Antibacterial Exfoliating Kit for feet and body


A Naturally Anti-Bacterial Exfoliating Kit for Body and Feet which includes British Hemp Oil Soap, a handsome Black Pumice and an Exfoliating Glove of Made of Nettle and Copper.

A Naturally Anti-Microbial Antibacterial Exfoliating Kit including an Exfoliating Glove made of Nettle, Cotton and Copper, handsome Volcanic Pumice Stone and a jar of Traditional British Hemp Oil Soap for the Ultimate Natural Exfoliation!

Why exfoliate the skin?

The first principle of skin care is to remove any dead skin. Dead skin looks dull, can appear flaky, dry, inflexible and may become prone to itchiness and infection. It is impossible to moisturize dead skin and excessive dead skin can impair the function of the underlying living skin. The body also send toxins to be encapsulated in the dead skin layer, so that they will be assured of leaving the body.

The discomfort of carrying around dead skin is our body’s way of telling us to remove the dead layer from the outer surface of the skin, so the underlying living layers can perform their health enhancing functions. Mammals will frequently roll on the ground, groom and rub against trees to exfoliate and still among humans exfoliation is the first principle of skincare. In the past, walking barefoot would have kept the excess hard skin on the feet in balance but extra care would have been given to the rest of the body. Everybody likes to have comfortable skin!

Exfoliating is part of traditional bathing rituals. In Morocco on a weekly basis by both men and women use exfoliating soap to deep clean the pores and to prepare the skin for a tingling exfoliation using their characteristically course exfoliating glove. Pumice is used on the soles of the feet. In Morocco, exfoliation forms the first stage of the traditional hammam ritual, where it is followed with a skin detoxifying treatment of clay and then moisturization with argan oil.

Hemp Oil Soap for Sensitive Skin

This soap not only lifts the dead skin cells making them easy to rub off, but ir deep cleans the pores. The soap is green and it is very mild in aroma and it is naturally anti-microbial. Use this one if you have a sensitive skin. You will notice how effective and mild the soap is from the first use.

British Hemp Oil Soap in a jar
British Hemp Oil Soap in a jar

INGREDIENTS Cannabis sativa oil, aqua, potassium hydroxide. In other words, 100% British hemp oil, lye and water. Please note, once these ingredients are mixed properly and the chemical reaction known as saponification takes place, the oil and lye water are transformed into soap and glycerine.

A Naturally Antibacterial Antimicrobial Exfoliating Glove

The kit comes with a spa quality exfoliating glove, made of nettle fibers, cotton and copper! The glove is stretchy so it will fit most hand sizes and it has a quality feel. We would suggest turning the glove inside out, when washing it in a machine.

An exfoliating glove made of nettle, cotton and copper
An exfoliating glove made of nettle, cotton and copper

We also commission the manufacture of the original goat hair exfoliating gloves, starting out by grooming goats to collect the hair. These exfoliating gloves are extremely durable and eventually fully biodegradable. They are listed separately in the shop.

A Volcanic Pumice Stone

An excess of hard skin on the feet can become uncomfortable and unsightly. A course volcanic pumice stone, used in conjunction with the hemp oil soft soap, make pumicing the feet light work and leaves a great finish. Scrub the pumice after use with a Nail Brush and it will last for years. These pumices retain their course texture with repeated use.Black Pumice from the Lebanon

How Exfoliating Soap is used in a Hammam Bath

Exfoliating soap is essential for bathing in the public steam baths of Morocco. Everyone arrives with their own supplies of soft soap. At first hot water is poured over the body, and in the steamy atmosphere, the skin pours open, the body temperature rises and the natural cleansing process of sweating begins.

After this process has begun, the soap is applied to the entire body, except the hair and near the eyes or above the level of the eyes.  When soap is applied to the soles of the feet, you should not stand up until they are completely rinsed, because the soap is extremely slippery! The body is then thoroughly exfoliated with the exfoliating glove. Finally the body is rinsed. The skin feels incredibly rejeuvenated and fresh afterwards. The skin can perform is health giving functions without any impairment. No wonder the Moroccans look so cool even in the hottest of days.

In Britain soap was being made in Britain from the 12th century and people did wash with it!

Men with itchy backs caused by excessive oil production, blocked pores and thick dry skin rave about soap exfoliations and people with psoriasis and eczema greatly benefit from a natural exfoliation routine. All adults benefit from having a well exfoliated skin.

How to Exfoliate the Skin

Get the skin warm and wet in the shower or bath.

Turn the shower of while applying some soap to the skin, or stand up in the bath, to apply the soap and give it time to work. Be sure to avoid getting soap in the eyes.

Now rub the skin with the exfoliating glove, adjusting the pressure as necessary to remove the dead skin.

When you are exfoliating the skin, periodically rinse and wring the exfoliating glove in warm water so that it does not get clogged up with dead skin and soap. You will be amazed to see how much dead skin is left floating on the surface of the water.

Stretch the hand out in the glove and use the whole hand to rub the skin on the more expansive body surfaces such as the legs, hips, the back etc, and point the fingers together to exfoliate between the toes and the more delicate body zones.

Rinse with warm water.

Exfoliating the feet

One soup spoonful is sufficient for a complete body exfoliation. If you are just exfoliating the feet, 1 teaspoon is sufficient for each foot.

Apply the soap to the wet and warm feet. Allow the soap to work for between 2 and 10 minutes, depending on the nature of your skin. During this time, the soap will soften the dead skin and help the dead skin to come away from the living layer. When you prepare the hard skin on the feet first with exfoliating soap, the pumicing of the feet is much less ticklish and at the same time more effective.

Caring for your Pumice and Exfoliating Glove

Scrub the pumice with a nail brush after use to make sure there is no soap left on it. Allow the pumice stone to dry. Rinse the glove in fresh water and allow to dry. Wash the glove by hand periodically with natural soap or wash it by machine at 50 degrees Celsius. However I have found that because the exfoliation kit is naturally antibacterial that I hardly ever need to wash my exfoliating glove.

Exfoliating Kit Contents

Small: A Nettle and Copper Exfoliating Glove, 75g Hemp Oil Soap, Small Pumice (5-7cm)
Medium: A Nettle and Copper Exfoliating Glove, 150g Hemp Oil Soap, Medium Pumice (7-9cm)
Large: A Nettle and Copper Exfoliating Glove, 250g Hemp Oil Soap, Large Pumice (9cm+)


Using the Exfoliating glove with Rhassoul Clay

The exfoliation glove can also be used when washing with the clay instead of a flannel on daily basis. Reduce the degree of exfoliation accordingly!

Exfoliating Psoriasis and Dry Skin Conditions

Exfoliation with our naturally antibacterial exfoliating kit is highly recommended for psoriasis treatments, but because the skin is already damaged, do rub the skin lightly to avoid irritating the underlying skin. Using our antimcrobial exfoliating kit will help reduce plaques and gently remove any dry skin which is resistant to moisturizers. The glycerine in the soap acts as a humectant so the skin won’t feel and dry and you will not be so reliant on moisturisers. Consquently the skin will feel more flexible and comfortable. We recommend the use of Rhassoul Clay, Soapnuts and natural Blue Indigo as an antimicrobial laundry whitener. All these are available in our shop. We believe that psoriasis is an internal condition and the skin is reflecting the malaise. We therefore don’t anticipate our product healing psoriasis, but we do have feedback to show that, with using our natural products that psoriasis suffers find it much easier to manage their skin.


Small – £30.00, Medium – £40.00, Large – £47.00


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