Lip Care Kit, Clean, Exfoliate and Moisturize Lips Naturally

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This little Natural Lip Care Kit contains a totally natural lip resuscitation kit for daily care for any lips. Dry, chapped or peeling lips and even well behaving lips deserve this special treatment and will feel instantly comfortable and smiley. The natural lip therapy kit contains organic rose water, a pair of silk fina sponges and our outstandingly simple argan lip balm.

This little Natural Lip Care Kit contains a totally natural lip resuscitation kit for daily care for any lips. Dry, chapped or peeling lips and even well behaving lips deserve this special treatment and will feel instantly comfortable and smiley. The natural lip therapy kit contains organic rose water, a pair of silk fina sponges and our outstandingly simple argan lip balm.

Step 1. Clean and Gently Exfoliate the Lips

Principle: You can not moisturize the dead skin on the lips! It does need to go – but in the most gentle of ways! It is also ideal to remove food stains and drink residues from the lips.

Just spray the lips with Organic Rose Water.

Rub the lips gently with a Silk Fina Sponge. You can use the silk fina sponge either damp or dry, but by dampening the sponge first, the surface texture of the sponge is softened, the sponge exerts maximum cleaning power and the fibrous nature of the sponge removes dead skin. To avoid damaging the underlying skin layer never use anything harsher to clean the lips other than the tip of your finger or a fine sponge. Clean the sponge as needed and allow it to dry between use.

Step 2. Apply Argan Lip Balm

Now the lip surface is fresh and clean, apply Argan Lip Balm. With its simple ingredients, organic argan oil, gum acacia and beeswax, the health of the layers of the skin on the lips, even the emergent layers are supported and protected from dehydration and drying. Re-apply the lip balm through the day if you need to.
Frequency of Use. I bring the rose water into play in the mornings, before going to bed and I use the lip balm as needed in between.

Lip Balm Addiction?

I did used to be a lip balm / Vaseline / chap stick addict and I probably had about a dozen tins, sticks, tubes etc. I has to reapply constantly though the day and if I realized I had gone out without my supplies I would either have to return home or buy some straight away. It was a great relief to formulate the argan lip balm and to discover how well it worked. It was a great surprize when one day i tried the rose water for cleaning my lips, finding out how well the rose water exfoliated too…and these tiny silk fina sponges have the most useful surface texture.

I can finally confirm that the constant reapplications was due to me not preparing the lip surface properly and by trying to moisturize the lips with synthetic products.

Video Demonstration and Quiz – Are you a Lip Balm Addict?

Lip Care Kit Contents

Regular Size

5g Argan Lip Balm packed in a glass jar
50ml Organic Rose Water in a Glass Bottle with a Pump Spray.
2 x tiny Silk Fina Sponges

Large Size

12g Argan Lip Balm packed in a glass jar
100ml Organic Rose Water in a Glass Bottle with a Pump Spray.
3 x tiny Silk Fina Sponges

We will send it all in biodegradable or reusable packaging.

Why do People get Dry Lips?
Unlike the rest of the skin, the lips have no oil glands, so it seems that they do need a little attention.


Regular Kit – £12.00, Large Kit – £22.00

1 review for Lip Care Kit, Clean, Exfoliate and Moisturize Lips Naturally

  1. Emma M Heap (verified owner)

    This kit is amazing! I have previously bought the Argan Oil Lip Balm, and been impressed by its moisturising properties, but this is the first time I have used the Rose Water and sponge to exfoliate. The results are amazing! I only suffer with dry lips in the worst of the winter, and it is so nice to get rid of the dry cells using the sponge and rose water. My lips feel so very soft and moisturised after using these products.

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