Shaving Kit – hemp oil shaving soap with alum styptic, traditional wet shave

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A Traditional Wet Shaving Kit of Hemp Oil Soap and Alum Barbers Styptic. Suitable for sensitive and allergy-prone skin. Gives the closest of shaves, keeps the razors sharp for longer and leaves the skin calm and feeling correctly moisturised.


Shaving Kit with Hemp Oil Soap and an Alum Stytic

Discover traditional wet shaving – with historically authentic 100% British Shaving Soap and Volcanic Alum Styptic. Traditional Hemp Oil Shaving Soap gives a close wet shave without any causing skin irritation. Optional Alum styptic closes the pores of the skin, keeping the skin cleaner and more taught looking. The alum crystal can be used as a barber’s styptic on shaving nicks or shaving rash, but that doesn’t tend to be a problem when shaving the the hemp oil soap. With this soap, shaving is easy.

The Benefits of using Traditional Shaving Soap and Alum Styptic

  • All shavers report an extremely close shave. Some shavers report the need to shave less frequently compared to other products they have used.
  • The soap does not occlude the skin and shavers can see the area they are shaving well, giving more control. It is a low foaming soap.
  • The slip of this soap, due to the high glycerine content makes shaving easier, reducing shaving rash and giving less nicks.
  • The razors blades stay sharp for about twice the normal time compared to the use of standard shaving products. This is because pure soap softens the stubble and the blades are subject to less blunting.
  • That the skin is left smooth and in good condition and correctly moisturized.
  • No fragrances added, and this soap has a very mild ‘soapy’ aroma anyway, especially once rinsed off. This is particularly useful if you work with animals or if you are around people with chemical sensitivities.
  • Friendly to shavers with sensitive skin.
  • Ingrown hairs are reduced (they are caused by poorly formulated shaving products)

Hemp Oil Shaving Soap for Sensitive Skin

The soap is a traditional ‘soft soap’, very mild in aroma and free of any additives, fragrances, preservatives etc. It is ideal for men who develop a shaving rash at just the thought of shaving or who are plagued by ingrown hairs. However, all wet shavers value pure, unadulterated, unfragranced traditional soap.

INGREDIENTS Cannabis sativa oil, aqua, potassium hydroxide. In other words, 100% British hemp oil, lye and water. Please note, once these ingredients are mixed properly and the chemical reaction known as saponification takes place, the oil and lye water are transformed into soap and glycerine.

Alum Styptic

The small piece of alum (2-3cm long) comes from a volcanic source from the dessert surface in Morocco. It is not the same as ammonium alum which is industrial waste. Volcanic alum is kinder to the skin and more effective. Volcanic alum can also be used as a natural aftershave.

Being an astringent, alum will close the pores and reduce shaving rash. It is rubbed directly onto shaving cuts and nicks to stop the bleeding. Alum has no fragrance. Rinse the crystal after use and dry it. we also use these little chips of alum for insect bite relief and larger alum blocks for natural deodorizing.

A jar of hemp oil shaving soap and an alum barbers styptic.
A jar of hemp oil shaving soap and a volcanically formed alum barbers styptic.

How to Wet Shave with Traditional Soap and Alum

Apply a knob of hemp oil to the wet and warmed skin, massage into a fine lather, with a shaving brush, or by hand. Leave for 1-3 minutes, keeping the soap moist and giving time for the soap to soften the thick stubble, then shave and rinse.

Apply volcanic alum as a styptic for any shaving nicks. Dip the alum crystal in water and rub it over the nick. Warning – it will sting! However the bleeding will cease in about 10 seconds. Also rub alum over the shaved area if you are very susceptible to shaver’s rash. Nicks and rashes are much less likely when using traditional shaving soap as these soaps contain naturally formed glycerine which gives great lubrication to the razor.

More Uses for Alum

Did you know you can also use volcanic alum styptic for insect bite relief – just drop saliva on the bite and rub the crystal over the bite, starting at the edge (to stop the bite spreading) and working inwards over the bite.

Large pieces of volcanic alum are used as a highly effective and safe deodorant, great for people who are sensitive to commercial deodorants and who want an unfragranced deodorant which really works.

Storage of Soft Soap

The soap is provided in a glass jar. Like most natural products, it will keep better if it is kept out of the light between uses and at a stable room temperature. The soap has a shelf life of 1 year and it should be used within 6 months of opening.


