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A vegan neem wood hair comb suitable for all most every hair type. With its long tines and deep triangular handle, this wooden comb, not only improves the appearance and condition of the hair but also enhances the health and function of the scalp. Carefully designed with materials, form and function in mind, we believe that our Natural Spa Supplies neem wood comb sets a new standard design simplicity.

A neem wood hair comb suitable for all most every hair type – the perfect gift for yourself or friends, family and vegans. With its long tines and deep triangular handle, this wooden comb, not only improves the appearance and condition of the hair but also enhances the health and function of the scalp.

What is special about our Natural Spa Supplies wooden neem hair comb?

Designed by Natural Spa Supplies, these neem hair combs are handcrafted by a second generation comb maker to give a hair comb that is both beautiful, practical and sturdy.

Of all the woods available we selected neem wood, a hardwood with a fine interlocked grain known for its antimicrobial, antibacterial and antifungal properties – perfect for keeping the scalp healthy and the hair clean. Neem products such as oil are often used in the hair to control infections and neem is considered hypoallergenic. Neem trees are ubiquitous across India and are highly sustainable.

Our neem wood combs are made from a single piece of neem wood. Most wooden combs on the market are made of two pieces – the handle is separate piece of wood to the tines, but it means that these pieces will eventually come apart – these two piece constructions are unstable, difficult to clean and have the potential to snag hairs. By making our neem hair combs with a single piece of wood, none of these problems will arise. In additional, neem wood, with its fine interlocking grain gives it unparalleled strength against accidental damage. This comb is built to last.

neem wood comb showing how the base of the tines are chamfered by natural spa suppliesOur neem hair combs are very carefully crafted and with finely finished details. Instead of abrupt cuts, we have commissioned the comb to have neat chamfers where the tines meet the body of the handle. This means that the tines glide through the hair without snagging the hair or disturbing the cuticles. The idea of combing the hair is to improve the appearance, health and condition of the hair – and this comb perfectly fulfils these criteria.

How to use the neem hair comb to comb the hair

1/ Take a tress of hair and start by gently drawing the comb down the ends of the hair to check for tangles.
2/ If you find a tangle loosen it by hand and by combing underneath the tangle.
3/ Now comb from higher up the tress, and then higher still from the crown.
4/ Repeat with the remaining tresses
5/ Go all around the hair to bring a unified appearance.
6/ Finally draw the tines against the scalp to clean the hair follicles and increase circulation – this is the most enjoyable part of combing the hair and leaves the scalp tingling with pleasure.
6/Remove any hairs from the comb and dispose of in compost if possible.

Benefits of using our Natural Spa Supplies Vegan Neem Hair Comb

  • Vegan.
  • Suitable for almost every hair type – please look at our Horn Afro Combs if your have Afro hair or are looking for combs for bay fine hair where you will find our full range of horn combs.
  • Durable – made from fine grained hardwood, making it less liable to breaking than other types of wood or horn.
  • Crafted to be smooth and to glide through hair without causing any damage.
  • Neem wood has antimicrobial, antibacterial and antifungal properties helping to keep the hair clean and the scalp health.
  • Long tines to reach through to the scalp – this helps to clean the scalp and hair follicles keeping the follicles healthy because excess oil in the follicles can contribute to hair thinning and loss.
  • The long tines reach the scalp to improve microcirculation improving hair growth.
  • The long tines pick up sebum from the scalp and oil the base of the hairs and distribute them along the shaft of the hairs, coating the hair in your own natural hair conditioner. This protects the hair from friction damage and helps to keep the hair tangle free.
  • Combing the hair rather than brushing leaves the hair with more body.
  • Wooden combs are ‘low’ static, especially when compared to plastic combs or brushes. This means that wooden combs pull out less hair than brushes which over the long term gives a healthier head of hair. Because wooden combs are low static, wooden combs go through the hair more easily and the final result gives easy to style and more attractive looking hair. For even lower static results, please visit our horn comb page – because horn is made from the same substance as hair – keratin. Static is caused by the electrical reaction between materials which are different to each other. Therefore the anti-static qualities of horn are slightly better than wood – we also have our triangular comb designs available in horn in a range of colour.
  • Wooden combs are easy to clean and are more hygienic than brushes.
  • Combs are better at locating knots so they can be untangled, whereas brushes tend to brush over them, tightening the knot.

How to clean the neem wood comb

With usage the gaps between the tines will accumulate sebum and fluff from clothes. This sticky accumulation can prevent the comb sliding along the hair. It will need to be removed.

Hold the comb with the tines angled down on a table. Use a dry nail brush or a dry toothbrush to brush along the tines from the direction of the handle towards the tips of the tines.

Turn the comb over and do the same again.

How to care for the wooden comb

Keep the comb clean
Protect the comb from mechanical damage when travelling
Keep the comb away from dogs, goats etc just in case they decide to chew it.
Oil the comb from time to time to help retain its lustre

Buying the Neem Comb as a Gift

You can buy the Neem Comb in our standard eco packaging or opt for the Gift Wrap option (£5.00) where we use coloured kraft paper, a card tag and a card. We can also send the gift directly to your friend or family member. Please provide us with instructions in the Comment Box as you go through the Checkout.

Gifts to Complement the Neem Comb

If you would like to give a related present, how about our Natural Hair Starter Pack which includes Rhassoul clay Shampoo, Seaweed Hair Conditioner and Marshmallow Root Hair Conditioner and Combing Aid. These products promote healthy, clean and natural hair care. They are all organic, sustainable and plastic free and can bring a lifetime of liberty from polluting chemicals and plastics.

Or how about our Military Style Hair Brush? This durable beech wood and boar bristle oval shaped hair brush can be used wet or dry. It is so useful for applying shampoo and conditioner to the hair, for cleaning dead skin cells off the scalp and of course it can be used for brushing the hair! Please note, this is not vegan.


Can you get this comb wet? Can you use a neem wood comb to comb wet hair?

Neem wood is water resistant, so it can be used to comb hair that is damp. You should never comb wet hair, because the hair will stretch and when it dries it goes frizzy! Combing wet hair can damage the hair. Wait until the hair is nearly dry before combing it.
For wet shampooing of conditioning the hair we recommend our boar bristle brush – with is many bristles it is great at cleaning the hair and at distributing hair conditioner along the strands.

Is neem wood sustainable?

The neem tree is one of the important tree species across the Indian subcontinent and people believe they receive special blessing for planting them. It is popular to plant this evergreen tree in the courtyards of houses and along roads as a great shade tree – the temperatures under the canopy can be 10 degrees Fahrenheit cooler than the ambient temperatures!

They are known as the ‘wonder tree’ because they tree yields medicinal products, natural agricultural pesticides (that reduce the pests breeding cycle), fuel, wood for manufacture and charcoal, fodder for animals, edible fruit, glue and fertilizer. Boughs can be cut off the tree to be used as needed without harming the tree and the whole canopy can be removed (pollarding) and the tree will regrow a new canopy. These trees grow in many countries but are most valued in India.


Neem Wood Comb, Gift Wrapped Neem Wood Comb


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