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Spas and beauty centers can reduce nearly all their products down to the traditional Moroccan 'Berber,' 'Go Green,' 'Go Prehistoric' or 'Hammam' range, (depending on your imagination!) in the full knowledge that everything is 'green,' ethical and fully effective. Businesses who go completely 'green' gain more business and both the therapists, managers, owners and clients are happier!

An image of the internal courtyard and pool, courtesy of Fes Riad, a luxury riad with a private hammam bath.

An image of the internal courtyard and pool, courtesy of Fes Riad, a luxury hotel with a private hammam bath.


Use Savon Noir (made from water, olive oil and lye) for a highly effective exfoliation. Savon Noir is the natural alternative to a conventional body scrubs, chemical peels, deep pore cleansing treatments. A Savon Noir treatment can be performed as a stand alone treatment or as stage one of the full 'Hammam' treatment, where it is followed by detoxing in rhassoul clay and finishing with an Argan Oil massage. Savon Noir used in conjunction with a characteristically course exfoliating glove to achieve a through exfoliation.

It is ideal before any skin penetrating therapies such as sunless tanning, aromatherapy and herbal treatments or to leave the client feeling super clean and tingling with life.

Rhassoul clay is used for hair washing/conditioning, as a facial, body scrub, massage medium, a partial wrap, full wrap or as a poultice. It forms stage 2 of the Full Hammam Ritual where clay almost completely covers the body. The clay is very adaptive and can be mixed with other ingredients to create a signature recipe: such as spring water, floral water, herbal infusions, wheat grass juice, fruit and vegetable juices, yogurt, raw chocolate, honey, milk. You can add dried and fresh herbs, including henna, spices, sea salt and experiment further by adding aromatherapy oils, base oils such as olive oil and Argan Oil etc, even personalizing the mix if preferred.

These treatments are great in a steam room and can be adapted to dry treatment rooms with or without showers. Rhassoul clay detoxifies and optimizes the condition of the skin.

Argan oil is ideal in facials, for the finishing stages in most body treatments, for hand and nail conditioning treatments. An Argan Oil massage is the final stage of the 'full hammam treatment.'

Ten reasons to find out more

Wholesale discount for therapy products and retail opportunities

Training support

Kind to therapists' hands

Green and ethical

One of the oldest and beauty systems in the world, still in current usage

Kind to sensitive and trouble-prone skins

Keeping oral traditions alive

Products and packaging entirely recyclable, compostable or reusable

Low minimum order

Highly effective and fully traceable products


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