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Organic and Natural Products

Make hair care really easy and every day a happy hair day. Focus on our key eco products. Say ‘goodbye’ to split ends, itchy flaky scalps and thinning hair and say ‘hello’ to lustrous, silky and if you want, long hair.

Eco and Natural Hair Products

Natural shampoos, conditioners, and hair treatments.

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  • 500g rhassoul with clay in bowl in rocky niche

    Rhassoul Detox Clay for Washing the Hair, Face and Body

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  • argan oil with pipette and oak leaves

    Argan Oil, virgin, cold pressed and organic

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  • Soap Nuts in the UK for Laundry | Natural Spa Supplies

    Soapnuts For Planet Friendly Clothes and Dish Washing, Certified Organic in Eco Bags

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  • Henna Hair Dye | Buy Natural Henna Powder Hair Dye in the UK

    Moroccan Henna Hair Dye 100% Pure Powder

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  • Seaweed Hair Conditioner, skin and scalp detox and mineralization, detox bath

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  • hair removal thanaka powder and log with organic safflower oil

    Permanent Natural Hair Removal Kit, Grade A Thanaka and Organic Safflower (Kusumba) Oil

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  • horn combs all types and sizes

    Horn Combs, all hair types, beard, moustache, cats, babies

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  • Natural Indigo Blue Dye Powder, for Soap, Textiles and Lime Paints

    Natural Blue Indigo Dye – Soap Making and Textile Dye, Indigofera Tinctoria Powder

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  • british hemp oil soap with wild hemp leaves

    Hemp Oil Shaving Soap, traditional and natural wet shave

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  • Organic Indian Indigo form Natural Spa Supplies

    Indigo from india, dark brown and black hair dye, organic

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  • shaving kit on moss

    Natural Shaving Kit

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  • marshmallow close up with root and flowers in a glass bowl with logo

    Marshmallow Hair Root Natural Organic Hair Conditioner and Hair Detangler Ingredient

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Having a background in archaeology and anthropology, it set me asking, ‘What did people use in the past for washing the hair and skin, brushing the teeth and for household cleaning?’

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The Best Natural Hair Products

Join the ‘no-poo’ (chemical-free) and plastic free hair care revolution – Wash your hair with rhassoul clay shampoo and choose from our range of natural hair conditioners – Organic seaweed for all hair types, organic cassia to thicken hair and organic marshmallow root to enhance body and curls as well as for use as a natural hair detangler.

Choose from our neem wood comb or our vast selection of handmade horn combs to promote hair growth and to give the smoothest, shiniest, cleanest hair. Use the military hair brush to wash the hair and removing dry skin from the scalp.

Colour your hair and easily cover grey hair with our Moroccan red henna hair dye or choose dark brown or even black by bringing our organic indigo into play.

If you have unwanted body or facial hair, remove it with our trusty hemp oil shaving soap, or go for permanent hair removal with our hair removal kit based on thanaka tree powder. We have searched the land, riverbanks, forests and sea to bring you the very best natural products to keep your hair natural, healthy and beautiful. Save your hair and the planet today.