Seaweed Hair Conditioner, skin and scalp detox and mineralization, detox bath

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Our dried organic seaweed (fucus serratus) a versatile and health giving hair and scalp conditioners with powerful detox and nutritive qualities. Use alone or with rhassoul clay or henna.


Seaweed Hair Conditioner

Seaweed hair conditioner. Our organic serrated wrack (fucus serratus) whole fronds are especially high in fucins and alginates which make the ultimate natural hair conditioner for every hair type. Seaweed is both remineralising and detoxing – it does wonders for the scalp and skin promotes healthy hair growth and top quality skin.

Seaweed is one of our most versatile products – besides being the go-to hair conditioner of choice, it can also be added to natural clay shampoos to make a 2-in-1 shampoos conditioner. It makes a wonderful skin toner, can be used in seaweed detox baths recipes, foot baths, as a compress for aching joints and added to natural hair dyes such as henna, or indigo to take the hair dyeing process to professional levels.

To use these organic seaweed fronds just soak them in water. This yields an extract known as ‘seaweed oil.’ Although this extract contains some actual seaweed oil (all plants contain some oils), the extraction yields a water based compound with an oily, slippery feel due to the high quantities of fucins and alginates contained in the fucus serratus species. These substances, concentrated in seaweed have a powerful detox and conditioning function.

In addition, the 92 minerals and trace elements, 25 vitamins, proteins, amino acids, enzymes, pigments and antioxidants contained in seaweed perform their intensive health giving works with the power in the way that no land plant can rival.

The Benefits of using Seaweed Hair Conditioner


  • The best seaweed for hair growth, this seaweed nourishes the roots giving better hair growth over the long term
  • Leaves the hair soft, sleek and smooth
  • Imparts shine and lustre to the hair
  • Leave the hair tangle free and easier to comb and helps to protect the hair from friction.
  • Protects the hair from sun damage (the pigments in the seaweed are a powerful sunscreen)
  • Gives natural body and movement to the hair and can hold gentle waves
  • Leaves the hair scent free
  • Gets rid of troublesome static in hair
  • Does not cause the hair to go limp
  • Suitable for every hair type

How to Make ‘Seaweed Oil’ / Seaweed Extract

The Cold Infusion Method

The recommended method developed by Natural Spa Supplies

At Natural Spa Supplies we have developed our own instructions which help you to get the very most out of the seaweed, in the simplest way.

Start off by standing about 10g of dried seaweed in 200ml of cold or lukewarm water. Within 10-20 minutes the water takes on some colour. If you leave it for a hour or two, the extract becomes an greenish-amber colour as shown in the photograph. This is your seaweed hair conditioner. If you are curious 10g of dried fucus serratus weighs about 40g when hydrated.

If you use warm water the seaweed will yield is ‘oil’ more quickly and it could be ready to use within 15 minutes. Scale the recipe, the quantity of water, the temperature and timing up or down as you judge fit.

While a cold water infusion takes longer,  it will preserve the plant enzymes. The enzymes provide us with additional benefits and help to keep the seaweed fresher for longer! Try to use the seaweed oil extraction you have made within a week, before these enzymes break down. It is better if you can keep your seaweed extract in the refrigerator unless you are going to use it all straight away, or freeze any which is unused. Pass the seaweed extract through a strainer, a cotton handkerchief is ideal. You will end up with a viscous seaweed extract.

Once you have made up your solution, you have two options:

Dry the Seaweed

If you have made enough seaweed oil to last over the next week then remove the seaweed and let it dry somewhere. Seaweed copes well with being dried and then hydrated.

Or Keep on Extracting

If you need more seaweed oil, just top up it up with more water to get a second, third and further extractions. Each extraction will get progressively weaker. Hence I use warm and then hot water in these further extractions to maximize their concentrations. My final extraction most dilute, goes straight in to the bath or once it has cooled down, I give it to my house plants as a treat.

Using the Seaweed To Make Rhassoul and Seaweed Clay Shampoo – Best Seaweed For Hair Growth, Quality and Condition

Make up the seaweed extract and use it to hydrate rhassoul clay – put the clay powder in a dish (a breakfast bowl is ideal to start with), shake it level and pour enough seaweed oil over the clay until it is just covered. Don’t mix or stir.