  • Small/Trial/Travel – 75g Hemp Soap and Minimum 30g Alum
  • Medium – 150g Hemp Soap and Minimum 45g Alum
  • Large – 250g Hemp Soap and Minimum 67g Alum

Ethics of Using British Hemp Oil Soap

100% British origin and manufacture
Fully biodegradable
Traditional in Britain
Supplied as the naturally formed concentrate
Packed in glass and dispatched in recyclable or reusable packaging.
Multipurpose – this hemp soap is also for anti bacterial hand washing and heavy duty cleaning tasks (cutting down on packaging and clutter)


  • Do not get soap in the eyes. If you do get soap in your eyes flush with plenty of running water.
  • Using alum on broken skin and shaving nicks will sting. Guaranteed!
  • Keep away from pets and children.
  • Keep the alum dry between uses. Do not leave the alum on fragile surfaces. The alum is best kept in something made of glass, ceramic or non-porous stone, or wrapped in an old cloth or PVC.
  • When traveling, be sure that the lid of the soap jar is securely tightened to avoid leakage. Wrap the piece of alum.


Question: I have really sensitive skin and react to most shaving products – will I be able to use traditional soap and alum?

Answer: So far, even men with sensitive skin have given both the hemp soap as well as the alum, the thumbs up.

Question: I’d like a bigger piece of alum to use for shaving an deodorizing. Can I get one here?

Answer: You can certainly get a large and impressive alum crystal in this shop. Barbers and shaving aficionados may prefer using the larger alum styptic /blocks. If you can’t find a piece large enough for you liking, call us as we have crystals which are up to a foot long!

Ethics of Using Traditional Shaving Soap

Hemp Soap: 100% British grown hemp seed, oil pressing, lye, soap manufacture, packing, history and innovation. Long Live British Manufacture!
Traditional low-tech products
100% biodegradable
Fully recyclable or reusable packaging
Safe for septic tanks
No additives, fragrances, preservatives – great for sensitive skin
Multipurpose. In the olden days soap was soap. So you can also clean things with your shaving soap!
Left as a concentrate to reduce postal costs, use of packaging materials and storage areas

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6 reviews for Shaving Kit – hemp oil shaving soap with alum styptic, traditional wet shave

  1. wayne (verified owner)

    After 40 years shaving your hemp shaving oil comes up trumps. I will stick with this one till i meet my demise

  2. Sulekha

    My experience with aragan oil,rhassoul clay,and the hemp oil soap has been so exceptional ,that I really want to come across to those who may read my review and use Sally’s products. They deliver as stated and for those of us who want to be careful with what we use on our skin , please try these natural and effective products! I have used the henna and indigo for coloring my hair and what a difference it’s made to my hair , no itchy scalp and none of those nasties either. Love you sally and thanks for giving us such honest to goodness products. Btw the rhassoul clay has certainly stopped the hairfall , I have been usinfg this for 7 weeks now!! And am definitely going to continue.

  3. Antony Moulds (verified owner)

    Great product which gives a very smooth shave and does seem to keep the blade sharper for longer. I buy a big jar which lasts forever!

  4. Julia

    This is a brilliant product! We cannot recommend highly enough.

    My boyfriend has been using your shaving oil since he brought it at VegFest 2013. 18 months later it’s still the best. We’re both extremely pleased with how soft his skin is and how he hardly ever cuts himself while using this product. Your alum is a staple in our medicine box – excellent for healing small cuts quickly.

    No other shaving product he’s tried has come close to this. It is brilliant and we’ll be buying more – we brought a small jar (which he now saves for using on trips away) and then got a large jar because it was so good. The large jar still has plenty a year later, so yes, a little really does go a long way. Excellent value for money.

  5. Mark M

    Really lovely shaving soap.
    Certainly feels like a closer shave than my previous (pretty natural and green) shaving cream.
    A little goes a long way; and I’d go along with the assertion that the razor blades stay sharper longer.
    Thanks Sally!

  6. Richard Few

    What a great product. The hemp oil soap gave me a really close shave with none of the soreness afterwards. There was no need for a moisturiser and there is no added scent, so it has a very mild and ‘nostalgic’ aroma. I will definitely repurchase this shaving soap.

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