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I recently tried the soap nuts and indigo powder, and have to say how impressed I am with them! There is no end to the uses for soap nuts! I use them to wash my clothes, clean my windows (no streaks!), clean my work surfaces, bathroom and kitchen cupboard doors ( I steep 4-5 soap nuts in warm water overnight, then use the liquid with a spray bottle) , and the combination of hemp oil soap, soap oil nut liquid and a scrubby meant I could clean my oven (a job I hate, and put off as long as I can!) in hardly any time. I have also used soap nuts to safely clean my cat\'s water fountain; a great degreaser without the worry of any residual elements making my babies ill. Can\'t recommend Natural Spa Supplies enough! Not only are the products ethically sourced, and reasonably priced, Sally and her team are there to answer any questions you may have! I love that items are sent in recycled materials, and I always save the string used to tie up packages; it is great for use in the garden!

Emma December 9, 2019

I wanted natural products, chemical free and plastic free and this website offers it all! I have been using the Rhassoul clay as a face and body wash in the shower for the last 5 months and its amazing!! My skin is softer, its moisturised and feels great. I make two pots up; one for my face and the other for my body with the walnut shell and Argan Oil for exfoliating and extra moisturising. I would definatly recommend Sallys products. Thank you

Abigail October 29, 2019

The rose water is so soft and it smells divine. I can feel the difference in my skin already. The alum really works and feels so natural. If we all used Sally's natural products, the difference to the environment would be amazing!

Ann Cobbold Norwich October 29, 2019

hi there , trying out some of your products: Hemp soap is fab and feels like my skin is clean but not dry. The sponge is also a joy - it's so lovely on my face...The copper gloves are more exfoliating than I imagine ( which is what I prefer) a good scrub down. My clay Amphora is being conditioned so will report on that later next week ...very happy with my products. Great service...Thank you!!!

d simon customer October 29, 2019

My sometimes difficult cat loved the cat comb! She sniffed it with interest and allowed me to comb her without biting the comb or batting at me! A welcome change in behaviour and a lovely soft coat.

Julie de Burgh October 29, 2019

Have used Henna on my hair all my adult life,many types, but yours is the BEST EVER!!I have always used coffee to tone down the redness,and the results have been remarked upon, I'm so pleased, thank you.

Liz December 17, 2018

Will start with the Hemp Oil Soap - working in the care industry my hands are usually dry, cracked, even bleeding sometimes due to frequent washing - my hands are now back to how they should be - A Revelation! (98% of the time I manage to use this product). I have to say this is the only product I've personally found to work to repair the damage.
Onto the Rhassoul Clay - have used this as a face mask, although I know it can be used for the hair/body also. Was really surprised, not drying at all , left my face with a glow, and really soft. Could feel it working, drawing out the impurities.
Onto The Argan Oil - Although this is a beauty industry buzz word currently, I was ordering this well before it reached its present popularity via Spa Supplies. As a natural oil, this is readily absorbed by the skin, and has a very long history as an anti - ageing, used by the women of the local populations.
I love the fact that there are only three ingredients in the Hemp Oil Cleaning Soap, and The Moroccan Rhassoul and Argan Oil are resourced directly from the Earth, and negate the need for unnecessary chemical overload! Love the pieces on website on more natural methods of incorporating positive ways to improve lifestyle too! Many Thanks Sally - Keep up the good work!

Linda Customer December 17, 2018

Well it arrived today yippee!!!
For the first time in my life I've actually enjoyed shaving (NO LIE).
No pain, quick and easy and totally refreshing that was my experience with my new hemp oil shaving soap and I'm restraining myself from having another in the morn'n.
This will surely change my thought's on shaving in the future.
Yippee!!! x2.
On behalf of my other half who has received her Rhassoul Clay today too, and as a lover of all things natural, believes it is the best ever product she has ever used, as it has given her a totally new soft and refreshing feel to her skin which she has never achieved with other natural products that she has used in the past.
We both thank Sally for bringing these products to the market, and we will both be buying many more.

Trevor A Durham December 17, 2018

I've always had a problem with spot prone skin and dry patches, but then I started using your Hemp Oil Wash Soap and I noticed a difference within three weeks. My skin was so much better and no spots. I stopped using it for a bit when I ran out and switched back to my old face cleanser and the spots came back. That proves it works for me.

