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Ionic Dry Brush for Body or Face of Bronze and Horse hair / monastery brush, large and or small

(8 customer reviews)


An ionic body and or face brush for dry detox body brushing, lymph massage and to balance body’s electromagnetic energy.  With its wooden body, leather handle and bristles made fine bronze filaments and horse hair, this traditional brush is a simple and effective aid to detoxification and well being. This amazing ionic brush has additional benefits to normal body brushes – it balances the body’s electrical fields and creates and  deliver negatively charged ions to the body. These two unique features cascade in a myriad of beneficial health and well being effects.

This ionic body brush has many additional benefits to normal body brushes – it balances the body’s electrical fields and  it creates and delivers negatively charged ions to the body. These unique features cascade in a myriad of beneficial health and well being effects. There are two sizes, the larger brush is best suited for brushing the body and the smaller brush, highly suited for the face, jaw and neck area.

Ionic Body and the Ionic Face Brush.
Ionic Body and the Ionic Face Brush.

Balancing of Energy

In the past, living directly in nature and going about barefoot, our body voltage would measure about zero. However, wearing clothes of various materials, shoes with rubber or plastic, travelling in vehicles, walking over carpets, working near Wifi, mobiles and almost any electrical devise, our skin voltage can reach thousands of volts. These electro-magnetic frequencies (EMFs) perturb the inner electrical balance and function of our bodies and impact on our health, vitality and mood.

Due to the nature of modern life we carry an invisible voltage field around with us often thousands of times higher than natural values. Some people experience electric shocks from touching car doors, taps, refrigerators, hair or clothing. This shows that the body voltage field is disturbingly high. While we might not all be able to earth ourselves by sitting, laying or walking on damp soil or sand, we can restore a sense of balance in our bodies within minutes on a daily basis at home. Simply brush this EMF pollution away allowing the body to experience healthier values.

The Generation of Negatively Charged Ions

As part of our modern lives we are bombarded by positively charge ions. They make us feel tense, increase malaise and contribute to many health crises. Imagine how well you would feel after relaxing on the beach with the warm waves lapping at your feet, or perhaps while laying on giant bed of warm moss in a forest glade, or by a water fall on the damp turf? Well this is the wonderful effect of negative ions (anions) which are generated while using this brush. I close my eyes when I use it and imagine…

The Benefits of the Ionic Body Brush

  • Increases energy levels and sense of overall wellbeing
  • Stimulates lymph flow, superficially and deeply in the body
  • Stimulates lymph to absorb blood toxins
  • Stimulates detoxification
  • Boosts the immune system
  • Increases oxygenation through the skin
  • Boosts circulation
  • Produces and enhances the absorption of negative ions (anions)
  • Helps to break down cellulite
  • Enhances circulation
  • Removes dead skin
  • Improves skin tone and promotes the production of elastin and collagenIn addition, we have discovered that these ionic brushes:
  • Reduce and remove pain
  • Remove referred pain
  • Reduces phantom pain from amputated limbs

How to Use the Ionic Body Brush

  • Use before bathing or showering, either standing or sitting in a warm and comfortable location. Or use the brush while sitting down or even laying down.
  • Start at the extremities of the body, for example on the palms or soles of the feet and brush towards the torso and then towards the heart or thoracic duct. If you are used to a normal body brush, you will need to adjust to a much lighter technique.
  • Use gentle stokes and on the body and very light stokes over areas of more delicate skin.
  • Avoid using on very delicate skin such as the face and neck, avoid damaged and broken skin and go carefully around moles.
  • Aim for 3-5 minutes usage per day.
  • To obtain the best benefits use the ion body brush every day.
  • In order to clean the brush, after use tap the brush, bristles down on a washable surface to remove any particles. Or, brush the brush against the edge of a hard surface such as a table top.
  • To ‘sterilise’ the brush, place the brush bristles up, in the hot sunshine.

How to Use the Ionic Face Brush

Use the smaller Ionic Face Brush in exactly the same way, or on smaller areas of the body. You will find the smaller ionic brush far easier to use on the face and on the jaw bone, neck and breasts. Remember to keep the light touch!

See the Ionic Brush in Use

Case Study 1 – Brushing Pain Away

As soon as I started using this ionic body brush, I knew it was ‘profound’, but the one night it really amazed me. I had referred pain shooting down my legs from a hip bursa injury and couldn’t sleep. I didn’t have any pain killers, so I decided to try brushing my leg from my toes back towards the hip – the pain went within minutes and I went straight to sleep. My doctor explained that the C-Tactile nerves were stimulated and using the ionic brush had sent pleasure signals to the brain. These pleasure signal overtook the pain signal generated by the C nerve fibres. This would normally suggest, that this brush can help with dull, aching, diffuse pain, but in this case it worked a treat on referred pain. What a discovery! Here is a link to an article which explains about the CT nerves in a better way: Pleasant Touch Decoded.

