Natural Skincare Eco Gift Kit


Natural Skincare Eco Gift Kit. Get everything your skin could ever wish for this Christmas with our comprehensive eco skincare kit for washing, detoxing, cleansing, toning and moisturise the face, eyes, lips and skin. All the products are natural, free of additive and all are have plastic free packaging, just how beauty should be!

Natural Skincare Eco Gift Kit. Get everything your skin could ever wish for this Christmas with our comprehensive eco skincare kit for washing, detoxing, cleansing, toning and moisturise the face and skin. All the products are natural, free of additives and all are have plastic free packaging, just how beauty should be!

Natural skincare eco gift set kit contents

  • 75g hemp oil soft soap to wash and exfoliate
  • 100g rhassoul to wash, detox and cleanse
  • 50ml organic pure steam distilled rose water to cleanse and tone
  • 30ml organic cold pressed argan oil with pipette
  • 4″ soft sea wool natural sea sponge for washing
  • a small silk fina sponge for eye care
  • a small silk fina sponge for lip care
  • 5g argan lip balm, made with organic argan oil, gum acacia and beeswax lip balm

Do all your face, neck and hand and nail care with these natural and versatile products. Optimize your complexion, benefit from the anti-ageing properties, calm sensitive or trouble prone skin. Look your best, easily! In this kit is everything that the delicate facial skin could possibly need for daily care and make up removal. British hemp oil soft soap, world famous rhassoul clay, fragrant organic rose water and freshly pressed virgin cold pressed organic argan oil. Plus a soft washing sponge. It all sounds like luxury, but it is one of the most green, versatile and economical face care systems and one which gives immediate results!

The skin on the face, hands and neck is more delicate than the skin on the rest of the body, yet it is more exposed to the elements. To look its best, the delicate facial skin benefits from a few minutes attention each day. Really all of that care can be done with our selection of products in our natural face care kit. You can still wear make up of course, but when your skin is looking so vibrant and fresh, you might not want to!

The products in the natural facecare kit


Hemp oil soap

With its natural anti-microbial properties, the ability to gently exfoliate and its deep cleaning power, this traditional British soap has a logical place as the first step in natural skin care.  As guidance use the soap 1-2 x per day for very oily, acne-prone skin, 1 x day for combination skin or 2 x per week for normal or dry skin. However you will soon work out the best frequency of use for your skin type. The soap can be used all over the body, but not in the hair or too close to the eyes. It is traditional soap in Britain, popular since the 12th century with hundreds of difference uses!

Rhassoul clay

Are you looking for a natural alternative for every day washing and detoxing the skin? Dry skin? Oily Skin? Congested skin? Itchy skin? rhassoul clay washes the skin surface and powerfully detoxifies through the skin layers. The more sensitive skin on the face benefits greatly from detoxification.

This clay is famous for its ability to draw toxins, pollutants and unwanted materials through the skin, leaving the skin more comfortable, healthier, less prone to damage. Plus the skin will feel super clean and fresh. You  can use rhassoul as a face wash, a cleanser, a make up remover. You can also use the  clay in the bath as a soap alternative, in the shower as a shower gel and what is more, for washing the hair. Rhassoul clay is so versatile. Use the rhassoul clay whenever you want to and on any part of the face, hair or body! You can use it as a face mask if you like (but make sure that the clay stays damp and active) as a a face wash, facial make up remover, body wash, shower gel, shampoo or however you like.

Organic rose water

Are you looking for a really perfect complexion? Steam distilled organic rose water add subtle but noticeable nuance to your complexion. Rose water balances the red tones in the facial skin to give the appearance of great health and vitality. Rose reduces the appearance of broken capillaries and it improves the micro-circulation give the skin a healthy, lively ‘happy’ appearance. We recommend using rose water as a toner, 1-2 x times per day. Just spray or splash it on the skin and let it soak in.

Organic argan oil

Famous as anti-aging oil, argan oil replaces conventional high end moisturizers. Cold pressed from the kernel of the argan tree, the oil is famous, not just in Morocco, but worldwide. Being a very fine oil, it is easy to spread and we use it just at the point when the rose water, is nearly but not quite dry.

Treat the face, neck and hands and any other areas of skin which need it. Also rub it in the mails to strengthen them. Argan oil soaks into the skin very quickly and brings not only instant anti-aging effects, but a wonderful luminosity and healthy glow to the skin. The high levels of vitamin E, naturally present in the argan oil provide some protection from sun damage. Renown also for the high levels of anti-oxidants, it is no wonder that regular usage reduces skin damage and skin aging. Argan oil is also used to reduce the appearance of scaring. essential fatty acid improve the structure of the skin reducing sagging and wrinkling. One natural oil has so many benefits. We are now able to get our argan oil cold pressed every few months, so our oil is always pure and fresh.

Soft unbleached Greek sea wool sponge

Enjoy the elemental joy of using sponges for face care. The larger sponge, a sea wool sponge cleans the most delicate of skin and it is ideal for washing the face and neck. Extremely soft, use the sea wool sponge gently, to encourage the flow of lymph. When you have finished using this sponge, make sure it is clean and give it a chance to air dry between uses.

Argan lip balm

Using the most simple formula, with just 3 ingredients, organic argan oil, gum acacia and beeswax, this lip balm is suitable for all types of lips. It works wonders on dry, peeling and cracked lips. Just use one of the small sponges and the rose water to wash the lips, removing dry skin and staining and apply a small dab of lip balm. You will be amazed at the instant transformation.

Make up removal

One tiny drop of argan oil, on a small sponge will remove the eye make up with out stinging the eyes. Pre damp the sponge if you have very delicate eyelids. Clean the sponge after use and rinse any traces of argan oil from the eyelids with the rose water.

Use rhassoul clay and the sea wool sponge to remove the rest of the make up. I did say these products in our natural face care kit were versatile, didn’t I?

Really great skin care doesn’t have to take hours or cost a fortune. It doesn’t have to be complicated or use highly formulated products. You can achieve everything with just a few natural and traditional resources. Enjoy your simple and natural face care routine!

Sending gifts directly to your loved ones

There are two options:

1/ If we are sending this package for you, , as you go through the checkout, just leave us a memo to say who the gift is for with their full name and delivery details. It does help the couriers a lot if you can provide with the recipient’s mobile number and email address. Please provide those too. We will pack the gift set in a single walled card box with decorative wrapping, tag and and a Christmas card and send it according to your instructions. Please be sure about the address and postcode so the gift is delivered safely as we can not change the address once the item is sent.

2/ We can gift wrap the parcel for £5.00 and send it directly to you or to the recipient.


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