Nail Brush of Beech Wood with Stiff Natural Cactus Bristles

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A high quality durable beech wood nail brush with stiff cactus fiber bristles, ideal for scrubbing the finger nails.

Nail Brush

Wooden Nail Brushes with Cactus Fibres are highly effective and durable out performing and outlasting any plastic nail brush. A good nail brush is essential for cleaning the nails and hands. This superb quality German made nail brush makes hand washing and nail scrubbing effective, gentle and thorough.

The finger nails should be cleaned everyday. By using this natural plant fiber nail brush with our naturally anti-microbial hemp oil wash soap, the finger nails will be hygienically clean and the skin will be left soft, calm and flexible. The cleaning action, with our versatile hemp oil soap can also reduce troubles with splitting cuticles. Every sink should be furnished with a nail brush and some naturally anti-bacterial soap!

The nail brush is made with sustainably produced untreated beech wood. All of the edges are chamfered. The brush feels smooth, very well finished and it is easy to hold.  The naturally stiff bristles are made from a ‘cactus’ plant , the agave lechugilla plant with growns in the semi-arid regions in Mexico. This plant fiber is renown for being durable, elastic, non-electrostatic and for its polishing attributes and shape retentive qualities. Leaves of the plant are still wild gathered by special collectors called talladores who strip the flesh off the leaf to reveal the fibers which are then dried, sorted and cut.

How To Use the Wooden Nail Brush for Cleaning the Nails

  1. Get the nails and hands wet – warm water is best. It is best to fill a bowl with warm water, rather than leave the tap running!
  2. Wet the wooden nail brush. Apply a dab of hemp oil soap to the nail brush.
  3. Use the brush to apply the soap under the nails.
  4. Scrub gently under the nails and on the nail surface until they are clean. By scrubbing gently, the    bristles move more and more quickly ‘sweep’ the debris from under the nails. Plus the brush enjoys a much longer use life and you complete the task more quickly. Believe me!
  5. Rinse the soap thoroughly from the hands and nails.
  6. Clean the nail brush.
  7. Allow the brush to air dry.

Enhanced Nail and Hand Care

If you do manual work with your hands, a Pumice Stone might help with the aftermath? If you have very sensitive, thin or damaged skin, you could benefit from give the hands a wash and gentle massage with Rhassoul Clay after using the hemp oil soap ? If you have dry skin, or if your skin need protection from the elements, then Organic Argan Oil could be your moisturizer of choice? You are welcome to explore the website, but the main thing is to make the most basic element of hand care, hygiene, really simple and trouble free.

Why Use a Natural Wood Nail Brush?

We find the nail brush very effective to use and despite its cleaning agility, it is kind to the cuticles.
Unlike brushes of composite materials (plastic and wood), the fully natural nail brush will eventually biodegrade or help to feed a stove.
The raw materials are sustainable and fully natural.
All our packaging is biodegradable.

Let nail cleaning and hand washing be a pleasure!

Selecting Your Nail Brush

Every hand washing sink should have a nail brush and soap, so we have 4 options.

1 stiff brush at £5.00
2 stiff brushes at £9.50
3 stiff brushes at £14.00
1 stiff nail brush and 1 soft boar bristle nail brush at £9.50

Please select from the drop down menu above.

You can also buy the hemp oil soap and nail brushes as Natural Hand Wash Kit.


1 – £5.00, 2 – £9.50, 3 – £14.00, 1 stiff and 1 soft – £9.50

2 reviews for Nail Brush of Beech Wood with Stiff Natural Cactus Bristles

  1. Pat Ferguson

    I’ve been using these cactus bristle nail brushes for some years and wouldn’t buy anything else now. Unlike the plastic/nylon ones they don’t go ultra soft in warm water. I’m a gardener and, even when wearing gloves, my finger nails and cuticles still fill with dirt but using these brushes they scrub up clean.

    The wood will (eventually) rot if left wet so I always give them a good shake to remove excess water and then lean them against the basin splashback to allow them to dry.

  2. Lisa

    This is the best nail brush I have ever used. It really gets the dirt out from under your nails whilst being gentle on your fingers. Great after some organic gardening!

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