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Citric acid with lemon halves on mossy log

The Big Eco Spring Clean - Join In

the big eco spring cleaning showing aall the products

Our Big ECO Spring Clean is here.
Here is a snapshot of our Spring Clean Eco Kit. It is hard to think of a cleaning task that between them, these kit items can't assist in.

We are ready to encourage, guide and inspire you on your mission to do all your Spring cleaning with natural products.

Together, as a group we can make this Spring clean, the most effective, economical and ecological yet.

Save money

Save time

Save the rivers

Save your hands

Experience the joy of eco cleaning

DISCOUNT Built in.

Please join in with us ?

See the very few eco cleaning products in the photograph together? They can do all my housework.
I can't wait to show you how easy they are to use and cost effective they are.

I think it is so important to use chemical free cleaning products,
without the plastic and to be able to clean everything really quickly with just a few products.

Would you like to get kitted out with these eco cleaning products and join me?

Please go ahead and buy your eco supplies now and we can inspire each other and make real progress.

The Cloths and Brushes in the Kit

Just as every great craftsperson needs great tools, every happy cleaner needs great cleaning cloths.
You will find these in your Spring Clean Eco Kit too.

  • A large Scrubby - a cotton scrubbing pad for cleaning cloudy/hazy windows, the bath and the shower screen and all manner of washable surfaces.
  • A normal sized Scrubby - will this take pride of place in your kitchen for washing up, the hobs, cooker hood and roasting pans?
  • A Lint Free Cotton Cleaning Cloth - for polishing, damp dusting, washing and wiping.
  • A thick knitted Cotton Dishcloth - for washing dishes and wiping surfaces nearly dry.
  • A steel wound bristle and sheep's wool Bottle Cleaning Brush to fit thermos, milk and baby bottles. I am going to try it for cleaning a glass chandelier.
  • A steel wound Drain Cleaning Brush also known as a hair catcher - to keep waste water flowing out of your sink, shower and bath outlets.

Read more about individual items in our cleaning department, or keep reading for your DISCOUNT and FREE UK POSTAGE

Use our ‘Cascade Cleaning Method’ - That is organising cleaning tasks so that your cleaning cloth does the less germy or drier cleaning tasks first such as mirrors, then walls, sink, floor and lastly toilet before it goes in the washing machine.

Eco Cleaning Products in the Kit

The Spring Eco Clean Kit includes ‘detergents’, all plastic free, all multipurpose,
all good to biodegrade and return to nature and safe for sensitive skin.

  • 75g Hemp Oil Soap - quick antimicrobial action, lifts grease and stubborn dirt. Also for hand and nail hygiene.
  • 500g Organic Soapnuts - the tree grown soap. Just add hot water, stir or shake in a jar for a water-based soapnut detergent.
  • 250g Citric Acid - gives you the power to banish limescale and helps cut through grease.
  • 25g Walnut Shell Powder - add at point of use with a detergent to tackle neglected external windows, stubborn shower screens and thick layers of dirt.

You can of course read more about these products and buy them individually by visiting our cleaning department,
but you can buy this kit in ONE CLICK with a DISCOUNT and FREE UK POSTAGE

Eco Laundry Essentials in the Kit

Your Spring Clean Eco Kit will help you with all your laundry. As the weather brightens up you will have a chance to wash woollen jumpers, blankets, bedspreads, cushion covers etc. You might be changing over your wardrobe from winter to summer…
Your washing machine will be busy.
Either use dried soapnuts, tied in an odd sock directly in the washing machine drum
or soak the soapnuts in water and add into your basin for hand washing.

In addition to the Soapnuts already included, you can bring your laundry up to high eco standards by using some of the Citric Acid to whiten fabrics and by deploying the original Blue Indigo as a bluing agent So the Eco Spring Clean Kit also includes:

You can buy any of these as stand alone products - here is the link to the cleaning department, but do read on to obtain the whole Spring Clean Eco Kit as a bundle…with a DISCOUNT and FREE UK POSTAGE

First Jobs For Your Drain Brush

You will need a well flowing sink, shower and bath to do your Spring cleaning.

My drain brush, also known as a ‘hair catcher’, has had both the pleasure of cleaning my sink, shower and bath outlets and sprucing up my sink overflow outlets. It was also most helpful when cleaning out my washing machine overflow and I was surprised by what the brush extracted ?

During use, collect the hair and other waste from the drain onto used paper and add to your compost.
Remove hair from the drain brush by hand, then wash the whole of the drain cleaner with a scrubby and our antibacterial hemp oil soap (these are all in the kit). The scrubby and soap will help to remove residual dirt from the bristles too. It is then ready on standby for anytime you should need it.

Spring Clean Eco Essentials

Get All 12 Items in One Click

A large scrubby - a normal scrubby - a cotton dishcloth - a lint free cloth - a bottle brush - a drain cleaner - hemp oil soap - soapnuts - citric acid - walnut shell powder - indigo laundry bluing - large wooden pegs

  • Be assured you can buy items that you might run out of on their own such as soapnuts, hemp oil soap, indigo and citric acid as you need too from our cleaning department.
  • To support your eco ambitions, we have built a DISCOUNT into Spring Clean Eco Kit, so we have set the price at just £80.
  • We provide Free UK postage with this order, so if you'd like to stock up on personal care essentials, dental products or an amphora, then add whatever you like to your order and we can send everything out together and the postage won't cost you a penny.
  • Get in touch if you have questions for specific tasks.
Keep an eye out for our up coming You Tube video series. Please subscribe to us on You Tube and have a peep at the first short video to kick off our Eco Spring Clean Campaign. We made it in the beautiful Norfolk marshes with the River Tas in the background.

Would you Dear Eco Friend, like to join us on our Big Eco Spring Clean?

Let's Get Started

Get your Spring Clean Eco Kit on the button below.

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