Enamel Steel Buckets


High quality white enamel steel buckets with galvanised handle and wooden grip, in medium and small sizes.


Light, tactile Enamel Steel Buckets

Our Enamel Steel Buckets have a hygienic finish, are easy to clean and are very attractive and tactile.


The principle use in my house is to carry water for household cleaning, but they can also be used to hold dry goods, kindling, floral arrangements or even food. In the garden the enamel buckets are useful for collecting fruit, holding seeds when planting out, as plant pot containers, for watering, decorative uses, etc.

We have 2 sizes:

Capacity Base Diameter Top Diameter Height
1.5 litre 11cm 15cm 14cm
5 litre 17.5cm 23.5cm 22cm

These buckets are made from sheet steel, coated in several layers of glass-ceramic and fired at 800-850°C. While this coating gives the buckets protection from heat and acid corrosion from foods, do try to protect the bucket from mechanical wear and chips.

Enamel bucket care and cleaning

Always wash the bucket after use. We recommend a Honeycomb Sponge or gentle use of the Scrubby and either Soapnuts or Hemp Oil Soap as natural detergents. Dry the bucket after use or store upside down to allow any water to drain out.


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