In a few minutes the clay and seaweed acquire a soft mousse like consistency and the 2-in-1 rhassoul clay – your seaweed shampoo is ready to use. Wet the hair and apply the 2-in-1 with our military style hair brush stroking against the scalp and down the hair. This brush takes the mixture between all the hair strands and thoroughly cleans the scalp. It is the best way to apply shampoo without causing tangles.

It is still beneficial after washing the hair with this shampoo-conditioner, to use more of the seaweed extract as a conditioning rinse. Apply the neat seaweed conditioner solution to the clean hair with either the military style hair brush or our most absorbent sponge, a 4 or 5 inch sea wool sponge. Leave it on for a while and give it one quick rinse with fresh water.

Using Serrated Wrack with Rhassoul Clay as a Clay-Seaweed Hair Mask

There are two methods:

  1. Hydrate the clay powder with the seaweed extract. Apply to the wet hair with the military hair brush. Cover the hair so that the clay well does not dry out. If the clay does dry out it can be difficult to rinse out so do keep all of the hair covered. Leave the clay and seaweed mask on for 20 minutes and then rinse thoroughly.

As before we recommend finishing with some of the seaweed extract used alone as a final extra conditioning rinse.

2.  Apply the neat seaweed extract on pre washed hair with the military hair brush or better still the sea wool sponge, cover and leave for 20 minutes. Give one quick rinse with fresh water.

Using Seaweed as a Natural Hair or Beard Conditioner

A well conditioned beard keep the beard grower’s neck scratch free and helps to prevent ingrown hairs.

Wash the beard with either rhassoul clay, or hemp oil soap (which is great at preventing ingrown hairs and preventing breakouts)

Wet a sea wool sponge, the most absorbent sponge species, in water and squeeze it out. Then use the sponge to soak up to seaweed extract. Stroke the hair with the sponge and gently squeeze the sponge to release the extract. Leave it for 5-20 minutes depending on your hair type or for a faster action massage the seaweed extract into the beard by hand. Then do one quick rinse.

Using Seaweed Oil with Henna To Detox and Deep Condition the Hair Throughout the Dyeing Process.

Use seaweed hair conditioner to achieve the most professional hair dyeing process and to leave the hair in the best possible condition. There are many benefits to using seaweed extract when dyeing the hair with natural henna of indian indigo.

  • Nourish and detox the scalp for the duration and achieve healthier hair with the best seaweed for hair growth.
  • Adds slip to the hair dye, helping the hair dye to reach every hair
  • Make rinsing the henna out of the hair significantly faster, saving time and water
  • Significantly reduces hair loss during the rinsing process.
  • Used as a final conditioning rinse, leaves the hair with an instant lustrous metallic sheen.
  • Gives the hair the correct body so it doesn’t get greasy so quickly
  • One the hair is damp and it can be combed, significantly reduces hair loss and reduces tangles.

Add 10g of seaweed into a saucepan with 200-300ml of water. Simmer gently for 10-15 minutes and use this to hydrate the henna. You will find the full instructions on our henna page.

Save a save some of the seaweed extract as a final conditioner after rinsing the henna out of the hair.

Using the Seaweed Directly in the Bath:

Detox, Remineralise, Ease Aches and Pains

Adding seaweed to the bath water not only helps with detoxing, mineralisation, for relaxation, but it help provide a buffer in the water for very inflamed, itchy and damaged skin. Try it for eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis and other skin issues to improve the bathing process.

The seaweed detox bath recipe couldn’t be any easier!

  • Just add our dried organic seaweed fronds directly to the bath while it is running.
  • Take the seaweed out of the bath before you empty the bath.
  • Rinse the seaweed in fresh water, then hang it somewhere to dry.Alternatively, pour some of your prepared seaweed oil into the bath.