Roberta December 17, 2018

I came across Natural Spa Supplies by chance recently. If you are looking for quality products look no further. I have purchased rhassoul clay, organic rose water and organic argan oil for my natural hair and skin care journey.  All I can say is WOW!!! I love the rhassoul clay. I use it on my face and to cleanse my hair. On your skin you can expect buttery soft, smooth complexion, free from blemishes, blackhead and block pores. Your hair will fee light, manageable and conditioned curls defined and frizz controlled. Rose water is impressive it smells like a rose bouquet moisturiser and tones your skin. The argan oil is the best quality oil I have ever purchased. It leaves your hair soft, shiny and moistured. All in all these products are the holy grail to any natural beauty regime. Along with swift delivery service. What more could you ask for? I will indeed will become a regular customer. Thank you.

Lorraine December 17, 2018

I have been struggling all my live with the baby like hair - very thin, very soft,always flat, oily in no time requiring washing nearly every day, itchy skin due to frequent washing, no haircut to sort it and the amount of products I used to cope with it is just sad and frustrating...UNTIL I came across and the magical Moroccan Rhassoul. No word of a lie - sudden transformation and unbelievable happiness! The thickness of my hair!! It's shiny, healthy looking, no more itch, no more everyday wash, no more oily look and I am finally able to have any fancy haircut I can only think of! I call it miracle but I am sure there is some scientific explanation to it proving that you can not beat nature in its best. All those high street products have found its place in the rubbish bin, there is no going back there ever again! Thank you ever so much for introducing this product to me. I can honestly recommend it to anyone with similar issue I had. I HAD! Being able to use past tense feels just wonderful! :))))))

Agnes December 17, 2018

Just to say the Moroccan henna is brilliant. It is quick release, saving time. My hair is pure white and I am allergic to hair dyes, so I put the henna on for two or three hours, rinse, then put indigo on for about 40 mins and get dark brown hair immediately. I had previously tried henna and indigo but it did not quite work, but after reading about Moroccan henna thought would try it again, and it did, so will be using this for a while.

jennifer December 17, 2018

Finally just reordered a supply of the alum deodorant, it is about 2 years since I got my last crystal, it has lasted me that long! I noticed such a difference, works so well for me I love it! Thank you!!

Sarah Archaeologist! December 17, 2018

I've struggled for 2 years with adult/hormonal acne and Rosacea, I've tried face creams, steroid creams, antibiotics and nothing has made a bit of difference!
One night using the clay and my skin is so much smoother, redness is reduced and the blemishes I do have at the moment have shrunk in size!
I'm so impressed!!!!! Thank you!!!!

Alexandra December 17, 2018

I purchased a Miswak stick last year, which I have been using with a small amount of fluoride free toothpaste. I was previously using commercial fluoride toothpaste and had nothing but trouble with my teeth since my second set grew through. Since using the Miswak and cutting out un-natural fluoride toothpaste, I haven't had a single problem. Not only have I had no toothaches or cavities, but my teeth are less sensitive in general. I returned to Natural Spa Supplies to try some other products. I have swapped my laundry detergent with soap nuts (there's no shortage of information on the toxicity of regular detergent) and my body wash for Rhassoul clay, which has made my blemish - prone skin look and feel lovely and soft. Thank you Natural Spa Supplies!

Sasha December 17, 2018

Oh my goodness, I have just used the rhassoul clay I got from Sally a while back. I loved it on my skin so I bought it with the intention to use it on my face and body...then I started thinking about my hair but I was just skeptical as I have the kinkiest curliest African hair and I was imagining little grains of clay getting stuck in my hair! NOPE!!! I had the most amazing time in the shower, my hair was detangled, soft, moisturised and just felt beautiful 🙂 And the clay washed out quite easily. I can't recommend this clay enough!! And thanks to Sally for great service and advice both online and information packs that come with the products. I also love that when I'm buying from , I'm getting the real deal- no imitations 🙂
Very well pleased...x

Agnes Nyatito December 17, 2018

Rhassoul clay as shampoo - I had been struggling enormously to find products for my two and three year olds tightly coiled and curly hair. The Rhassoul was wonderful in every way and I complete their hair wash with Argan oil on the wet hair. The hair is so much more manageable. Am ordering the seaweed today to help condition further.
To add, I have terrible eczema on my hands so washing their hair with the previous chemical-laden products was very painful. Now my hands look forward to their haircare time!

Suzi Bedfordshire December 17, 2018

I had I am having a fabulous time with the Rhassoul mud. My skin is completely glowing and my hair!!! I even used it last night to very effectively remove a lot of Grimas water based face-paint. It came off so well!!!

Georgina Fairley December 17, 2018

I had recently been suffering from a humming in my right ear due to was a wax build up. A friend told me to use Argan oil twice a day in my ear and gentle massage within three days the humming and wax has gone. I'm so pleased with the outcome I had to write and tell everybody.

