Wonky Sea Sponges, Sponge Seconds, Artist Sponges

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Own a wonky sponge! Wonkiness is not limited to cucumbers, or even bananas, you get wonky sponges too. These ‘Sponge seconds’ can be just as good and last for just as long as the very beautiful sponges, but they are cheaper. In fact some tasks could be performed better with wonky sponges.

Wonky Sponges, Sponge Seconds, Artists Sponges

Own a wonky sponge! Wonkiness is not limited to cucumbers, or even bananas, you get wonky sponges too. These ‘Sponge seconds’ can be just as good and last for just as long as the very beautiful sponges, but they are cheaper. In fact some tasks could be performed better with wonky sponges. Our existing Sponge page is reserved for premium whole, most aesthetic specimens but customers can often meet their requirements with a wonky sponge.

A few wonky sponges might be just what you need to enhance the entertainment of children in paddling pools over the summer!

What is a Wonky Sponge?

We have defined several characteristics. Sponges which have been cut in half, sponges with more than one cut, sponges with holes were you lest expect them, sponges which look like they want to split, and discoloured sponges.

A sponge which has been sliced in half with one cut

It gives a sponge with a flat surface with large pores while the uncut side has the characteristic outer surface. A half sponge is just as strong as a whole sponge (maybe even stronger), especially where the Macho Fina sponges are concerned. A half sponge could be good for very speedy showers – it gives a large contact surface. A 1/2 Honeycomb could be good for car washing again with a good zone of contact. There could be benefits in other household tasks too such as window washing and wiping surfaces.

half cut sponges with label

Crafters, marvel at the pattering and texture of the pores and surface of the Honeycombs, Sea Grases and Macho Fina sponges and artists with a Honeycomb may begin a wall painting. I am sure Michaelangelo has some of these half cut Honeycomb sponges and lots of other sponge species seconds, for dabbing, blending, wiping, smudging and blurring.

A sponge which has more than one cut.

These result on wedge shaped sponges, block shaped sponges and a variety of shapes. We have also put the less typical, hard to define shapes here.

quarter cutsponges, or sponges with more than one cut

A Sponge which is Dividing /Splitting / Loose / with Holes that might cause division

Some sponges contain structures which almost seem to divide the sponge in half. In fact many sponges do make clones of themselves in this way. If you wish to wet the sponge and take this a bit further, then a large pair of scissors and a confident cut should complete the task. That gives you two sponges.

Keep on going if you are looking for small Silk Fina sponges for facial cleansing, mini Honeycombs for cleaning your dogs eyes, or detail cleaning such a toilet seat plastic moulds. A Sea Wool could be used as padding, for washing very delicate skin or baby bathing. With their highly absorbant qualities when damp, a few little pieces kept in a draw might replace many rolls of kitchen paper! A wedge of Macho fina (sliced with a bread knife) is absolutely fantastic at cleaning saddlery, bridles, harnesses, dog leads and tough leather – with the Hemp Oil Cleaning Soap of course.

sponges with a loose structure or which are splitting

Some of the Silk Fina sponges have some large irregular shaped pores, which might mean it is not perfect, but it will not effect the performance – the Silk Fina sponges aren’t prone to tearing or breaking, they have a robust structure, so these large pores don’t really have major consequences. They just look like a defect. Other sponges in this category might have holes where you least expect to find them. It might mean getting your scissors out to make the best of the shapes.

Also in this category are sponges that seem to have been nibelled by a hungry sea creature and seem to have a little section missing. Or sometimes a sponge has grown against a pebble and appears to have been nibbled. It has happened to a few otherwise fine sponges.

Too dark in colour or with orange marks

While our sponges are unbleached, some are much darker than our photos and people expect exactly what they see in the picture. Of course this isn’t possible with sponges. While many of the sponges are in fact naturally occurring clones of each other, each sponge grows in their own space and all develops its own characteristics. The relative colour may relate the depth at which the sponge grows and other environmental factors.

In this group are some sponges with some darker than expected colouration, usually near the base. They don’t show these two-tone sponges in childrens picture books, but lots of children and adults won’t care about the colour and will value it for being a true unbleached Greek sea sponge.

