Rhassoul Clay 30-07-2015 17:23:06
December 17, 2018

I have been struggling all my live with the baby like hair – very thin, very soft,always flat, oily in no time requiring washing nearly every day, itchy skin due to frequent washing, no haircut to sort it and the amount of products I used to cope with it is just sad and frustrating…UNTIL I came across naturalspasupplies.co.uk and the magical Moroccan Rhassoul. No word of a lie – sudden transformation and unbelievable happiness! The thickness of my hair!! It’s shiny, healthy looking, no more itch, no more everyday wash, no more oily look and I am finally able to have any fancy haircut I can only think of! I call it miracle but I am sure there is some scientific explanation to it proving that you can not beat nature in its best. All those high street products have found its place in the rubbish bin, there is no going back there ever again! Thank you ever so much for introducing this product to me. I can honestly recommend it to anyone with similar issue I had. I HAD! Being able to use past tense feels just wonderful! :))))))