Case Study 2 – Calming a ‘Crazy’ Horse

A friend asked if I had anything for a highly anxious horse…I wondered if the large ionic brush would help? So I went along to meet the horse in its stable. It paced around the stable, checking anxiously out of the window, over the door and with the horses next door. It’s head was high, it eyes wide open and its nostril flared. It was on high alert and in continuous motion. After a minute or two, it placed its head over the stable door just for 10 seconds or so. I gently stroked its muzzle with the brush. The horse returned to its hyper-activity.  After a while, it returned to the door and put its head over. I brush the muzzle again. It stayed a while longer and I managed to get a few strokes at the top of the neck. The horse let out a little sigh. It was just the signal I was looking for.
We tied the horse up with two lead reins to keep at least the front of the horse relatively still and I started brushing him down the neck, over the shoulder and withers. By this point the horse had dropped his head and for the first time the owner observed that he had relaxed his eyes. The horse let out a series of very deep sighs.
As I stared brushing the body, the horse rested his back leg, tilting it on the front of his hoof. I continued along the body and then the horse began to sway profoundly with each brush stoke, even with the hind leg still resting. There was a real moment of union between us. I am not sure who felt better, the horse or me, because inducing a state of calm such a tense animal released a lot of dopamine in me too! I carried on brushing the horse all over. Finally, we removed the reins and let the horse experience its new relaxed state.

Case Study 3 – Phantom Limb Pain on Amputee

It is common for amputees to experience pain or strange sensations from a limb which has been amputated. I was invited to use the ionic brush on an amputee who lost their limb some eight months prior. I was able to locate the energy fields of both legs using L shaped dowsing rods. Both legs had a similar energy fields – even the absent limb. By brushing the intact leg with the ionic brush, pleasant sensations were also observed on the missing limb, although not necessarily at the same position. For example by brush the intact leg, along the calf, sensations were felt on the toes of the missing limb. It is hoped that by regular brushing, that the nerve signals will marry up and that this might make the patient better placed to accept and utilise a prosthetic limb.

Grooming Pets with the Ionic Brush

Build that special bond between you and your pets with a grooming routine. Short haired cats and dogs, horses, goat and even pet pigs adore being groomed with these ionic brushes. They are especially good for nervous pets such as new homed pets and customers have also enjoyed special moments with end of life care. Watch the video below to see how these goats respond…


Making Your Selection

In the drop down menu you are offered three choices:

The Ionic Body Brush (Large) This has a leather handle.
The Ionic Face Brush (Small) This brush is without a handle.
One of Each Size

Do not use if allergic to copper or tin.
Keep away from children and pets when not in use. (As you can see from the goat video, some animals might try to eat them! A customer did also report that her garden fox ran off with one which she had left outside!)

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

Body Brush (Large) – £50.00, Face Brush (Small) – £30.00, One of Each Size – £70.00

8 reviews for Ionic Dry Brush for Body or Face of Bronze and Horse hair / monastery brush, large and or small

  1. sarah (verified owner)

    I bought these brushes many years ago. Sallys email and video recently made me get them out. I have pain in my leg and hip in the night so I have them by my bed and use them in the night when woken by the pain. I am soon asleep, pain free again.

  2. julie-8176

    I’ve done dry skin brushing over the years although is on a totally different level. I can feel this ionic skin brush sweeping away the stress as I brush my body. It’s actually more comfortable to use than I thought it would be. This is one of the many products from this amazing site that has improved my life. As a health practitioner I’m always looking out for the most natural, beneficial and ethical health products and this site has them in abundance, better than I’ve seen anywhere else. Thank you so much Sally for sourcing these fabulous products that are so ethical and being so generous with your time to explain about how to use them. Julie x

  3. Steven Cockerill

    I have been using this on my shoulders and upper back as i suffer with pain there. I just use the brush for a few minutes a day (or get someone else to do it for me as its an awkward place to reach) and i have really noticed a difference in my shoulders and back since using it! My pain is much less than it was before! I will definitely be recommending this brush! It feels amazing when using it too!
    Thank you!

  4. Sally Mittuch

    The horse hair is cut from living horses and it is renewable. The horse hair comes from Mongolia, from the nomads who rely on horses and I do believe the horses have a great life as they are adapted to live on these plains and most of them are semi wild. Dead horse hair is not the right quality and can’t be used for brush making. I am an animal lover too and I grew up with horses, so I have a special admiration for them.

  5. SH (verified owner)

    Excellent Ionic Body Brushes, work better than any other brushes I have tried before for removing dry skin. Invigorating and refreshing, even helps with easing fibromyalgia pain. So delighted with the results.

  6. Gaelle (verified owner)

    I wasn’t sure about this but I am glad I got it. I love dry skin brushing and do it every day with a bristle brush. This goes a step further, takes a bit of time getting used to handling it well, but it makes me feel like I have been in a waterfall or the ocean. Due to illness I cannot do any of those things and am at home all the time, so I really enjoy using this brush and the soothing energy that it brings. I use it each evening.

  7. Jo

    I agree… this brush is beautifully made, and feels lovely to use. It’s also superb for gently clearing the night’s sleep away in the morning, and then later particularly for clearing all the unhelpful static charge that often gets built up during the day. For those times when a waterfall or heavenly thunderstorm is just too far away… I can recommend taking a few quiet moments to return, back to your own calm and healthy nature… with this lovely ionic body brush!

  8. Sally

    It am glad that the ionic body brush is having a positive effect. It is good too … you must be using the right pressure for the face – a light touch.

  9. J (verified owner)

    This is an excellent brush. As I use it I can feel it clearing my head and sinuses and energising my body. I hesitated for some time before purchasing in case it was coarse and scratchy but in fact it is finely textured and very well made.

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