Welcome to the Everybody’s Blog!

Mr and Mrs Everybody.

Mr and Mrs Everybody laughing at something.

Hello World, Welcome to the Everybody’s Blog.

Let me introduce you to the Everybody family. Mrs Everybody runs Natural Spa Supplies, a company which encourages people to take up Green, Prehistoric or Tribal washing (hence our pen name). Mrs Everybody believes that many of the world’s best Green Living solutions have already been invented thousands of years ago and she wants to help people to rediscover them. Mrs Everybody uses the Archaeology and Anthropology bits in her education as her excuse for continuous research into traditional living. If you subscribe to this blog you may one day find yourself washing in clay!

Mr Everybody is an architect and builds eco-friendly houses. At least this is what he does when he is not helping Mrs Everybody. Oh, I nearly forgot. There is also the cat, who only has a first name, Boudi. She likes to help with the packing, especially when string is involved. Boudi has also been helping test some of the horn combs and she is desperate to tell you about them. However she is asleep at the moment. In the meantime we will publish the next blog about a very eco-friendly personal washing technique. We think everybody should know about it.

We hope that you will enjoy reading the blog and that you will make comments, subscribe to the RSS feeds (please don’t ask me to explain how they work to you) and share the ideas and links with your friends.

My thanks to Mrs Green of http://myzerowaste.com/ for her inspiration!

Yours truely,

Mrs Everybody (and Mr Everybody)