Wash, Shower & Bath Kit, fully natural


A Fully Natural Wash, Shower or Bath Kit for Men or Women. Everything you need in one box.


Wash, Shower & Bath Kit

Take care of washing, showering and bathing with these completely natural and versatile products. Here is everything you need to feel super clean in minutes with no faff. Straight out of nature, these products are chemical-free and fragrance free and they really work. What does the kit contain? British Hemp Oil Soft Soap, world famous Rhassoul Clay, amazing Alum Crystal Deodorant, a Sea Sponge, a Pumice Stone, a Copper & Nettle Exfoliating Glove & a Cactus Nail Brush. It is without out doubt, the most green and effective set for body care and natural hygiene. Also it is all so simple and fast to use.

British Hemp Oil Soap

Use the hemp oil soap to gently exfoliate the skin, remove dry and itchy skin and clean excess oils. As guidance use the soap 1-2 x per week on the body in the shower or bath. We suggest using the hemp oil soap on the body with the sea sponge and the feet with the pumice stone. With its natural anti-microbial properties, the ability to gently exfoliate and its deep cleaning power, this traditional British soap has a logical place as the first step in natural skin care. You will soon work out the best frequency of use for your skin type. The soap can be used all over the body, but not in the hair or too close to the eyes. It is traditional soap in Britain, popular since the 12th century with hundreds of difference uses! By removing the dead skin, the skin is left super clean, comfortable and with very limited need for moisturization. Exfoliation is liberating. While this soap is brilliant at exfoliating and dealing with dry and dead skin, it is fantastic at dealing with excess oil. Hemp oil soap carries the oils away, but because our soap contains all the natural glycerine, it doesn’t dry or irritate the skin. One more thing, Hemp Oil Soap is powerfully anti-microbial. It has been proven to be hard on germs while it is gentle on the skin. It removes odours and keeps skin troubles to an absolute minimum. After using this soap the skin is left, very clean, silk smooth, flexible and comfortable.

Sea Sponge

The hands alone are not sufficient to rub off the dead skin, a natural sea sponge will make all the difference. With this kit we are including a Honeycomb Sponge. It has a course surface texture and it is ideal for exfoliation. Use the hemp Oil Soap to lift the dead skin for a few minutes and then use the sponge to rub off the loosened skin. However, still use the sponge gently to get the longest life out of the sponge. It is not a scrubbing brush. With gentle action this sponge will carefully remove the dead skin and enjoy, its maximum natural use life. Rub gently with the sponge to remove the dead skin avoiding underlying irritation.

Black Volcanic Pumice Stone

Use a real pumice stone to remove layers of hard skin from the feet in combination with the hemp oil soap. Prepare the skin on the soles of the feet and heals first with hemp oil soap, giving it a few minutes to lift off the dead skin. Then rub the hard skin off with the pumice stone. Be sure to massage some of the hemp oil soap between the toes too – the dead skin will just roll off using just your finger tips! Rinse the skin after using the soap and scrub the pumice stone clean with a nail brush. The hemp oil soap has excellent deodorizing properties and remember it is anti-microbial and it has been proven to kill candida, so washing the feet regularly with hemp oil soap can keep the feet more comfortable and healthy looking.

Rhassoul Clay

Rhassoul clay is the most natural of shower gels or soap and shampoo replacement in the bath. It does also really work well in the hair too. Use it as often as you like for washing, shower and bathing. Are you looking for a natural alternative for every day washing and detoxing the skin? Rhassoul clay washes the skin surface and powerfully detoxifies through the skin layers. This clay is famous for its ability to detox – that is to draw toxins, pollutants and unwanted materials through the skin, leaving the skin more comfortable, healthier, less prone to damage. Plus the skin will feel super clean and fresh. Use rhassoul for washing the body, showering and bathing. Use the rhassoul clay whenever you want to and on any part of the face, hair or body! Get warm and wet in the shower. Turn the water off. Rub the rhassoul clay (previously hydrated) over the body, giving it time to detox – the skin will go a paler colour as the detoxing takes place. In a bath, use the hydrated rhassoul clay in the same way as soap and shampoo-conditioner. If your hair is dry or curly you might benefit from a dedicated conditioning treatment and you could use our Scottish seaweed for this – we haven’t included seaweed in the set.

