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For mimimalistic and effective natural washing showering and bathing. Hemp Oil Soap, Rhassoul Clay along with a sample Alum Crystal Deodorant. 

The key and most environmentally friendly products in a kit for a quick wash, as swift shower or a speedy bath. Follow in the footsteps of journalists who took part in Natural Spa Supplies The Very Lowest Carbon Footprint Wash Challenge – Where journalists proved that just small amounts of clay could be used for daily body and hair care and we were able to write ‘low-usage directions’ for the clay. See how simple, quick and effective it is to use British Hemp Oil Soap, Rhassoul Clay and volcanically formed Alum Crystal Deodorant and gain the ultimate liberation in natural washing with this wash kit.

By using Traditional Soap to get rid of dry and dead skin, to remove excess oils and to deep clean the pores, Rhassoul clay for washing the hair and detoxing body, and natural alum crystal for deodorant, you will be using the most environmentally washing products on earth.

We are confident that by using these natural products you will be astounded at how clean you feel, how much you reduce your energy and water consumption, also how good you feel using products which natural biodegrade and return to nature. Here are some different ways in which you can use these products.

Instructions for Strip Washing with our Eco Wash Kit

By reintroducing the nearly forgotten strip washing method you will save water and the energy used to heat it.

It is common to think that we are being economical by showering rather than bathing, which is true, but even a ten minute shower will require about 100 liters of water, compared with just 4 liters for a thorough full-body strip wash. It really is time to embrace once again the methods used by our grandparents – strip washing! 

Could you replace your normal shower and bathing routine with strip washing? – Making strip washing the normal method of washing – and showering or bathing a weekly or bi-weekly treat? By using completely natural washing products at the same time, you will be washing in the most efficient, green and ethical way possible. There are other advantages too – during our showering and bathing we both inhale and absorb potentially dangerous levels of chlorine and flouride, and such water exposure can cause us to suffer from dry, itchy and irritated the skin and other health issues.

1. Run a sink of hot water.

2. Dampen the skin preferably with a sponge (medium honeycomb is best), if not a flannel, and apply some hemp oil soap, or a fine, almost translucent layer of clay to the face, underarms, or whatever part of the body needs washing. Both products will clean and remove any odours from the skin.

3. Work from the top of the body down.  It is good practise to use a separate sponge (a small honeycomb or silk fina) or flannel for the face. Rinse the hemp soap or clay off with the sponge and some fresh water (not by splashing!) Rinse the sink  – done!

4. Rinse out the sponges and allow to air dry. Flannels will need to go straight in the wash.

5. After washing apply alum deodorant: This kit comes with a small ‘sample sized’ alum crystal, for you to try. You will be able to get much larger crystals in our shop once you know how well they work. Wet the stone and glide it gently over the skin. Be gentle – gradually the crystal will become smoother with use. You will soon work out how many layers you need to remain completely odourless all day. Rinse the crystal and allow it to dry completely in its own soap dish between uses. The crystal is slippery when wet, so take care not to drop it.

Washing the Hair at a Sink

Washing/conditioning the hair using the sink washing method: Place a towel around the shoulders. Comb the hair while it is dry to ensure it is tangle free. Run a bowl of water then, using a smaller bowl or jug, pour water over the hair. With the clay diluted to a pouring consistency, pour the liquid clay onto the scalp and massage the clay carefully into the scalp. Comb the Rhassoul along the shaft of the hair and leave for a minute or two. Then rinse thoroughly, using more water if needed. Squeeze the hair dry, then dry with a towel.

Try to assess your hot water consumption using your regular daily washing techniques, and compare this to the amount of hot water used while strip washing. If you like, you can measure the flow rate of your shower and bath tap. See the example below for an easy way to calculate your normal hot water consumption in liters. Compare this to the capacity of your sink or bowl in liters, and how many refills you use during a strip wash each week. You will be very surprised at the saving!

Showering with Hemp Oil Soap or Rhassoul Clay

If you struggle with strip washing, there are still ways to save energy and use the hemp oil soap or clay in the shower.

Most people use the hemp oil soap 1-2 times per week to exfoliate the skin on the face and body in the shower or bath. The rhassoul clay famous for its detoxifying properties is used for everyday showering. The rhassoul clay is a fanstastic shampoo and we always recommend it for hair washing.

1. Turn the shower on briefly to wet and warm the body.

2. Turn the shower off.

3. Apply the hemp oil soap clay as a shampoo or body wash to the skin. Use an exfoliating glove or sponge to spread the hemp oil soap or  clay over the body. Massaging a little more where the body needs extra deodorization. With the water off, the soap or  clay has time to clean, deodorize and detox the skin.

4. Then turn the shower on to rinse the body and hair using the exfoliating glove to remove the clay from the skin.

You will have noticed that the shower is just used for wetting and rinsing, reducing water and energy consumption and allowing time for the products to work.

Shower litres per 20 seconds  -> Liters per minute   -> Minutes per shower -> Showers per week -> Litres used
4 12 10 6 720
Bath litres per 20 seconds -> Liters per minute -> Filling time in minutes -> Baths per week -> Litres used
6 18 10 6 1080
Strip washing at a sink  -> Sink capacity -> -> Number of washes -> Litres used
2 7 14

Usually the alum is sold as larger, easier to grip and faster to apply pieces – so please be patient while deodorizing!


  • Small/Trial/Travel – 100g Rhassoul Clay, 75g Hemp Soap and Minimum 30g Alum
  • Medium – 250g Rhassoul Clay, 150g Hemp Soap and Minimum 70g Alum
  • Large – 500g Rhassoul Clay, 250g Hemp Soap and Minimum 140g Alum

Small/Trial/Travel – £14.00, Medium – £30.00, Large – £50.00

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  1. Gaelle Chassery

    I love soaking in a clay bath and exfoliating afterwards with the special tools sold here. Once a month I add hemp soap to my bath for a very deep clean as it makes exfoliating so easy and thorough. As for the alum stone I have been enjoying it as a deodorant for years.

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