Hemp Soap, Rhassoul, Argan Oil 18-06-2015 23:24:15
December 17, 2018

Will start with the Hemp Oil Soap – working in the care industry my hands are usually dry, cracked, even bleeding sometimes due to frequent washing – my hands are now back to how they should be – A Revelation! (98% of the time I manage to use this product). I have to say this is the only product I’ve personally found to work to repair the damage.
Onto the Rhassoul Clay – have used this as a face mask, although I know it can be used for the hair/body also. Was really surprised, not drying at all , left my face with a glow, and really soft. Could feel it working, drawing out the impurities.
Onto The Argan Oil – Although this is a beauty industry buzz word currently, I was ordering this well before it reached its present popularity via Spa Supplies. As a natural oil, this is readily absorbed by the skin, and has a very long history as an anti – ageing, used by the women of the local populations.
I love the fact that there are only three ingredients in the Hemp Oil Cleaning Soap, and The Moroccan Rhassoul and Argan Oil are resourced directly from the Earth, and negate the need for unnecessary chemical overload! Love the pieces on website on more natural methods of incorporating positive ways to improve lifestyle too! Many Thanks Sally – Keep up the good work!