Eco Stocking Fillers and Cracker Gifts all under £12.00


Eco stocking fillers and cracker gifts all under £12.00. Select from our range of ‘most popular’ environmentally friendly, plastic-free gift stocking fillers, cracker gifts, secret Santa gifts, little gifts for neighbours and friends and budget Christmas gift ideas.


Eco stocking fillers and cracker gifts all under £12.00. Select from our range of ‘most popular’ environmentally friendly, plastic-free gift stocking fillers, cracker gifts, secret Santa gifts, little gifts for neighbours and friends and budget Christmas gift ideas.  Please only give the most eco of presents this year.

We will send these stocking fillers to you in our usual ‘naked’ packaging using corrugated card, paper padded envelopes kraft paper tape.

Rhassoul Clay 100g

stocking filler rhassoul clay on hessian with lights and foliagePerfect for washing the hair and skin and for luxury face masks, even for sensitive skin and it is vegan friendly. Could this be a life transforming eco present? It was for me, after washing my hair and skin in rhassoul clay 15 years ago, I vowed never to put chemicals on myself and again and to make it available through my business to everyone.  If you’d like a larger size, please head over to our main Rhassoul Clay shop page.

Stiff Natural Nail Brush

stocking fillers, nail brush on hessian with foliage and lightsThe ultimate double-sided traditional stiff bristled wooden nail brush with bristles made of ‘cactus’ fibre. Highly effective for cleaning under the nails and for hand hygiene. Be sure they are in each washroom! See our main listing if you would like to buy several at once to obtain a multi-buy discount in our main Nail Brush shop. Vegan friendly.

Hemp Oil Soap 75g

stocking filler hemp oil soap on hessian with lights and foliageAnother very traditional product, our hemp oil soft soap. A very useful multipurpose soap which is gentle on all skin types but at the same time naturally powerfully antimicrobial. This soap can be used for hygienic hand washing, especially with the stiff nail brush. It is very popular for shaving, countering shaving rash. This soap also excels in the kitchen – use it to wash the sink, roasting pans, burnt pans, the oven, the hob, fridges, floors. The hemp oil soap is very kind to sensitive skin and we encourage people to use it without rubber gloves. Larger sizes are available on our Hemp Soap page. Vegan friendly.

A Set of 3 Normal Sized Scrubbies

stocking fillers 3 scrubbies on hessian with lights and foliageMeet our natural all surface cleaning pad! There are so many zany colours and patterns available, we will send you a whole mixture. Made of cotton and with loops stiffened with tree resin, these cleaning pads speed up washing up, might light work kitchen and household cleaning. Durable machine washable and biodegradable. Both men and women adore scrubbies and these are our best sellers all year round. If you’d like to buy a set of 10, or the larger sizes please go to the Scrubby page in the main shop for all the options. Vegan friendly.

Argan Lip Balm

stocking fillers argan lip balm on hessian with foliageA very simple lip balm formulation using argan oil, beeswax and gum acacia. Packed in a glass jar holding 5g. Suitable for all types of lips and a real saviour to dry, chapped, pealing lips. For the ultimate results even with the most troublesome lips, please read more on our Lip Care Kit page in our main shop.

Silk Floss in Glass Vial with refills available

stocking fillers, pink floss on hessian60 meter of silk floss with a tiny mint flavour in a glass refillable floss holder.  Refill and multibuys and a vegan option on our Dental Lace shop page

Wood and Bristle Toothbrush Adult Sized

stocking filler wooden toothbrush on hessian with lights and foliageA traditional boar bristle and beechwood toothbrush with medium textured natural bristles. See our main Wooden Toothbrush shop listing for the smaller childrens’ size and for multibuy options.

Small Horn Pocket Comb

stocking filler pocket comb on hessian with lights and foliageA discrete carefully made horn comb made by a master craftsman, with fine cut tines.

A Moustache shaped ‘Tash Comb

stocking fillers tash comb on hessianA quirky moustache shaped horn comb with fine cut tines. See our full range of horn combs for every type of hair on our Comb shop page.

A Horn Manicure Tool

stocking fille horn manicure tool on hessianA achievement of design, this Surrealist style manicure tool combines a talon at one end for clean expertly under the nails and a nail shaped cuticle pusher at the other. They are very effective and very pleasing to use. We do have multibuys of these adorable nail tools on our Manicure Tool page.

Organic Argan Oil

stocking filler argan oil on hessian with lights and foliageFamous as an anti-ageing moisturiser, argan oil, made from the kernels of the argan tree is used both of the skin and the hair. If you would like a larger size, or to buy argan oil with a glass pipette please have a look at our main Argan Oil shop page. Vegan friendly.

An Orange Wood Eating Spoon

stocking filler wooden spoon on hessian with lights and foliageAn orange wood eating spoon of delicate proportions. Just right for porridge, cereals, yogurt and deserts. We have other spoon sizes in the same style on on our Wooden Spoon page. Vegan friendly.


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