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An Unforgettable Experience for Roy Waller of Radio Norfolk

An Unforgettable Experience for Roy Waller of Radio Norfolk

Yes, I know this image is rather surreal, but so was the event: I was suddenly called in by Norwich City College because Roy Waller, a well loved presenter from Radio Norfolk, had been set a ‘telephone book challenge’. This meant that his producer, Emma would flick though a telephone book and stop at a random point, and create a challenge for Roy to undertake. This time, Emma’s finger rested on City College Norwich Spa and then Emma set about arranging an experience for Roy that the listeners would never forget.

Roy Waller, our first Clay Challenger

I met Roy at the door of Solutions Spa on a dull day. He looked very nervous and was most reluctant to enter the spa. A little bit of gentle questioning revealed that he was worried about going completely nude. Understandable. We promised that he could keep his pants on and the hammam treatment began.

Even after the first step – a deep pore cleanse and exfoliating soap, known as Savon Noir, followed by a vigorous exfoliation, Roy began to exclaim, ‘I feel so clean!’

The photograph show the next stage, when the hair, face and body are covered in Rhassoul clay. Despite the camera catching a rather awkward posture, I assure you that Roy was enjoying himself!

By the time he has rinsed and was being massaged with Argan Oil, Roy was clearly in some ‘other world.’

At the completion of his hammam treatment Roy looked thinner, his face was radiant, his hair looked much more animated and he said how soft his hair and skin felt.

As he left he mentioned that his next challenge had already been selected – he would be visiting underground sewers on the following day! I think he would have liked to have returned to the spa straight afterwards for a second treatment, but alas the producer had other plans. The following day Roy was kind enough to e-mail me to let me know that he would like to use the clay all the time.

Roy discussed his experience in his Roy Waller Show, broadcast on the afternoon of 11th December 2007. Thank you Roy!

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