Rhassoul Clay 08-06-2016 22:11:46
December 17, 2018

Oh my goodness, I have just used the rhassoul clay I got from Sally a while back. I loved it on my skin so I bought it with the intention to use it on my face and body…then I started thinking about my hair but I was just skeptical as I have the kinkiest curliest African hair and I was imagining little grains of clay getting stuck in my hair! NOPE!!! I had the most amazing time in the shower, my hair was detangled, soft, moisturised and just felt beautiful 🙂 And the clay washed out quite easily. I can’t recommend this clay enough!! And thanks to Sally for great service and advice both online and information packs that come with the products. I also love that when I’m buying from www.naturalspasupplies.co.uk , I’m getting the real deal- no imitations 🙂
Very well pleased…x