Jason noller Butchery manager December 17, 2018

I received my order really quickly and I am very pleased with it. The sponge is fantastic. Love everything.

Christine Graham Bangor, Co Down December 17, 2018

Have recently had great success using the clay for skin cleansing but was anxious about washing my very thick, but fine hair with the clay as I have never found an eco shampoo that would cleanse and, more importantly, rinse away properly. Well amazing results with Rhassoul clay for hair washing. My hair is clean and shiny and soft with one wash. I moisturised when dry with Argan oil and the condition is fab, thank you.

Tracey customer December 17, 2018

I have been using the ionic skin brushes for nearly 2 weeks now and I am so pleased and impressed with them. I have tried dry skin brushing before but never got results like these. They are a joy to use; my skin has never been so soft and smooth since I was 6 months old. I look forward to using them every day.

Carol Johnson December 17, 2018

I used to have very bad eczema under my arm pits leaving them red raw which was very uncomfortable for me. I didn't realize at the time, but it was due to the deodorant sprays I was using under my arms which was causing the eczema and making it worse. I started to use the Alum stone under my arms and within a month all the eczema was gone. Remarkable! What a great product, would recommended to everyone!

Angus November 5, 2018

For those, that sometimes find shaving a chore, I highly recommend using Hemp Oil cleaning soap.
It has reduced my weekly shaving down from four times to only twice, leaves my skin feeling fresh and clean and more importantly....prolongs the use of the same blade more than a commercial product.
Thank you for creating this wonderful natural product


Sean Emmerson November 20, 2014

Hi guys I'm an aerospace welder & can vouch for just how well the volcanic alum works as deodorant, great stuff! 🙂

November 17, 2014

I have to say your lip balm is one of the best lip balms I have used. Perfect and it leaves my lips so nourished and soft.

November 17, 2014

Thank you very much for sending the hemp oil shaving soap which I used today for the first time. It was really good and I shall certainty be ordering more in a couple of weeks, in the large size. I shall be recommending it to my friends.

November 17, 2014

I am so glad to have an alternative worming for my cat - she does hunt sometimes, and the vet's one seems chemically undesirable. You were right! My cat gobbled up the parasite cleanse with her food!

November 17, 2014

I used the hemp oil soap today to clean the top of my cooker which has black enamel on it, and any spills leave a white ring - these have disappeared and nothing else has managed to do this!

November 17, 2014

I am so thankful this morning to receive my latest order of clay and this time trying it with the argan oil. My eczema gets better so quickly and stays away when using your lovely clay 🙂

November 17, 2014

I use the soapnuts for absolutely everything. They are marvelous. I use them for my clothes, the dishes in the dish washer (four at a time as I have very hard water) and I make the liquid for doing dishes by hand and cleaning everything. I even wash my hair in them - I put four previously boiled ones in a sock and rub it into the wet hair.

November 17, 2014

The soapnuts are marvelous! I use them for 90% of my laundry and where I am with soft water, I have found they last longer than the 3-4 machine washes you say in your instructions. They are very economical and I really love them.

November 17, 2014

I just want to tell you how fantastic I think the alum is. Any other deodorant gives more swollen and aching pits. I would strongly recommend this product for people with sensitive skin.

November 17, 2014

The ionic toothbrushes have totally changed how I brush my teeth. You have helped me and my boyfriend to move towards a chemical free lifestyle. Thank you so much.

November 17, 2014

Your products are fantastic. I have been using the Rhassoul clay for some months now and my hair is so much thicker and glossier. I love washing my skin with it too - it feels so silky and natural. The alum crystal is so effective and gentle.

November 17, 2014

Just to let you know that I bought my son a lip balm from your stand at the Fayre in December. He has suffered with dry lips for many years, but has found your lip balm to be the best product he has ever tried.

November 17, 2014

I've been using the 'natural' mixture of Baking Soda and Cider Vinegar as shampoo and condition on my hair for the last 18 months and I was pretty happy with it. Then I tried the Rhassoul Clay and OH MY.... It is amazing!!!! After the first use, I spent the rest of the day going 'swooooosh'.....'swoooosh' thinking I was in a hair advert!!! ..I will NEVER go back to anything else. Thank you so much!

November 17, 2014

The wonderful thing about Sally is that she “really believes” in her products, and is very caring. The advice I received was first class and gave me the confidence to go forwards with the clay. I strongly recommend Sally’s products and caring support, thank you!

Steve, Shrewsbury November 10, 2014

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