapiness out of the soapnuts into the water Add some more water, ready for the next brew! Here you can see my first experiment with five brews which I have obtained from the same 12 soapnuts. You can observe the variation in the height of the foam through the successive brews. Even the weakest solution on the right, still has foam standing, a scientific index of soapiness.

Further advantages cold infusion soapnut methods

No steaming up of the kitchen No aroma of simmering soapnuts. Ethical - Certified wild gathered and organic; transported by ship, 100% biodegradable and compostable, safe for grey water systems and reed beds, friendly to sensitive skin, SLS, ALS free, free of all artificial chemicals and free from any secretive manufacturing processes. In additional I have found that the soapnut liquid keeps fresh for longer. I gather from reading about the principals of eating ‘raw food’ that when foods are not heated above 115 degrees Fahrenheit or 46 degrees Celsius, the natural enzymes are not disturbed. Perhaps some of these enzymes inhibit decomposition or the formation of mold? I haven't had any mold problems with the cold infusion method.

Experiments Continue

I will get my laboratory to test the counter top storage of soapnut liquid obtained by cooking and that obtained by cold extraction methods! However at the moment I am enjoying the sense of wonder in my own kitchen. I will add, that my customer, Lakshmi’s dad told me about the cold infusion method, so the hugest thank you to Lakshmi’s dad! I have been really enjoying making and using my soapnut liquid using my heat free method. Start your zero-energy soapnut liquid making now and begin your rubber glove free cleaning experience! P.S. Whatever the soapnut liquid can’t clean (ovens, sticky grease, stains), our British made hemp oil soap can!
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