Copper, Nettle & Cotton Exfoliating Glove

A naturally anti-bacterial exfoliating glove made of nettle fiber, cotton and copper for the ultimate body exfoliation. This exfoliating wash mitt can be used for wet or dry exfoliation. In use this natural mitt feels so good that you will want to massage  the whole body, stimulating the skin and the lymph system and declare a renewed war on cellulite!

Alum Crystal Deodorant

Once you are all lovely and clean and fresh, an application of our alum crystal quite simply keep you that way – fresh and odour free. Theses crystals are earth formed through geological processes and they have been used safely for thousands of years. Simply dip the crystal in water, rub it on, let it dry on the skin. Then rinse the crystal and share it with other members of your family if you wish. The alum is water soluble and it leaves a coating on the surface of the skin which kill the bacteria. No bacteria equals no odour. The alum has no fragrance and it really does work.

Cactus Bristle Nail Brush

A beech wood nail brush with stiff cactus fiber bristles. A good nail brush is essential for cleaning the nails and hands. This superb quality German made nail brush makes hand washing and nail scrubbing effective, gentle and thorough.


Washing, showering and bathing with natural resources really pleasurable. Plus it doesn’t have to be complicated or involve highly formulated products. You can achieve everything with just a few natural and traditional resources. Enjoy your simple and natural washing, showering and bathing routine!


All of our packaging is reusable, recyclable or biodegradable.

The whole kit is enclosed in a natural cardboard postal box with individual instructions on or inside the product packaging. We will also include a mini-guide on natural washing and an overview article. We hope that you will complete the final gift wrapping with paper and a gift tag suited to the occasion.

The smaller sizes of clay powder is packed in paper bags and the large tub is packed in a cardboard tube with steel end caps. The hemp oil soap, rose water and argan oil are packed in glass.


Small/Trial /Travel: 75g Hemp Oil Soap, small Pumice Stone, 4″ Honeycomb Sponge, 100g Rhassoul Clay, small (minimum 60g) Alum Crystal deodorant, a Copper & Nettle Exfoliating Glove, and a Cactus Bristle Nail Brush.

Medium: 150g Hemp Oil Soap, Medium Pumice Stone, 4″ Honeycomb Sponge, 250g Rhassoul Clay, medium (minimum 70g) Alum Crystal deodorant, a Copper & Nettle Exfoliating Glove, and a Cactus Bristle Nail Brush.

Large: 250g Hemp Oil Soap, Large Pumice Stone, 5″ Honeycomb Sponge, 500g Rhassoul Clay, Large (minimum 100g) Alum Crystal, a Copper & Nettle Exfoliating Glove, and a Cactus Bristle Nail Brush.


  • Highly suitable for people who wish to simplify their lives, declutter their bathrooms while using totally natural, biodegradable, completely effective and economic products.
  • Certified Organic Argan Oil and Rose Water. As the Rhassoul Clay comes from one mine and it was world famous, long before organic certifiers appeared. There is no need to ‘certify’ it. There is no production of British organic Hemp Seed Oil, but commercial hemp needs very little intervention to thrive!
  • People with skin troubles respond well to these natural resources.  If you have acne, psoriasis, eczema, dermatitis or other common skin issues, please feel confident to use any of the products in this natural face care kit, though as ever it is good practice perform a patch test with any new product.
  • Once a washing, showering and bathing is reduced to just a few simple products, it is easy to become an expert and master of your skin. As it is only a question of learning to balance the use of the products to your skin’s needs.

Full instructions enclosed.

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