Hemp Shaving Soap, Rhassoul Clay 23-01-2015 16:21:18
December 17, 2018

Well it arrived today yippee!!!
For the first time in my life I’ve actually enjoyed shaving (NO LIE).
No pain, quick and easy and totally refreshing that was my experience with my new hemp oil shaving soap and I’m restraining myself from having another in the morn’n.
This will surely change my thought’s on shaving in the future.
Yippee!!! x2.
On behalf of my other half who has received her Rhassoul Clay today too, and as a lover of all things natural, believes it is the best ever product she has ever used, as it has given her a totally new soft and refreshing feel to her skin which she has never achieved with other natural products that she has used in the past.
We both thank Sally for bringing these products to the market, and we will both be buying many more.