Eco Shaving Kit


Shaving Kit Eco Gift Kit: a wonderful gift for shavers containing British made hemp oil shaving soap and ‘just in case’ a natural alum crystal shaver’s styptic, which can also be used as a natural unfragranced deodorant. Giving a very smooth wet shave, leaving the skin correctly moisturized and comfortable.

Eco shaving kit: hemp oil soap and alum styptic / deodorant and a versatile shaving brush. A wonderful gift for wet shavers containing British made hemp oil shaving soap and ‘just in case’ a natural alum crystal shaver’s styptic to seal any shaving cuts. The alum stone is also large enough to trial as a natural unfragranced deodorant. With just these natural products you can achieve  a very smooth wet shave, leaving the skin correctly moisturized and comfortable, help to close the pores and tighten the skin with the alum crystal and experience the most reliable of deodorants.

Eco shaving kit contents

  • 75g hemp oil soap in glass jar
  • a natural (volcanically formed) alum crystal for use as a shaver’s styptic but large enough to trial as a natural deodorant
  • a beech and bristle shaving brush

The benefits of hemp soap for shaving

  • A multipurpose naturally antimicrobial soap with many uses
  • A simple formula with no artificial additives and non-irritating, left as a concentrate
  • The same soap is used for antimicrobial hand washing and household cleaning. So if you decide to grow a beard, this soap can be put to other uses.
  • Gives a really close shave
  • Cuts down on ingrown hairs
  • Reduced frequency for shaving
  • Be shaving rash free
  • Keeps razors sharper for longer
  • Cleans the skin very well preventing pimples
  • No need to moisturise after use

The benefits of alum crystal as a shavers styptic

  • A completely natural alum crystal styptic made by volcanoes
  • Many uses: rub on shaving cuts to stem bleeding and seal shaving nicks
  • Can be used as a natural aftershave – just rub over the skin after shaving to close the pores
  • Use as for insect bite relief – just wet the bite and rub the crystal on it for one minute or until the bite cools
  • Rub between the toes to control athlete’s foot – hint wash between between them first with hemp oil soap
  • Try as your ‘forever’ deodorant. Just wet the crystal and rub it onto clean skin. Rinse the crystal after use so it ready for the next time.

The Multipurpose Shaving Brush

  • Use for shaving
  • Use for applying hair oil
  • Use for applying nail ointment

Sending gifts directly to your loved ones

1/ We can wrap this kit in our normal packaging and sent it to you or the lucky recipient.

1/ We can also gift wrap the kits either to send to you or directly to the recipient for a charge of £5.00As you go through the checkout, just leave us a memo to say who the gift is for with their full name and delivery details. It does help the couriers a lot if you can provide with the recipient’s mobile number and email address. Please provide those too. We will pack the gift set in a single walled card box with decorative wrapping, tag and and a Christmas card and send it according to your instructions. Please be sure about the address and postcode so the gift is delivered safely as we can not change the address once the item is sent.

2/ We can gift wrap the parcel send it directly to you.


The eco shaving kit normal eco packaging, The kit with gift wrapping.


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