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Toothbrush Stick / Miswak / Siwak / Peelu / Arak / Chewing Stick. Optimize your oral and tooth health with the toothbrush which grows on trees. During use the stick releases beneficial compounds which cleans and mineralises the teeth, the gums, tongue and the oral cavity leaving fresh breath with a clean taste.


Miswak, the fully natural tree-grown toothbrush

Create your own toothbrush from the amazing the traditional toothbrush tree stick. No need for toothpaste or mouthwash either, this toothbrush releases it own antibacterial sap as you use it. Even the World Health Organization promotes the use of the toothbrush stick for cleaning the teeth and gums.


Miswak is an environmentally friendly, cheap and effective way of cleaning the teeth. It is one of the best studied natural products for natural oral hygiene and it origins go back into the mists of time. Optimize your oral health with the most revered and traditional cleaning method. The toothbrush stick, or rather the root of this special tree replaces toothbrushes, toothpaste and mouthwash and it can also be used as a tongue cleaner and it has a specials benefits for troublesome gums.


Salvadora persica root . Each stick is a generous 19-20cm or 7-8″ and is certified organic.

Benefits of Using the Natural Toothbrush

Astringent Detergent
Abrasive qualities
Significantly plaque inhibiting
Enhances salivation
Fights caries
Provides nutrients for healthy bone and tooth development

How to Prepare your Toothbrush Stick or Miswak for Use

Choose a working end. Either peel the bark away 1-2cm all around the end of the stick with a knife, or gently chew the bark off the stick. You are not expected to swallow the bark! You will begin to taste the somewhat bitter, mouth freshening flavour. The flavour is quite strong, rather like freshly cut horseradish, so you can peel the bark off if you prefer. As you continue to use the toothbrush stick, the flavour intensity reduces!

Once the bark has been removed from the first 1-2cm of the toothbrush stick, begin to gently chew the stick and rub it over the surfaces of the teeth and soften it with the saliva. Rub the end of the stick over the surface of the teeth to remove biofilm, plaque and tartar. Already the teeth will begin to feel more clean and the breath will freshen.

If the taste is too strong, then you can stand your new stick in a glass containing an inch or so of water and some of the flavour and sap is leached into the water. The water has now become mouthwash and the stick is slightly softened, making it easier to work into the type of bristles you require.

After a few goes, the end of the stick begins to fray and a brush develops. The thick sticks take a bit longer to develop the brush at their working end and it might help to crush the working end with a clean hammer on a chopping board. Or slice some of the volume off along the length or the working end of the stick to reduce its diameter. However we think that working the stick in the mouth gives better quality bristles.


Using Miswak, Siwak,  Peelu or Arak as a Toothbrush and Toothpaste

Wet the end of the toothbrush stick either in the mouth with saliva. This softens the fibres and dissolves beneficial juices from the stick. You can also wet the fibres with water or rose water. Rose water is also very beneficial for oral hygiene and it has been used in this country since the 12th century.

To clean the teeth, rub the toothbrush over the teeth. Use any motion, horizontally and vertically. Don’t do the gums yet! No need to scrub. You can also chew the end of the stick lightly, to release more juices and to help clean the biting surfaces. Go gently until the toothbrush has formed. It might take a few goes to form a really handy toothbrush. The main idea is to encourage the release and distribution of precious juices from this plant and to nurture the bristles for the next step.

Now comes the most important part. Once the bristle are soft and sappy, take the bristles horizontally along the gum line. This sterilizises the gum line and massively improves the health of gums.

Make sure to clean the whole of the mouth cavity including the inside of the teeth, go right behind the back molars, do the cheeks, the palette, the tongue and under the tongue or at least to swish the mouth around with the juices created by brushing to reach the tissues in the mouth.

Treat every tooth and its corresponding part of gum as an individual. You will find the different parts have different needs!

Consider using interdental brushes (ask you dentist about them if you have not heard of them), then handspun silk floss and then the toothbrush stick for oral hygiene.

Brush the teeth on rising and going to bed, after meals or if the taste in the mouth changes.

