Soap Nuts and Indigo Optical Brightener
December 9, 2019

I recently tried the soap nuts and indigo powder, and have to say how impressed I am with them! There is no end to the uses for soap nuts! I use them to wash my clothes, clean my windows (no streaks!), clean my work surfaces, bathroom and kitchen cupboard doors ( I steep 4-5 soap nuts in warm water overnight, then use the liquid with a spray bottle) , and the combination of hemp oil soap, soap oil nut liquid and a scrubby meant I could clean my oven (a job I hate, and put off as long as I can!) in hardly any time. I have also used soap nuts to safely clean my cat\’s water fountain; a great degreaser without the worry of any residual elements making my babies ill. Can\’t recommend Natural Spa Supplies enough! Not only are the products ethically sourced, and reasonably priced, Sally and her team are there to answer any questions you may have! I love that items are sent in recycled materials, and I always save the string used to tie up packages; it is great for use in the garden!