Manicure Pedicure Tool for Nail Cleaning with Cuticle Pusher (Horn)


A cleverly designed, seriously effective double ended horn manicure tool for easy cleaning under the both the finger and toe nails and with a cuticle pusher for tidying finger nail cuticles and toe nail cuticles.


A cleverly designed double ended horn manicure pedicure tool for easy cleaning under the both the finger and toe nails and with a cuticle pusher for tidying finger nail cuticles and toe nail cuticles. Cleaning the nails is the starting point for good hand and foot hygiene. That’s why we have been busy behind the scenes getting these gorgeous horn manicure tools made. They look good, feel astonishing and they are the ultimate manicure tool!

About Our Horn Manicure and Pedicure Tools

At one end of the manicure tool will see a finely cut talon-like point to clean under the nails and at the other end a carefully sculpted notch shaped like a finger nail for pushing back the nail cuticles.

In fact, look again and you will see that they are tiny Surrealist sculptures – one end is shaped like a trimmed finger nail and the other end like a sculpted finger nail or a giant talon. The punning visual design could not be improved upon. But that is less significant compared to how very well they work.

They are THE Ultimate Nail Cleaning Tool! My nails were cleaned the fastest and most thoroughly ever. I was awestruck how quickly the talon end lifted the grime from under my nails, and by turning the talon on its side, it removed grime right to the very edge of the nail margin.

At the ‘nail’ end of the manicure tool, the rounded profile allowed me to gently push all of the cuticles back and scrape dead skin from off the nails. This gives a much tidier appearance to the nails and prevent annoying cracked and peeling cuticles. All of this contributes to good hand hygiene.

The tool fits in the hand just right so it is easy to manipulate and hold and gives you just the right pressure, the right angles, great control and with no discomfort.

I am immensly proud of these nail manicure tools and I have profusely thanked the clever maker in India who is really chuffed.

Place the point of the talon under the nail margin, so that the tip of the talon is in contact with the under surface of the nail margin (and not touching the delicate quick).

Move the talon sideways. If your nails are very dirty, then after every few millimeters of movement, remove some of the grime off the talon to avoid compacting the grime at the edges of the nails.

The talon can be turned sideways to reduce it height and this can be a great way to reach the very edges of the nail margin.

How to Push Back the Cuticles with the Horn Manicure and Pedicure Tool

Push back your cuticles after your hands have been soaked in water for a while, or after giving them a thorough wash with Hemp Oil Soap. Only then will the cuticles be soft and flexible enough to push them back into the ideal position which out damaging them.

Use the other end of the manicure tool which is shaped like a finger nail with the sculted size against the cuticle and gently push back. It may take several little goes to do this carefully.

Using the tool in a similar fashion, scrape off any skin which is left on the nail.

Finishing Your Pedicure and Manicure

Finish your manicure by scrubbing the nails until they are thoroughly clean.

After drying your hands, moisturise the cuticles with Argan Lip (and Nail) Balm. This strengthens the nails and keeps the cuticles more flexible and less prone to splitting.

Keep the nail manicure tool dry at all times.

Wipe the nail tool after use for example with a sheet of toilet tissue.

I would encourage you to refrain from sharing your horn nail manicure tool with anyone.

Keep the horn tool away from pets and children at ALL times.

Do not use the horn manicure tool for any other tasks. It is just for cleaning your nails and for pushing back your cuticles. Other tasks will break it.


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