After use rinse the miswak and keep it in a clean place. Replace it in the packet or keep it somewhere clean, ready for the next brushing. It helps to keep these sticks somewhat damp, so the bristles soften more quickly and the sap is released more easily.

Using the Toothbrush Stick to Create Mouthwash

The toothbrush stick can also be used to create a mouthwash. Using a natural mouthwash assures that ever part of the oral cavity is cleaned and freshened. The liquid mouthwash will reach the gum line, the tooth surfaces and in gaps between the teeth, the tongue, the pallet and the cheeks, even the throat if you choose to gargle with it. We do not advocate the use of very strong chemical mouthwashes which are designed to kill more or less everything, because the mouth and even individual teeth and areas of gum line should contain some levels of protective bacteria. We know that the toothbrush stick selectively kill the bacteria which cause gingivitis and dental caries, but not absolutely everything. You need some of these ‘friendly’ bacteria to protect the teeth from the really nasty bacteria. Likewise, when chemical mouthwashes are used, the may destroy the friendly bacteria in the stomach. So using miswak does not effect the healthy flora in the mouth and stomach which we need for good health.

There are three ways make your own mouthwash and a video on this topic:

  1. Either use the sap and saliva which has accumulated through brushing the teeth and use this.
  2. Stand a dedicated stick in a glass containing a few centimetres of water. The sap will start releasing straight away and within an hour or two you will have a top full strength mouthwash. After making the mouth wash remove the stick and replace it in the packet. I use the thick sticks for making my mouthwash.
  3. Use the stick that you have in use for cleaning the teeth – trim it and rinse it first and then stand that stick in water for an hour or two.

Caring for your Toothbrush Stick

As you continue using the miswak, the brushes will lengthen and less juices will be released. Also long fibres which have been rubbed on the teeth may break. So keep the head trimmed so that the texture and strength of the bristles are right for your style of use. There is no need to buy a special miswak cutter. A pair of scissors, a knife or secateurs will be fine.

Trim the bristles at least once a day and rinse the toothbrush stick at least once a day. I replace my stick in the packaging so that it remains soft and ready to use. I start every day with a firm head (achieved after trimming the bristles) and then work the stick in the mouth until the bristles have formed, then do my gum treatment. It is ideal, if you can do a mouth wash with the sap and saliva which has been generated in the mouth and this way every surface in the mouth will be clean and fresh.

Gradually the toothbrush stick will get shorter, serving you very well in the meantime. I dispose of my toothbrush stick once I am down to the last few inches. Time to nurture a new one!

The Taste and Aroma of Miswak
The miswak sticks have a very strong flavour, of horseradish or mustard, and the sappier they are, the stronger the flavour. The aroma is strong too!

You can reduce the impact of the flavour and aroma in a few ways:

  • Let the stick dry out a bit
  • Wash the stick in water
  • Peel the outside bark off for a few centimetres near the working end.

We have recently introduced, a much milder type of toothbrush sticks, the organic olive sticks which tastes of olive with a hint of liquorice. The olive sticks are thinner and might be a little easier for people new to brushing with sticks. We also offer a pack containing one of each type of stick, if you would like to try them both.

Buying Miswak
The menu options are for
1 x miswak
3 x miswak
10 x miswak
1 x miswak and 1 x olive sticks


We now supply the miswak in a greaseproof paper bags which help to keep the miswak fresh. Once you start using the miswak, you might like to wrap it after use in a beeswax wrap?


You can read much more about the amazing benefits of salvadora persica in the following articles.
A review of the therapeutic effects of using miswak (Salvadora Persica) on oral health – this is a really thorough article and it also outlines the anti-viral properties of miswak.

Manoj Goyal, D. Sasmal and B.P. Nagori, 2011. Salvadora persica (Meswak): Chewing Stick for Complete Oral Care. International Journal of Pharmacology, 7: 440-445.
This article discusses the very interesting anti-oxidants in miswak and how it helps with the whole body health (against alzheimers, cardio-vascular disease, autoimmune disease, diabetes, multiple sclerosis and arthritis etc.)