Some perfectly gorgeous sponges have some orange rust colour stains on their upper surface and we are adding them to this ‘unexpected colour group.’ That’s not to say that the way this rust grows isn’t as beautiful as litchen on rocks and trees. You might not consider it a defect.

I am sure many of my customers don’t really care too much about the aesthetics of sponges, they just value them for their use. In which case, enjoy the discounts! Please don’t expect all the wonky sizes to be in stock all time. We always order Grade A premium sponges, but the divers often can’t tell whether a sponge is perfect until it has been prepared. I have always ordered Grade A sponges, but accepted that the whole harvest must go somewhere and I am proud to get a few odd sponges. However with a fair few of them, I am pleased following a suggestion from a member of staff (Ellie) that we could try to free up some storage space by introducing the world to wonky sponges. What’s it to be?

A Perfect Sponge or a Wonky One?

Just to recap, the key characteristics of each sponge type:

Honeycombs, the archetypal bath sponge has many holes, a high water hold capacity and lathering ability and good durability. They are easily compressed in the hand, durable and dry quickly. They are great for the bath or shower and many people buy them for the peronal care of the elderly. They are invaluable for various household tasks such as window washing, sponge-cleaning clothing and they could be much appreciated for children’s baths. These sponges can also be used to create paint effects on walls and surfaces.

Sea Wool, the very softest sponge but also the most delicate, suitable for baby bathing, very delicate adult facial skin. The most absorbent sponge of all, but also very delicate. Squeeze and handle these sponges very gently.

Silk Fina Sponges have a velvety surface when wet and they are great for washing and cleaning the face. The body of the sponge remains dense when the sponge is wet. They dry pretty quickly and again are very durable. They would also work well for blending make up, applying foundation and adjusting make up. I like the ‘hand-feel’ or the density of these sponges for fast showers and baths and even with a little bit of Hemp Soap Wash, they leave the skin feeling polished.

Macho Fina, with a fairly course outer surface when wet (I won’t use one on my face!) The sponges grow in rounded forms and many are cut in half to reduce the bulk and give flat cleaning surface. They might be exactly what you have in mind for the task.

Hardhead, a relatively course outer surface when wet, but not very durable when rubbed a lot on surfaces – containing several largish vertical holes, they can split. But I am sure they would excel at some tasks. Some of the hardheads are perfectly formed, but many are just a little on the small size – the 3 inch Hardheads. In the shower, when clasped in the hand, little of the surface is exposed. I preper to work on a grander scale! But there are people out their with very much smaller hands than mine. Despite the name, I think the Macho Finas have a more exfoliating surface than than the Hardheads.

Sea Grass, rather wild and shaggy, and never high in the beauty ranking, theses sponges have a mesh-like texture. These are great for artists and crafts people for making landscape features, giving unusual paint textures etc. I don’t enjoy the texture for washing and bathing and I don’t find them very durable. Perhaps if I had a train set in the attic crying out for reforestation, I would be of a different mind as the mesh like structures when seen close up do take on phantasy qualities.

How to select a Wonky Sponge

Just scroll down the menu and see what is available. Select the option you prefer. If you have something very specific in mind, place your order and while making the order ask us to send you a photo first for your approval. It could delay us sending your order, but could be easier for all in the long while.

Our whole, uncut (other than the cut used to separate then body of the sponge from the root), with holes where you expect them and colour as you expect it are found on our main Sponge page.

Our Main Sponge Page

Condition, Species and Size

Loose Honeycomb 4", Loose Honeycomb 5", Loose Honeycomb 6", Loose Honeycomb 7", Loose Honeycomb 10", Loose Honeycomb 12", Loose Silk Fina 4", Loose Silk Fina 6", Loose Seawool 4", Loose Seawool 5", 1/4 Honeycomb 5", 1/4 Honeycomb 6", 1/4 Honeycomb 7", 1/4 Seawool 4", 1/4 Seawool 7", 1/4 Seawool 6"

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  1. Holly

    It’s been amazing, I love using the sponge- he’s so much fun, he makes showering really fun. My skin is much clearer now with only a few tiny breakouts as a result of using the hemp oil soap and the sponge.

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