The Toothbrush which Grows on Trees

Lately Mrs Everybody has been getting truly prehistoric and cleaning her teeth with the famous toothbrush stick or chewing stick. This stick turns into a toothbrush and it also releases its own toothpaste and mouthwash too. Not only is this one of the very oldest forms of hygiene in the world, but test after test reveal how effective this stick / brush is at cleaning the teeth when used correctly.

The toothbrush stick are also known as the chewing sticks, miswak, siwak or peelu. Mrs Everybody has three toothbrush sticks on the go.

The toothbrush stick which I keep in the kitchen and use with rose water.

There is a toothbrush stick in Mrs Everybody’s travel / survival kit.

Every survival kit should include one of these! A stick can be very handy in many situations, especially the toothbrush stick!

One is upstairs

To give my teeth the best brushing before I go to bed, I like to add one drop of peppermint oil to the bristles. This combination increases the anti-microbial powers some twenty fold! I wake up with a much fresher feeling mouth. With this brush you could also use ultra-ventilated green clay, a drop of essential oil of clove, cinnamon or myrrh, or rose water. There are many other substances which people like to brush with too. If you use sea salt, make sure it has been dissolved first.

Another one is in Mrs Everybody’s kitchen

‘I have found that for brushing during the day, the kitchen is the ideal place for me.  When the kettle goes on, my toothbrush stick comes out. In our busy house, the tea break happens while the kettle is boiling! In my kitchen, I keep the brush end of the stick in a tiny amount of rose water. It keeps the bristles soft for a quick brush. Brushing frequently through the day, or certainly if the flavours in the mouth become acid, is good practice. Rose water has a very long history for use in oral hygiene and it appears in almost every British herbal from the 12th century onward. It must be a good combination.

Three miswak sticks

Three miswak sticks

‘I can hear and feel this natural toothbrush cleaning my teeth. I can get to every surface of every tooth, including the very back of my back molars. The teeth feel really smooth. I am certainly enjoying cleaning my teeth more and I am cleaning them more frequently.

There seems to be more ‘freedom’ brushing with the toothbrush stick. I can walk around the house, rescue seedlings from hail storms and nearly converse, but a sink, or the soil comes in handy because brushing with the tooth brush stick increases salvation. Already, I have had some good feedback from my dental hygienist with regards to my one naughty tooth which has finally started behaving itself. I am looking for forward to my next dental inspection. I am sure the naughty tooth will be reformed.’

Where do you think are the best places for you to keep you toothbrush stick so that you can use it frequently through the day and establish optimal natural oral hygiene?

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