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17 reviews for Toothbrush Stick, Miswak, Chewing Stick Natural Dental Care

  1. Shasta (verified owner)

    These Miswak sticks are amazing. Not only very friendly and effective as a toothbrush (once thoroughly chewed the fibres at the top of the stick become separated like a brush) , but also I found that chewing it during the onset of a sore throat made the symptoms disappear within a few hours – which was just wonderful. Thank you Natural Spa Supplies – I’m really up for exploring your product range now!!

  2. Devon Chorister (verified owner)

    I am amazed at the effectiveness of the Miswak stick to clean the teeth. I don’t actually use it as a brush as such – but angle the end of the stick and rub it gently just above my gum line. For many months I have felt a kind of hard biofilm (plaque?) just above my gum line. I have tried to get rid of this by scraping it with a metal dental implement, and brushing with a hard bristled toothbrush (both electric and handheld) and even asked my Dentist for scale and polish which she did – but I could still feel the line just above my gums – until I started to use the Miswak stick – it somehow gently lifts away the biofilm (which builds up again during the day) and my teeth feel really clean and smooth after using it. It’s amazing!

  3. selen

    Miswak is an islamic tradition – known in all muslim countries… its use is encouraged as it is called “sunnet” which means following life style of prophet, who used miswak to clean his teeth regularly, according to tradition. I remember using it as a student in high school, with a lot of dental health issues due to chronic throat infections. And I remember how much it benefited me, infections reducing then stopping, memory improving – and this was in the list of benefits of using miswak.. Then in adult life, I stopped it associating it just an old tradition of a religion.. I am now going back to it.

  4. Sara Paton

    Absolutely love using these miswak sticks! My teeth feel healthy and clean after using them! Favourite Teeth cleaner! Trying to get my dogs to use them too and their teeth need a good clean!

  5. Gaelle (verified owner)

    I’ve been using miswak for some years and it is really effective. I had a little growth on my gum, the dentist did not know what it was or how to cure it. I gently brushed it twice a day when I brushed my teeth with miswak, and within a few weeks it was gone. That was over 2 years ago and it has not returned. My gums are much healthier, and teeth feel stronger with the use of miswak.

  6. Sandra

    Best thing ever. Great for my teeth. Another fantastic contribution to society from the muslims ( no other review credited the real origins of this amazing tool so i felt the need)

  7. Julie de Burgh (verified owner)

    I have been rubbing the Miswak stick on a red and inflamed place on my gumline, and this has a last cleared up. The oral hygienist did not know what was causing this, and I have had this problem for a good few months, and so was really impressed when it healed after only a few days using the Miswak stick.

  8. Edith (verified owner)

    Very useful for someone too ill to get to the bathroom to use a regular toothbrush & water

  9. Christopher Oliver

    This is the best thing I’ve used for my teeth.
    It just feels more natural to use this rather than a toothbrush, and so I feel like cleaning my teeth more. I enjoy using it.
    After a few seconds of rubbing up and down my teeth each time, I’ve noticed that my teeth shine.
    It makes my teeth look whiter, and keeps plaque down. It also freshens the mouth.
    I will continue using the Miswak stick, and won’t be going back to anything else.
    Thank you Sally.

  10. Sally (verified owner)

    Righty-ho! Are you going to make the miswak mouthwash and use that to hydrate some green clay, or are you going to use some green clay powder on the end of the stick? Or do you have something else in mind? You have got me thinking now!

  11. Tim (verified owner)

    Going to look at combining this with the french green clay soon. Thanks Sally!

  12. Carlos (verified owner)

    This is some good stuff! Never liked brushing with traditional brushes nor the taste of paste but with miswak I can take proper care of my teeth. Thank you for providing this product!

  13. Tim (verified owner)

    The miswak was the missing link in my dental care. My teeth have naturally strengthened and whitened in the process. Teeth feel cleaner now on a daily basis than any time i can recall coming out of the dental clinic.

    I haven’t bothered with a dentist for years, i incorporate natural non fluoride toothpowder, flossing and oil pulling into my routine. However, i was definitely not seeing the results that i am now since introducing the stick. It’s fun to use and sometimes the only thing i clean teeth with in the evening with no flossing!

    Thank you for the very fast delivery Sally.