How to Use Seaweed Extract on the Skin: Detox and Support Weight Loss, Tone, Nourish and Moisturize Skin

Make up the seaweed extract as above. Wet a sea wool sponge  in water and squeeze it out. Then use the sponge to soak up to seaweed extract and apply directly to the skin. Leave it to absorb and reapply if needed for the duration of your bath. I always apply the seaweed extract to my face,  neck, arms and breast area while I am in the bath. Be assured, it will be in my hair too!

Using Seaweed as a Compress on Aching Joints and Joints with Osteoarthritis

Dip some linen or muslin in the seaweed extract and wrap the joint. Heat the extract first if you find the heat beneficial too and wrap the compress with insulating textile such as wool or a scarf or water ever you have to hand. Relax for 20-25 minutes. Remove the wraps and rinse the skin to wash away any toxins. It can also be beneficial to combine the seaweed with the rhassoul clay, following the instructions above for the 2-in-1 shampoo.

The General Properties of Seaweed


  • Anti-bacterial – helps to kill bacteria.
  • Anti-cholesterolaemic -cholesterol lowering
  • Anti-hypothyroid – raises thyroid levels
  • Antioxidant – helps to prevent oxidation preventing the formation of free radicals which lead to cellular damage
  • Diuretic – help get rid of extra fluid and salt
  • Emollient – skin softening and conditioning
  • Endocrine Tonic – balances hormones
  • Expectorant – promotes the secretion of sputum in the air passages
  • Immunoactive – helps with immune responses
  • Immunomodulatory – stimulates the immune system
  • Nutritive – imparts minerals and vitamins

Detox Abilities of Seaweed


  • Detoxifies, cleans and moisturizes the skin.
  • Algin and naturally chelated minerals absorb radioactive toxins and heavy metals.
  • Detoxes dioxins (such as in vehicle exhaust) and polychlorinated biphenyl PCBs (toxins in electrical equipment and coolants).When people diet they release these toxins from the fatty tissues into the blood and lymph – so washing with clay and seaweed can help dieters feel well.

Nutritive Qualities of Seaweed


  • Dense in minerals such as iodine, potassium, sodium, calcium, magnesium, zinc, copper, chloride, sulphur, phosphorous, vanadium, cobalt, manganese, selenium, bromine, iodine and iron. The fucus serratus species of seaweed, being classed as a ‘brown seaweed’ contains a greater density of these minerals than  seaweeds classed as ‘red’.
  • Rich in a diversity of trace elements.
  • High in hormones such as melatonin (gives a calming effect and important for good sleep patterns).
  • Very high in fucin or fucoidin which has anti-inflammatory qualities and it is used to promote rapid skin healing and healing after surgical trauma and it has exhibited anti-viral properties.
  • High in Vitamin C, E, D
  • Rich in Vitamins, especially B vitamins with high levels of B12 (needed by vegetarians)
  • Rich proteins and amino-acids

Skin Nurturing Aspects of Seaweed

  • Rich in minerals, trace elements, vitamins and amino acids for remineralization to support the entire skin and body.
  • Keeps the skin supple and elastic to reduce aging and increase comfort.
  • Significant amounts of fatty acid – mainly omega-3.
  • Copper, zinc, manganese, phosphorous and magnesium concentrated in seaweed are all vital to the synthesis of collagen and the connective tissues of the skin. All of the nutrients act directly on the basal layers of the skin promoting healthy skin growth and a firm tone.
  • Supports skins with dermatitis psoriasis, eczema and acne.
  • High in Anti-oxidants such as algal carotenoids and polyphenols to prevent cell damage and to reduce aging.
  • Anti-Cellulite agent

General Health Aspects of Using Seaweed

  • Contains a special pigment called fucoxanthin which helps to metabolize fat.
  • Rich in plant enzymes (especially with the use of our cold infusion method.) and metals. For the enzymes to work in our bodies they need one or more coenzymes in the form of metal cations. The seaweed provides these metals and therefore supports good enzyme function in the body.
  • Used against obesity partly due to the high levels of iodine. An under-active thyroid can lead to weight gain, fatigue, cold sensitivity, loss of hair.
  • Arthritis friendly.
  • High in iodine and thyroid hormone homologs, used to support the activity of the thyroid and pituitary gland.

