Miswak, Soapnuts, Rhassoul 30-04-2016 07:20:13
December 17, 2018

I purchased a Miswak stick last year, which I have been using with a small amount of fluoride free toothpaste. I was previously using commercial fluoride toothpaste and had nothing but trouble with my teeth since my second set grew through. Since using the Miswak and cutting out un-natural fluoride toothpaste, I haven’t had a single problem. Not only have I had no toothaches or cavities, but my teeth are less sensitive in general. I returned to Natural Spa Supplies to try some other products. I have swapped my laundry detergent with soap nuts (there’s no shortage of information on the toxicity of regular detergent) and my body wash for Rhassoul clay, which has made my blemish – prone skin look and feel lovely and soft. Thank you Natural Spa Supplies!