  14. Niki (verified owner)

    I have now been using my miswak for about three or four weeks and I absolutely love it! I won’t be going back to a toothbrush and toothpaste ever again. My teeth have never felt so clean and they stay feeling clean all day which has never happened using conventional methods. My teeth feel stronger and less sensitive and my gums look really healthy. I would say for anyone who is unsure, go for it! It is a bit weird to begin with but the taste has never bothered me, I actually quite like it. Thank you Natural Spa Supplies for all your fantastic products and advice.

  15. Trish

    I wasn’t sure that I would like the Miswak stick, but I don’t like using a plastic toothbrush, and I don’t like the chemicals in toothpaste (and the natural toothpastes never seemed to clean my teeth) so I thought I would give it a try. I LOVE it! I can’t believe how clean my teeth feel. Plaque does not build up, and in the morning my mouth feels clean. I am also sure that my teeth seem less sensitive.
    My 14 year old daughter loves it also, but as she missed the minty taste she had grown accustomed to using toothpaste every day, she made her own toothpaste using coconut oil, bicarb of soda and peppermint oil… simple!
    I can’t imagine using a plastic toothbrush and toothpaste ever again!

  16. andreeamariastancu

    I became quite in love with the miswack, I have used it for almost a year now, I recommended it to everybody that seemed more open to natural health. I prefer the thick size, I’ve tried the small and medium ones as well.

    I can’t say I have a specific technique for using the thick sticks, I just got used to them, although I suppose a thinner stick would reach the back of my mouth better (I do have all 4 of my wisdom teeth, it’s crowded). Still, I preffer a thicker one because I chew on it quite a lot and quite strongly without realising, so it has to be a bit more consistent, otherwise it would turn into grinding my teeth, chewing thin air.
    When I first used a stick I cut the bark off the end with a knife and started chewing it, but now I don’t even use the knife anymore, I just chew the bark off, I don’t mind the spicy horseraddishy taste; then I keep chewing it on all of my teeth and massage them and the gums the same way as with a toothbrush. Using the miswack has become a reflex for me so I don’t know for how long I do it anymore, I don’t hurry at all, so sometimes I think I chew on it for even half an hour, while watching a movie.

    As a review, I would praise them all day. I really feel they clean my teeth very well and feel them stronger after every use; I’ve had several problems with teeth, receding gums, enamel errosions at the base of the teeth for the past 7-8 years (probably it’s genetic, or due to my thyroid problem and definitely because of the nummerous and ridiculous diets I’ve been during my teens); I started using the miswack last year and since then my problems stopped evolving, my gums don’t bleed anymore, my dentist prasises them for being healthy and pink, I have much less sensitivity in my teeth and the enamel feels stronger. Slowly, I imagine how I remineralise my teeth and hopefully in time they will get better.

  17. Joanna

    What a brilliant find! Sally recommended this to me and not only is it terrific for my teeth (about which I am VERY fussy and I love going to the dentist to keep them right!) but also for my dachshund dog, George, who loves it. He will not entertain the dog dental-cleaning chews at all, hates ’em! He will not let me brush his teeth – and if you are a dachshund owner you will know that a dax won’t do anything it doesn’t want to – I give him a miswak to chew and it deals with his dog-breath as well. Results all round!

  18. Sally (verified owner)

    Good luck Shonlerock with your plastic free month. I hope that you are getting along well the miswak! You probably wont want to back to conventional tooth brushing now!

  19. Knowing my limits and raising my game | shonlerock

    I’m doing the plastic free month challenge now and has now gone as far as to buy a natural toothbrush, Miswak, from Natural Supplies UK.

  20. Mr H Sow

    From using the miswaak regularly, I found my teeth have started to shine. I also found my voice has sharpened and my eye sight and my taste buds. I also found my bowel movement has changed for the better. I don’t feel the hunger as much when I use the miswaak. I am just here to encourage everybody to use this fantastic product, that has a lot of benefits and has made a positive difference in my life. This product has also helped me a lot with my colds and headaches and I love this product so much and for £2.00 it’s the most worthwhile purchase. If you buy the miswaak and I promise you will notice the differences in a matter of days of using it. Thank you.

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