The thyroid is essential for metabolism, good immune function. Iodine regulates oestrogen production. That is why I like to apply the seaweed extract to the upper part of the body while bathing.

Iodine is used by the thyroid gland to create the hormones T3 and T4 which regulate the metabolism of every cell in the body. Seaweed gives us the natural and health giving Iodine 127 isotope which protects against the harmful Iodine isotope 131 of the nuclear industry.

The idea is to give the thyroid natural iodine and then it will not need to take up harmful iodine. Seaweed gives us the only plant based form of thyroid hormone, all other sources are from animals. Fucus species of seaweed was historically harvested for its iodine content to treat goitre.

How Our Seaweed is Collected and Processed

We do not supply seaweed which has been washed up on the beach. These are dead fronds and they are already rotting, giving off the unpleasant and noxious hydrogen sulphide. They are not safe to use and the gas is toxic.

Our seaweed is collected by skilled gatherers from healthy living plants when the tide is well out. The plants expect to have some of their frond either removed by currents or eaten by animals, so even with gathering, they will regrow their fronds. It is a dangerous and hard activity and the collectors are brave and strong because wet seaweed is heavy and the surface is very slippery!

In fact nowadays, we collect much less seaweed than we did in the past. This proves the sustainability of seaweed harvesting if collection levels were to increase. The seaweed is washed in clean water and then dried.


Dried serrated wrack (Fucus serratus)

50g for £5.00
100g for £10
200g for £20


  • Organic
  • 100% from the British Isles and naturally grown in clean authority tested waters
  • Gathered by hand (no mechanical extraction) by experienced, skilled collectors. They help each plant to proliferate by only taking amounts which improve the vigour of the mother plant, so that the plant can regrow and flourish.
  • Supplied dry to reduce the environmental cost of transport and to preserve the keeping qualities.
  • Supplied in its unprocessed form.
  • Traditional – tried and tested use on the hair and body in Britain for hundreds of years.
  • Proven sustainability.
  • Many uses and secondary uses and biodegrades nicely (add to compost heap after use).
  • Supplied in biodegradable brown paper bags in a biodegradable envelope.
  • Tested for quality and purity.
  • Seaweed hair conditioner, especially when made up at home from the dried fronds is probably the most deep acting, effective and most environmentally friendly hair conditioner available. It is also great value for money.


In the past seaweed was used to teat goitre, a condition caused by iodine insufficiency. So if you are already receiving medical treatment, ask your doctor before using seaweed. It also has blood thinning qualities, so ask your doctor is you are already on blood thinners.

Some people are also allergic to seaweed so conduct a patch test on the skin first.

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5 reviews for Seaweed Hair Conditioner, skin and scalp detox and mineralization, detox bath

  1. Niki (verified owner)

    I bought this along with rhassoul clay to use on my horse’s mane and tail as I was fed up with the disgusting ingredients in commercial bought mane de-tangler. The results have been far beyond my expectation and he was given lots of compliments on his clean and healthy locks. And tonight I didn’t have much time so I just brushed some seaweed water through his mane and poured a small bucket down his tail and even that alone has made it lovely and tangle free. Im so chuffed!

  2. seona (verified owner)

    I agree with the reviewers above, it’s lovely stuff. I have extremely thick , long hair , so I was a bit wary about how the clay and seaweed would turn out, I needn’t have worried , my hair feels great , was not tangled at all, soft and easy to comb. It also feels great on my skin as a rinse . Lovely.

  3. Lakshmi

    A wonderful product. Added more body to my hair when used as a rinse. I especially loved its effect on my skin – soft and silky, no need for moisturiser

  4. Mir (verified owner)

    I started using the seaweed about 2 months ago and my very dry and thick hair is now beautifully shiny and soft! Because of the dryness of it I don’t want to wash my hair too often and the rassoul clay and seeweed extract mixture makes that possible – my hair stays clean for almost a week.

  5. Marj A (verified owner)

    Loving the seaweed in my bath and made up with clay to wash my hair ,lots of comments about how nice my hair looks and people just want to feel it before I have told them what I washed it with , feeling clean .

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